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Gomora[1][2] (ゴモラ)[3] is an ancient dinosaur-like Kaiju species from Earth. It first appeared in episode 26 of the original series, and was the first Kaiju capable of fighting an Ultra Warrior to a draw. While Gomora is frequently portrayed as a hostile Kaiju, starting with the emergence of Rei's Gomora, certain incarnations of it are portrayed as comrades to respective protagonists of the series. Thanks to his species starring in some of the Ultraman Series' most iconic episodes and battles, Gomora has become one of the most frequently recurring monsters in the series, an honor shared with only a handful of other monsters from each installment of the franchise which followed.


  • Gomora: Ancient Monster (古代怪獣, Kodai Kaijū)[3]
  • Cyber Gomora: Cyber Monster (電脳怪獣, Dennō Kaijū)
  • Sphere-Gomora: Ancient Synthetic Monster (古代合成獣, Kodai Gōsei-jū)[4][5]



Gomora's name originates from the Holy Bible, as the Kaiju was named after one of two wicked cities that were destroyed by God, in this case, Gomorrah. Interestingly, the second city to be destroyed by God also has an Ultra Kaiju named after it: Sodom.



Professor Nakaya, guarded by SSSP member Arashi, goes on a scientific expedition to the Johnson Islands. They discover that the legendary Kaiju Gomora is still alive, and Nakaya decides to bring the still-living Kaiju to a museum for the World's Fair. The SSSP agrees to do this task, despite the utter illogic and danger of bringing a living Kaiju to a largely populated city. Before the Kaiju attacks them, Arashi tranquilizes the Kaiju with the UNG Dart, and the SSSP airlifts the Kaiju via nets with the Jet VTOLs. However, the Kaiju awakes an hour early due to atmospheric changes between the island and the mainland and struggles to the point where the VTOLs have to release the nets, thus causing the Kaiju to fall two kilometers to the ground.


Gomora as seen in Ultraman

Enraged, Gomora goes on a rampage on Mount Rokkô (where he landed), and Ultraman, who comes to the rescue, is unable to stop the Kaiju and is beaten, much to everyone's shock. Even worse, somehow in the fight, the Beta Capsule is knocked free from wherever it's stored in Ultraman and is retrieved by a boy nicknamed the Monster Prince due to his fascination with Kaiju. The Prince of Monsters: Part 1

When Gomora continues his rampage, Hayata of the SSSP uses the powerful Mars 133 gun, invented by Ide to counter the second appearance of the Baltans, and succeeds in severing his tail. But the Kaiju burrows under the ground in retreat, and later appears at Osaka Castle. The SSSP is ordered to protect the castle at any cost; however, Gomora smashes the castle. As the Kaiju pursues Ide and Arashi, the boy returns the Beta Capsule to Hayata. Hayata tells the boy to run and hide, then uses the Beta Capsule to transform back into Ultraman. Ultraman saves the day by breaking the Kaiju's nasal horn and left crest and blasting him in the forehead with his Spacium Beam. Hayata rewards the Monster Prince by giving him his communicator-insignia and tells him to both study hard and not obsess over Kaiju. The Prince of Monsters: Part 2


  • Suit actor: Kunio Suzuki
  • Gomora was the first Kaiju to defeat Ultraman (until their second battle, which Ultraman won).
    • Gomora is also the second Kaiju Ultraman had to fight twice, the first being Red King who Ultraman had fought just an episode prior.
  • Gomora's roar is a combination of Gaira's roar (from The War of the Gargantuas) and an elephant trumpet (which is from the Hanna-Barbera sound library). In later incarnations, Gomora also produces sounds similar to a camel's. When exhausted, Gomora makes sounds similar to King Kong and King Caesar.
  • Gomora's suit would later be modified to create the Kaiju, Zaragas.
  • Gomora's original design was to have a second head crest pointing down. This design was used instead for Gomora II in Ultraman 80.
  • The images of Gomora shown to Arashi were actually design concepts drawn for the Kaiju.
  • Gomora's designs would eventually inspire Greymon, a Digimon from the Digimon franchise, with the reference seen on his durable cranial skin, mimicking said Kaiju's horn.
  • Originally, Gomora and Red King were to be revived by Geronimon but, due to their suits being in overused condition, they were replaced by Telesdon and Dorako. This fact is mistakenly left in the English dub when the SSSP mistook the revived Kaiju for Gomora and Red King, respectively.
Alien Emperor taro

Gomora (seen on the left) as part of the Monster Army

  • In episode 25 of Ultraman Taro, Gomora was seen in an animated flashback as part of the Monster Army led by Alien Empera.
  • Gomora cameos in episode 12 of Return of Ultraman as a MAT target practice cutout along with Red King.
  • Gomora made his first variety show appearance in Gaki no Tsukai's 2012 No Laughing Airport game.
  • Gomora can be seen as a parallel to Toho's own Godzilla, similar to Jirahs.
    • Gomora gained a mechanical version of himself that starts with "Mecha", that being Mecha Gomora.
    • Gomora also gained a "burning" mode in his Reionic Burst form.
    • He gained a non-canon "Space" version of himself with Meteor Gomora.
    • He gained a video game "Super" version, EX Gomora.
    • Fans frequently refer to him as the "Crown Prince of Monsters", a title similar to Godzilla's title of the "King of the Monsters".
  • Gomora was originally supposed to appear in Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers as one of the monsters that fought the Ultra Brothers and later combined into Giga Khimaira (Gomora formed a pair of horns and a tail in the original design) but he was scrapped, probably because the monsters' combination was too complex.
  • Gomora made an appearance along with fellow Ultraman Series cast members and other famous icons in Hiroyuki Yamaga's two anime short OVAs Daicon III and Daicon IV; like most of the characters featured in the shorts, he is one of the many opponents that a school girl fights against.
  • In episode 38 of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, a child character named Sayoko carries both a Santa plush and a Gomora plush.
  • Gomora's likeness has been used to make other kaiju.
    • His head was used twice for the original Marusan kaiju Gothra.
    • For the card series Pachimon, Gomora's head was doctored onto Baragon's body to make Terraco.
    • Another Pachimon kaiju was created by putting Gomora's head on Peguila's body.
    • An unauthorized miniature figurine was created of Gomora, giving him reddish-yellow skin and turning his horns into a helmet. This toy would serve as the inspiration for the Dungeons & Dragons creature known as the Owlbear.

