Good People and Bad People (善人と悪人 Zen'nin to Akunin) is the nineteenth episode of Ultraman R/B.


King Joe suddenly appears in the city and Asahi gets trapped within his body! Katsumi quickly sets out to look for Asahi while Isami suddenly encounters Saki Mitsurugi! Although the both of them do not trust Saki, they decide to do everything they can in order to save Asahi. They have 10 minutes left until Asahi completely falls victim to King Joe’s power! Can Katsumi and the others save Asahi before its too late?!



R/B Crystal Navi

  • Katsumi & Isami: R/B Crystal Navi!
  • Isami: We are going to be studying R/B Crystals now Katsumi!
  • Katsumi: Yeah. Today's this!
  • Gyro: King Joe!
  • Isami: Space Robot King Joe! Height: 55 Meters. Weight: 48,000 Tons. It's equipped with a powerful destruction ray and clad in durable armor. It's a monster that excels in defense.
  • Katsumi & Isami: Be sure to watch next time!


Suit Actors

  • Ultraman Rosso: Hideyoshi Iwata
  • Ultraman Blu: Akira Okabe
  • King Joe: Koichi Toshima


Ultra Warriors


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