The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army

Ultra Rider
The following contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon or not part of the main canon. The events featured may not have actually happened/existed in-universe.

Gomora hanuman

Super Gomora as seen in The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army

In this film, Gomora was among the Kaiju awakened (along with Astromons, Dustpan, Dorobon, and Tyrant) who aided the Kaiju in attacking before retreating. After Hanuman arrived, Gomora reappeared to aid the Kaiju in battering Hanuman, Gomora encases Hanuman in a crystal sphere after he is beaten down by Tyrant, Astromons, Dustpan, and Dorobon. Shortly after capturing Hanuman, the Ultra Brothers appear, rescuing Hanuman and weakening Gomora, who burrows away for his own safety. After the other Kaiju are killed, Gomora resurfaces and ambushes Ultraman and Hanuman, emitting a rainbow-colored energy field from his head crest to confuse the duo and, as a side effect, cause natural disasters such as flooding. Eventually, the other five Ultra Brothers arrive and rescue Ultraman and Hanuman, using their finisher beams all at once on Gomora, knocking his energy field out of commission. Finally, after Gomora is viciously beaten down by all the other Ultra Brothers, he is sliced in half and killed by Hanuman's Hanu-Crescent Slash. The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army


  • A Japanese picture book dubbed this incarnation of Gomora as Super Gomora (スーパー・ゴモラ, Sūpā Gomora).
  • With the exception of Dustpan, Gomora is the only member of the five monsters to have not made his initial debut in Ultraman Taro.
  • In this film, Gomora's roar (along with those of all the other Kaiju) differs widely between alternate versions of the film. In the 1974 Thai theatrical version, Gomora uses both Arindo's roar and Bemstar's roar. In the Japanese 6 Ultra Brothers cut, he possesses both Rodan and Megalon's roar. In the 2001 Thai home video versions, Gomora curiously possesses Godzilla's roar.
  • The footage used for Gomora's rainbow attack comes from Return of Ultraman, where Ultraman Jack fought Pris-Ma.
  • Super Gomora, Hanuman, and other Kaiju from the movie all reappear in Space Warriors 2000, due to the film being made almost entirely of stock footage.

Ultraman 80

Ultrmn 80 Gmra

Gomora II as seen in Ultraman 80

Gomora reappeared in episode 22 of the series Ultraman 80, as Gomora II (ゴモラ二代目, Gomora Nidaime). It was one of the many surface-dwelling creatures that migrated to the underground in order to survive the Ice Age. Gomora's presence was known to the Underground Men, a race of humans that took the same path as Gomora did. As time passed, the heat waves from the surface mutated Gomora into its current form.

When an UNDA secretary raged war against the Underground Men, Gomora II was awakened as a result of destroying their Sun blocker. As UGM failed to even hurt the monster, Takeshi turns into Ultraman 80 soon appeared. Even with Gomora II's seemingly limitless powers wearing him down, 80 didn't give up and used the Succium Beam to kill him with a direct blast to the forehead. Gomora II's body then vanished into the ground.


  • Designer: Osamu Yamaguchi
  • Out of all the incarnations of Gomora, Gomora II is the most drastically redesigned. Gomora's body is more bulky compared to his sleeker 1966 design. The rough plate design in his stomach extends beyond it, covering both his arms and neck. His eyes are small and beady, as well as the horn on his snout. He also possesses an extra head crest similar to his main one, but it faces downwards and is more closely attached to Gomora II's neck.
  • When a comic of Ultraman 80 was released, the plot of that comic was that of a Gomora was controlled by Alien Baltan.
  • Gomora II's roar is modified from Garaking.
  • Because Gomora II's ability to shoot finger missiles and energy rings, anime critic Ryusuke Hikawa suspected that it was modified by an unknown force into a cyborg in his authorized report by Bandai.[6]

Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

Powered Gomora

Powered Gomora as seen in Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

Gomora appeared in episode 11 of the TV series Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero as Powered Gomora (パワードゴモラ, Pawādo Gomora).

His role in this series was very reminiscent to how his role was in his original two-part episode appearance. The only differences was that instead of it being in Japan, the events took place in Los Angeles (as Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero was created and produced in the U.S.) Powered Gomora was found in the Andes Mountains as a living fossil, reminiscent of his species the Gomorasaurus. He soon awakened after a rainstorm, then grew and went in search of water. Soon he was found and tranquilized and was being carried off until he awoke, causing him to fall from the carrier onto a cliff. After landing from the fall, he went on a rampage because he was searching for water. After a short and rather flimsy battle against Ultraman Powered, Powered Gomora eventually died from dehydration. Afterward, his body was put on display as a statue in a museum to be remembered.


  • Much like the other Kaiju in the series, Gomora is given a redesign in this series. Unlike most incarnations of Gomora, the horn on the snout of this incarnation points inward and upwards like a regular horn, whereas the other incarnations have it point forward and outwards. The suit also has a forked tongue and the head crest points more upward to the point where they look more like horns. Also unlike his previous incarnations, this Gomora does not display the ability to burrow and does not utilize his tail in combat; however, this could be because of his dehydration.

Ultraman Max

Gomora Max I

Gomora as seen in Ultraman Max

Gomora appeared in Ultraman Max episode 21, "Challenge from Underground". This series has a different origin in that Gomoras are wild creatures native to the Republic of Fridnya and naturally two meters tall, growing gigantic as a result of the brutal experiments made by GSTE.

The terrorist organization GSTE smuggled five human-sized Gomoras into Japan 20 years before the present time. GSTE planned to turn the Gomoras into living weapons in order to destroy mankind, believing man to be the main cause of destruction on Earth. Dr. Miyahara's was GSTE's main scientist on the project. He altered one Gomora so that it grew to giant size, as well as making it more aggressive. Tortured during its creation, the Kaiju was imprisoned and chained, but the scientist greatly underestimated his dinosaur’s strength. Gomora broke free of his restraints and killed the terrorist, escaping into the countryside with its smaller brethren.

When sightings of the smaller creatures hit news medias, Team DASH was called in to investigate, and was soon aided by Miyahara's own daughter, wishing to atone for her father’s sins and redeem her family name. It didn’t take long for Gomora to burst forth from the ground and assault the land, but the DASH Birds quickly began their counterattack; however, Gomora was incredibly durable to most of their attacks on it.

Ultraman Max eventually showed up and used the Maxium Sword to cut off Gomora's tail. After destroying its tail, Max finishes Gomora with the Max Galaxy.


  • This Gomora is different from the original incarnation in that not only is its massive size a result of said brutal experiments, but this Gomora has a reddish color to its own body. Anime critic Ryusuke Hikawa in Bandai's review site declare this as Gomora III (ゴモラ3代目, Gomora Sandaime).[6]
  • In this series Elly states that the Gomora that appears is a subspecies of the original Gomora, having not as wide horns and being almost human-sized.
  • After a popularity poll was setup at the time of the series' syndication, Telesdon was originally going to appear in Gomora's episode taking Gomora's place, due to him placing higher on a popularity vote.

Ultraman Mebius

Gomora mebius

Gomora as seen in Ultraman Mebius

Gomora reappeared in Ultraman Mebius episode 42, "An Old Friend's Visit".

In this series, Gomora is seen very briefly prowling on the Johnson Islands before "disappearing" shortly afterwards. In reality, he was absorbed by Gadiba, a black entity-like Terrible-Monster created by Yapool, along with a Red King. After Ultraman Mebius defeated the Red King in a short battle, Gadiba emerged from the Red King's body and transformed the Skull Monster into Gomora. Much like Red King before him, Gomora was now much stronger than average as he attacked and beat down the only slightly weakened Ultraman Mebius with great ease. But he was eventually destroyed by the combined forces of both Crew GUYS and Ultraman Mebius.


  • The Gomora suit from Ultraman Max was reused in Ultraman Mebius. Also, according to Ryusuke Hikawa, the Gomora on the Johnson and Tatara Islands were described as Gomora IV (ゴモラ4代目, Gomora Yondaime) and Gomora Alpha (ゴモラα, Gomora Arufā).[6]
  • Before its formal return, Gomora made an early cameo during episode 21 in "Monster Graveyard".

Mega Monster Battle series and Ultraman Zero media

Main article: Rei's Gomora

In both of these multimedia series, Gomora is introduced as a heroic Battlenizer Monster that belonged to a Reionic named Rei. Together with its master and other monster companions (Litra (S), Eleking and Miclas), Gomora assisted ZAP Spacy in surviving on both of the alien planets Boris and Hammer, fighting against other Reionics and even joining forces with the Ultra Warriors, particularly Ultraman Zero.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure

Main article: Io's Gomora

50 years after the destruction of Planet Hammer, a young elementary student named Io Mikura came into possession of a Battlenizer that allows him to control his own Gomora.

Additionally all the way to the first chapter, another Gomora was one of the many monsters available in a local arcade game. Io controlled Gomora in against his classmate Dai, who controlled Zetton. Despite their clear differences in strength, Io uses his wits and knowledge of the space dinosaur to his advantage, digging underground and throws it mid-air through an ambush. Io wins the fight, cementing his reputation as a monster geek amongst his friends.

Ultraman Ginga

In episode 7, he and Reionic Burst Gomora, along with many different monsters, are seen cheering on Ginga as he fights Dark Galberos.


  • In a special DVD release Ginga the Live! Gomora, along with Alien Godola, and all of Tyrant's monsters are seen as hosts for the special.

Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale!

4 bros

The Gomoras about to fight

Gomora appeared in this special as he was Ultlived by Hikaru Raido to protect Mochiron, who was Ultlived by Misuzu Isurugi, from Gan-Q and Alien Akumania, who were Ultlived by Kenta Watarai and Chigusa Kuno respectively. Gomora did so by slamming both big-eyed monsters against each other. He eventually faced off against his Reionic and EX forms and even Mecha Gomora; all of them were Ultlived by Hikaru's friends. They butted heads and slammed tails against each other until Mecha Gomora fired his weapons on the Gomoras and so all of them decided to team up to defeat him and did so by ripping off his tail. When Yametarenese arrived, all the Gomoras became lazy and sleepy until the new monster left. The true Gomora eventually won by kicking the Reionic Burst Gomora and slamming him into EX Gomora. Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale!

Ultraman Ginga S


Gomora as seen in Ultraman Ginga S

Gomora reappeared in episode 6 of Ultraman Ginga S, alongside Fire Golza.

Originally part of Alien Chibull Exceller's collection, Gomora's Spark Doll was given to Hiyori where she "Monslived" into the monster to get her revenge on the Victorians for destroying her tribe. Having stolen Sho's Victory Lancer prior, Hiyori/Gomora fought Hikaru/Ultraman Ginga. Before she could finish off Ginga, however, Hiyori heard Shepherdon's cry, then suddenly transformed back and teleported away before Sho could catch her.

Hiyori then returned, already transformed into Gomora, and faced Ginga again. They brawled, with Gomora getting the upper hand by beating Ginga into near submission. Ultraman Ginga then transformed into his Strium form, but as Ginga attempted to defeat Gomora with his Strium Beam, Shepherdon rose to the surface to protect her, taking the blow in the process. Then Fire Golza appeared, Monslived by Android One Zero, to assist Hiyori. Before they could finish off Ginga, Hiyori had a change of heart and fired Gomora's Ultra Oscillation Wave at her. Fire Golza then knocked her down but, after being protected by Ginga and Shepherdon, she got back up and tried to attack Fire Golza with Gomora's Mega-ton Tail, but Fire Golza grabbed it at the last second and tore it clean off. Even though it started to constrict around Fire Golza's neck, she was defeated, but not before throwing the Victory Lancer to Sho. Past that was Forgotten

Ultraman X

K29 a

Gomora as Cyber Gomora in Ultraman X

Main article: Daichi's Gomora

In this series, a Spark Doll Gomora was owned by the Oozora family and passed on to Daichi Oozora after his parents' disappearance during the Ultra Flare.

Its consciousness was shared through the creation of Xio's Cyber Kaiju, Cyber Gomora (サイバーゴモラ, Saibā Gomora). However, it refused to participate in battles due to fear for Daichi's safety until Daichi reassured it and finally becomes the first Cyber Kaiju to be materialized. Soon Gomora would be used again, either by Daichi or any other Xio members should they gain it's approval.

Sometime later, the original Gomora was materialized as part of Xio's experiment on Spark Dolls until it fell short into Dark Thunder Energy and mutated into EX Gomora. When Ultraman X returned from his kidnapping, he quickly removes the mutation before Gomora returned to its Spark Doll state.

Ultraman Orb

Gomora appeared in episode 2 of Ultraman Orb as a Kaiju Card, used by Jugglus Juggler with his Dark Ring as part of his plan of waking up Maga-Grand King.

Ultraman Geed

Main article: Skull Gomora

Gomora's Kaiju Capsule is used by Kei Fukuide as a component of Skull Gomora.

Ultraman R/B


Gomora as seen in Ultraman R/B

An ancient monster sleeping underground, Gomora emerged when Saki Mitsurugi was transferring her life energy into the three Gyros, which she planned to use to solidify Leugocyte's gaseous form. Gomora destroyed part of the Aizen Tech building in its rampage, causing some debris to almost fall on Saki but Katsumi Minato pushes her out of the way. The Gyros then return to Katsumi and Isami Minato, and they could once more transform into Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu. The brothers had a difficult fight against Gomora, but they were interrupted by Saki transforming into Grand King Megalos. Gomora tried firing its Ultra Oscillation Wave at Grand King Megalos, who simply deflected the attack and finished off Gomora via the Megalos Blaster. Memory of Stardust

Ultraman Taiga

While not appearing in person, the genes of Gomora were fused with the genes of Red King and Belial to recreate Skull Gomora.

Ultraman Z

Gomora Z 1

Gomora as seen in Ultraman Z

A tunneling company had to pause their job at Mount Goko due to Gomora sleeping in the path and they feared waking up the beast. The GAF planned to move the ancient monster to the deserted Suflan Island. Director Kuriyama decided to take the opportunity to showcase Sevenger's effectiveness to the American staff who were visiting, in order to convince them to provide the funding needed to complete their next SAA, Windom. Haruki Natsukawa piloted Sevenger to help the drones move Gomora. The operation ran smoothly until the pollen in the air triggered Gomora's hay fever, causing it to wake up and rampage. Sevenger fought against Gomora, impressing the American staff. However, its batteries died and Gomora was still on a rampage, so Haruki had to transform into Ultraman Z Alpha Edge, who also had a fair share of trouble against the monster.

Being slammed into the building behind him where the GAF meeting was held, the impact knocked over Yoko Nakashima and exposed the Ultraman Medal. Z managed to convince her to give it to him, and transform into Beta Smash. As the two posed and preened, a hammer wielding mascot sign fell onto the downed Sevenger, signaling a fight. The two giants clashed, with Beta Smash actually knocking Gomora down into a tree, causing the monster to sneeze and cough.

After sneezing into Z's face, the battle resumed with Gomora using a power line to attempt to attack Z, only to be wrestled backwards. Gomora launched its Ultra Oscillation Wave to attempt to gain the upper hand, only for it to be countered by Z's cutting wave. Z flung Gomora into the air and finished it off with the Zestium Upper, causing Gomora to explode into pieces.

Despite Sevenger's failure to stop Gomora, the American staff were impressed enough with its performance to provide the funding for Windom. Live Coverage! The Monster Transport Operation

It is assumed that Gomora's remains were later used by Shinya Kaburagi to create the Gomora Kaiju Medal. He later uses it to transform into Skull Gomora. His Majesty's Medal

Gomora later appeared in a flashback experienced by Haruki after the first fight with Grigio Raiden while he reflected on the guilt and remorse he felt for killing it, along with the male Red King, Neronga, Guigass and Peguila. The Cry of Life


  • Gomora's appearance is similar to Sodom from Dyna who was named after the other city destroyed by God in the Holy Bible. Both suffered from sneezing, hay fever in Gomora's case and a cold in Sodom's, which caused them to go on their rampages.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Gomora, along with Telesdon, Pagos, and Arstron, were awoken from their slumber when the Eternity Core became unstable after Carmeara used its power to transform into Megalothor. The Ruler of Shadows

Ultraman Decker


Sphere-Gomora as seen in Ultraman Decker

Gomora, a powerful but normally docile Kaiju, was awakened from underground and displayed aggressive behavior, rampaging a city for an unknown reason. GUTS-Select dispatched to fight the monster, attacking from both the ground and air as GUTS Falcon and GUTS Hawk severed its tail. Unfortunately, it was then when the Sphere Soldiers arrived and assimilated with Gomora, rewriting the monster's genetic information into Sphere-Gomora (スフィアゴモラ, Sufia Gomora).[4][5][7] Regenerating its lost tail, Sphere-Gomora attacks its opponents with its new set of abilities, forcing Kanata Asumi to transform into Ultraman Decker while protecting a nearby hospital that had not been completely evacuated. Decker struggled with his opponent at first until he changed into Strong Type, overpowering the monster with brute strength and receiving help from Nursedessei during the two giants' beam struggle. Decker then finished the fight with the Dolnade Breaker, sending the monster midair before it exploded. Move Out, GUTS-Select!

Another Sphere-Gomora appeared along with Sphere-Red King and Sphere-Neomegas, having been restored by groups of coalescing Spheres, when Agams used the Terraphaser to call the Spheres to his side to prepare for the arrival of the Mother Spheresaurus. The three monsters easily trounced Decker until he barely managed to finish them off all at once using both the Ultra Dual Sword and the Decker Shield Calibur. The Sky of Despair


  • Designer: Masayuki Gotoh[8]
  • Sphere-Gomora's costume is created by modifying Skull Gomora, converting elements pertaining to Red King and Belial towards those of the Spheres' aesthetics.[5]
  • The 295th volume of Figure-Oh acknowledges Sphere-Gomora as the first instance of a Sphere Synthetic Monster on Earth, despite the previously appearing Spheresaurus having a similar origin.[7]
  • In the opening of Ultraman Decker, the titular Ultra fought against a normal Gomora with Strong Type, despite the fact that, in the actual episode, the monster had already been in its Sphere-infected state by the time Decker appeared.

Ultraman: Rising

Although Gomora does not appear in person, his biological data is stored in the KDF database, suggesting that he was defeated by the KDF in a previous battle.

In the conversation between Ken Sato and Professor Sato, it is mentioned that Gomora attacked Shirokanedai more than 20 years ago, and Professor Sato personally transformed into Ultraman to fight it.Ultraman: Rising


  • Gomora was originally scheduled to appear in the opening sequence of the film, but this was ultimately cut.
  • Gomora's appearance has been confirmed present in a potential sequel envisioned by director Shannon Tindle, though such a project is currently not in development.[11]

Ultraman Arc

Three months prior to the series, the yet-unnamed Ultraman Arc made his first appearance on Earth. During this inital period of activity, Arc fought against Gomora, as seen during a TV report of the giant's previous battles.Arc to the Future


Gomora data


  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Johnson Islands, Mount Goko (Z)
  • Attack: 1100 (Galaxy), 1200 (NEO)
  • Defense: 700 (Galaxy), 800 (NEO)
  • Speed: 800 (Galaxy), 900 (NEO)
Powers and Weapons
  • Ultra Oscillation Wave (超振動波, Chō Shindō-ha): Gomora can fire a concentrated wave of energy that deals heavy damage to opponents, usually killing them in one blow.
    • Ultra Oscillation Wave (Zero Shoot) (超振動波(ゼロシュート), Chō Shindō-ha (Zero Shūto)): A variation of Ultra Oscillation Wave fired at point blank when Gomora impales its foe using its horn.
    • Ultra Oscillation Mebium Shoot (超振動メビュームシュート, Chō Shindō Mebiūmu Shūto): A tag-team attack with Ultraman Mebius, featured in ULTRA MONSTERS. While Mebius charges his attack, Gomora delivers the Ultra Oscillation Wave (Zero Shoot) and move away to make way for the Mebium Shoot.
    • Burrowing: Gomora can burrow at fast speeds by using the Ultra Oscillation Wave to move the earth around it.
  • Mega-ton Tail (メガトンテール, Megaton Tēru): Gomora's enormous and powerful tail is often used in combat. This tail can support Gomora's whole body, as seen in Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy: The Movie.
  • Strength: Gomora is a monster with immense strength, enough to knock back Ultras and throw heavy objects.
Ultra Galaxy
  • Great Rotation Strike (大回転打, Dai Kaiten-da): Gomora spins and slams his opponent with his Mega-ton Tail.
  • Brave Burst (ブレイブバースト, Bureibu Bāsuto): A momentary power boost which allows Gomora's strength to drastically increase.
  • EX Transformation: Rei can command his Gomora to transform into its EX form. This can also be done by other Gomoras if they receive a power boost like the Dark Thunder Energy in Ultraman X.
Ultra Adventure
  • Double Ultra Oscillation Wave (Zero Shoot) (Wダブル超振動波(ゼロシュート), Daburu Chō Shindō-ha (Zero Shūto)): Performed with both Io's Gomora and Vittorio's EX Gomora, both of them impaled the opponent with their nasal horns and performed Zero Shoot variations of the Ultra Oscillation Wave. During this attack, both Gomoras were controlled by Io after Vittorio lent the former his Battlenizer (and his EX Gomora) after being weakened.
  • Crush (押しつぶし, Oshitsubushi): After knocking down the opponent with its tail, Gomora proceeds to jump on them.
  • Angle Kick Up Attack (角かち上げ攻撃, Tsuno Kachi Age Kōgeki):
  • Tail Attack Barrage (尻尾攻撃連打, Shippo Kōgeki Renda):
  • Double Impact (ダブルインパクト, Daburu Inpakuto): A tag-team attack with Litra (S), Litra first transformed into Fire Litra and performed Fire Strike towards the enemy before Gomora performed the Ultra Oscillation Wave (Zero Shoot).
Kaiju Busters POWERED
  • Fireballs: Gomora can shoot pink fireballs from its horn.

Gomora Ⅱ

Gomora II

Unlike the first Gomora, Gomora II (ゴモラ二代目, Gomora Nidaime) contains a lot of energy-based attacks.

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Wang Yue months
Powers and Weapons
  • Missiles: Gomora II can fire missile-like blasts from his sockets on his fingers in rapid succession.
  • Energy Blast: Gomora II can fire blue "U-shaped" energy blasts from his top head crest in rapid succession.
  • Lightning: Gomora II can fire lightning from his top head crest that can hurt an Ultraman enough to cause his Color Timer to blink.
  • Energy Ring: Gomora II can create a ring made of energy that can ensnare opponents.
  • Incredible Flexibility: Gomora II demonstrates an incredible, almost ridiculous, amount of flexibility for his size, being able to roll on the ground into a straight stand.

Gomora III
Gomora 3 removebg

Gomora III

  • Height: 2 ~ 58 m
  • Weight: Unknown ~ 64,000 t
  • Origin: Fridnya
  • Burrowing Speed: Mach 2
Powers and Weapons
  • Burrowing: Gomora III can burrow at fast speeds in Mach 2.
  • Mega-ton Tail (メガトンテール, Megaton Tēru): Gomora III's enormous and powerful tail is often used in combat. Even if the tail is severed, Gomora III can manipulate it with telepathy and use it as a makeshift shield against attacks.
  • Strength: Gomora III is a monster with immense strength, enough to knock back Ultras and throw heavy objects.

Gomora IV + Alpha
Gomora Max ver

Gomora IV

Powers and Weapons
  • Burrowing: Gomora can burrow at fast speeds by using the Super Oscillatory Wave to move the earth around it.
  • Mega-ton Tail (メガトンテール, Megaton Tēru): Gomora's enormous and powerful tail is often used in combat. Even if the tail is severed, it can briefly remain active and thrash about its surroundings.
  • Strength: Gomora is a monster with immense strength, enough to knock back Ultras and throw heavy objects.

Super Gomora
Thai Gomora

Super Gomora

Super Gomora (スーパー・ゴモラ, Sūpā Gomora) is a version of Gomora that is exclusive to the Thai movie The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army. This incarnation has been one of Gomora's more powerful forms.

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Underground
Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Field: An attack that Super Gomora fires from his head crest. It forms a protective barrier around him and causes natural disasters, as well as confusing anyone close by. In Space Warriors 2000, it seems to simply be multiple shades of red.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Super Gomora can jump great lengths with little trouble.
    • Flight: Super Gomora is also apparently able to fly.
  • Flames: Super Gomora can breathe fire from his mouth.
  • Laser Beams: Super Gomora can fire white lasers from the tips of his head crests.
  • Energy Sphere: Super Gomora can encase his opponents in an energy sphere.

Powered Gomora
Powered Gomora

Powered Gomora (パワードゴモラ, Pawādo Gomora) may be a Gomora breed of a different nationality, therefore carrying traits suited to Western terrain.

  • Height: 65 m
  • Weight: 55,000 t
  • Origin: Andes
Powers and Weapons
  • Longevity: Powered Gomora was able to survive its mummification, long enough to resurface to the modern era in a dehydrated state.

EX Gomora
Ex Gomora data

EX Gomora

EX Gomora (EXゴモラ, Ī Ekkusu Gomora)[12][13] first debuted as a video game monster in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth, under the name EX Gomora (改造EXゴモラ, Kaizō Gomora, lit. Remodeled Gomora)[14] as a negative-like transformation for Gomora. However, its television debut was in the series Ultra Galaxy, having evolved from Rei's Gomora. Several EX Gomoras other than Rei's would appear in later media; the first one was under ownership of another Reionics named Alien Keel Vittorio and the other one was infected/brainwashed by Daichi's Gomora.

  • Height: 44 m
  • Weight: 22,000 t
  • Origin: Gomora evolution
  • Attack: 1400
  • Defense: 1100
  • Speed: 500
Powers and Weapons
  • Tail Spear (テールスピアー, Tēru Supiā): EX Gomora has extending tail with a sharp end that he uses to impale his enemies. The tail is strong enough to pierce King Joe Black's Pedanium armor.
  • Rolling Attack (ローリングアタック, Rōringu Atakku): EX Gomora can curl up into a ball and ram into his opponent.
  • Super Strength: EX Gomora's strength was sufficient in taking on the combined strength of Zetton and King Joe Black with not much effort.
  • Thick Hide: Ex Gomora's hide was impervious to a combined assault from Zetton's Rebound beam and King Joe Black's cannon, as well as resist a slash from Armored Darkness' Sword with little effort.
  • EX Ultra Oscillation Wave (EX超振動波, Ī Ekkusu Chō Shindō-ha): A much more powerful version of the Ultra Oscillation Wave that is fired from its chest, capable of taking out some of the strongest kaiju.
Ultra Adventure
  • Double Ultra Oscillation Wave (Zero Shoot) (Wダブル超振動波(ゼロシュート), Daburu Chō Shindō-ha (Zero Shūto)): Performed with both Io's Gomora and Vittorio's EX Gomora, both of them impaled the opponent with their nasal horns and performed Zero Shoot variations of the Ultra Oscillation Wave. During this attack, both Gomoras were controlled by Io after Vittorio lent the former his Battlenizer (and his EX Gomora) after being weakened.
  • Tail Upper (テールアッパー, Tēru Appā):
  • Explosive Heat Oscillation Melt Break (爆熱振動メルトブレイク, Bakunetsu Shindō Meruto Bureiku): A tag-team attack made with EX Red King. Both monsters charged toward the opponent, and while EX Red King held the opponent with its flame-coated knuckles, EX Gomora delivered the EX Ultra Oscillation Wave at point-blank range.
Ultraman X
  • Burrowing: EX Gomora is capable of burrowing underground. It is possible that, like the original, EX Gomora utilizes the Ultra Oscillation Wave.

Reionic Burst Gomora
Gomora Burst mode

Reionic Burst Gomora

Main article: Reionic Burst

Reionic Burst Gomora (レイオニックバーストゴモラ, Reionikku Bāsuto Gomora) is an evolved form that Gomora receives in the Ultra Galaxy NEO series. Burst mode is a powered form that presumably only a Gomora owned by a Reionics can achieve, created when their master gives into their Reiblood nature.

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Gomora evolution
  • Attack: 1600
  • Defense: 1200
  • Speed: 1300
Powers and Weapons
  • Ultra Oscillation Wave (超振動波, Chō Shindō-ha): Reionic Burst Gomora can fire an enhanced version of its trademark attack, able to destroy all but the strongest monsters.
    • Ultra Oscillation Wave (Zero Shoot) (超振動波(ゼロシュート), Chō Shindō-ha (Zero Shūto)): A variation of the Ultra Oscillation Wave fired at point-blank range.

Gomora Ice
Ice Gomora

Gomora Ice (氷のゴモラ, Kōri no Gomora) is a Gomora subspecies that adapted to the snowy environment.

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Konru (惑星コンル, Wakusei Konru)
Powers and Weapons
  • Cryokinetic Attacks: As a result of adapting to the snowy environment, Ice Gomora can unleash ice-oriented attacks.
  • Ultra Oscillation Wave (超振動波, Chō Shindō-ha): The standard energy beam of a Gomora; it can also lower its opponent's defenses.

Meteor Gomora
Meteor Gomora

Meteor Gomora (METEORゴモラ流星, Meteo Gomora) is a Gomora subspecies with luminating horns.

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Wakka (惑星ワッカ, Wakusei Wakka)
Powers and Weapons
  • TBA

The Earth Gomora (アースゴモラ, Āsu Gomora) is an evolution of Gomora upon absorbing Plasma Soul crystals, appearing as boss characters in Mega Monster Rush Ultra Frontier.

Earth Gomora
Earth Gomora
Powers and Weapons
  • Ultra Oscillation Wave (超振動波, Chō Shindō-ha):
  • Mega-ton Tail (メガトンテール, Megaton Tēru):
  • Strength: Due to the Plasma Soul's evolution, the Earth Gomora is able to fight and kill another Plasma Monster.
  • Cranial Horn: The Earth Gomora's cranial horn can be used as a thrusting weapon.
  • Rolling Formation: The Earth Gomora can curl itself into a ball and roll as a form of easy transportation.

Black Earth Gomora

The Black Earth Gomora (ブラックアースゴモラ, Burakku Āsu Gomora) is a variant of the Earth Gomora through evolution with the Black Plasma Soul, a rare variant of the original mineral.

Powers and Weapons
  • Black Plasma Soul: A type of rare Plasma Soul, it lacks specific attributes, thus granting the Black Earth Gomora nigh-invulnerability to any form of elemental attacks.

Super Earth Gomora

Super Earth Gomora

Super Earth Gomora (スーパーアースゴモラ, Sūpā Āsu Gomora) is the resulting mutation of an Earth Gomora

  • Weakness: Harboring the Earth-attribute Plasma Soul (green), Super Earth Gomora is weak towards flame-attribute attacks.
Powers and Weapons
  • Ultra Oscillation Wave (超振動波, Chō Shindō-ha): Super Earth Gomora can fire a concentrated wave of energy that deals heavy damage to opponents, usually killing them in one blow.
    • Burrowing: Super Earth Gomora can burrow at fast speeds. This is because it uses the Ultra Oscillation Waves to rapidly move the earth around it.
  • Strength: Being a further empowered version of Earth Gomora, Super Earth Gomora is dreaded by aliens due to its immense strength.

Cyber Gomora
Ultraman x cyber gomora suit render II

Cyber Gomora

Created by Xio's Lab Team, Cyber Gomora (サイバーゴモラ, Saibā Gomora) is an artificial version of the original Gomora built for the ultimate biological weapon against monsters and alien threats.

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Xio's Operation Base X
  • Cyber Power: 17/25
Powers and Weapons
  • Claws: Cyber Gomora possess huge claws that enable him in his melee combat.
    • Digital Shield: Cyber Gomora's claws are capable of being used as shields. As shown, when it covers itself with the gauntlet, then the "G" logo shines and releases digital walls that hold incoming attacks before tossing them aside or reflecting it at the opponent.
    • Energy Punch: Cyber Gomora can charge its claws with energy to deliver a punch attack.
  • Chest Beam: Cyber Gomora can fire a digitalized stream of energy from the X on its chest. Shown to be equally as strong as Mecha Gomora's Crusher Mega.
  • Mega-ton Tail (メガトンテール, Megaton Tēru): Cyber Gomora can use its tail as a makeshift club, swinging it at a high velocity.
  • Cyber Ultra Oscillation Wave (サイバー超振動波, Saibā Chō Shindō-ha): Cyber Gomora's finisher attack. Gomora first charges its energy from its claws and horns before gliding towards the enemy and impaling them with its nasal horn to deliver a large shockwave impulse.
  • Gomora Oscillation Cannon (ゴモラ振動砲, Gomora Shindō-hō): By loading Cyber Gomora into the Xio Devizer, its user can manipulate Gomora's power to launch a vibration wave-powered energy projectile.

Gomora Armor

"Cyber Gomora, Now Load: Cyber Gomora Armor, Active!"

―Transformation Announcement


Gomora Armor

Trinity Gomora Armor

Gomora Armor

Gomora Armor (ゴモラアーマー, Gomora Āmā) is a combination of Cyber Gomora and Ultraman X utilized after scanning Gomora's Cyber Card. His shoulder pads were designed on Gomora's horns, thus giving the appearance of Gomora's head if combined with the armor's vest. It can also be accessed by Ultraman Orb by tapping into Ultraman X's MonsArmor ability in his Orb Trinity form.

  • Gauntlet Claws: Ultraman X gained a pair of Cyber Gomora's claws that helped him in melee combat.
    • Digital Shield: Cyber Gomora's claws are capable of being used as shields. As shown, when Ultraman X covers himself with the gauntlet, the "G" logo shines and releases digital walls that hold incoming attacks before X tosses them aside.
    • Gomora Oscillation Wave (ゴモラ振動波, Gomora Shindō-ha): Similar finisher attack that was made by the Reionics Gomora. Ultraman X first charged several energies from his claws and launched it at the enemy.
    • Cyberspace Entry: Used by Ultraman Orb, Cyber Gomora's claws can tear open a hole in the fabric of reality to enter the cyberspace.

Ultraman Decker Sphere Gomora render
  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 30,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Sphere Ultra Oscillation Wave (スフィア超振動波, Sufia Chō Shindō-ha)[4]: By charging up energy from its horn, Sphere-Gomora can unleash a blast of green energy wave towards its opponent. Curiously, unlike the original, it seems to take the form of multiple energy blasts. The attack is an enhancement of the original Ultra Oscillation Wave that normal Gomoras exhibited.
  • Sphere Shock Wave (スフィア衝撃波, Sufia Shōgeki-ha)[4]: Due to the Spheres' influence, Sphere-Gomora can unleash a burst of green energy that causes radio interference.
  • Super Strength: While the original Gomora is already a brutish monster, the assimilation with Sphere gives the monster additional strength.[16]

Magma Gomora
Vital Bracelet Magma Gomora pixel

Magma Gomora (マグマゴモラ, Maguma Gomora) is a Gomora variant exclusive to the 2022 Vital Bracelet Character, pertaining inside Gomora's VBM Card in Phase 6. According to the setting, it was once a fossil of the original monster that gets radiated with the ancient magma energy deposits hidden beneath the ground.[17]

Powers and Weapons
  • Heat Generation: Magma Gomora can conjure extreme heat from its claws and horns to empower its attacks.

Spark Dolls

"Monslive, Gomora!"

―Monslive announcement via Chibull Spark.
Gomora Spark Doll render

Gomora Spark Doll

Gomora's Spark Doll was among the collections from Alien Chibull Exceller's collection. This Spark Doll was given to Hiyori for her to enact revenge on the Victorians until she redeemed herself and the Spark Doll landed into Sho/Ultraman Victory's possession.

Gomora's Spark Doll also appeared in Ultraman X, in which the Spark Doll was given to Daichi Oozora 15 years ago by his father before Daichi lost him to the Ultra Flare.

  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Gomora was once Monslived by Hiyori to enact revenge on the Victorians until she redeemed herself before being defeated by Android One Zero/Fire Golza.


―Materialization announcement on Xio Devizer and X Devizer
Cyber Gomora Spark Doll

Cyber Gomora's Spark Doll

After Daichi gains approval to materialize Gomora, its Cyber Card would turn into a Spark Doll first. Then he scans it to bring Cyber Gomora to life.

  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • In the middle of Ultraman X's fight against King Joe, Cyber Gomora was materialized by Daichi to help him fight the robot.

Other Media

Ultra Rider
The following contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon or not part of the main canon. The events featured may not have actually happened/existed in-universe.

Ultra Fight


Gomora and Woo in Ultra Fight

Unlike other Ultra Fight kaiju, Gomora only reappeared in a single episode. He appeared in episode 196, named "Monster Corpse Yard", which was also the final episode. He battled Woo in the "Monster Corpse Yard". After he defeated his opponent, he simply vanished. Ultra Fight


  • Gomora looks a little different in Ultra Fight. He is green rather than brown and has four fingers on each hand instead of five.
  • The "Monster Corpse Yard" was actually Tsuburaya Production's costume warehouse.
  • Episode 196 was added to replace episode 45. Episode 45 was a edited version of the battle in the banned episode 12 of Ultraseven, From Another Planet with Love, featuring Alien Spell.



Gomora as seen in Redman

Gomora reappeared in episodes 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 95, 96, 98, and 99 of the TV series Redman. He appears to be a major character.

Gomora first appeared in episode 18, where he fought Redman at a tire hill, going down the hill as they fought on, and even though Gomora put up quite of a fight, Redman defeated the monster with several Red Chops.

Gomora reappeared in episode 20, where he arrived to help out Woo in his time of need. Together, they managed to overpower Redman but the hero pulled through and eventually defeated them with his Red Kick

Gomora reappeared in episode 21 where he watched Redman fight Woo until the hero defeated the victim monster with his judo throw. He then decided to fight Redman himself and they were on a stalemate with each other until the hero tricked Gomora into impaled himself with his Red Arrow, therefore killing him in the process.

In episode 23, Gomora reappeared and teamed up with Alien Mefilas to battle Redman. They proved to be very strong fighting together against the hero but they eventually got killed when he charged at them with his Red Arrows and impaled them on the chests.

Gomora reappeared in episode 95 where he showed up on the hills after Gudon was defeated to take on Redman, foreshadowing another fight for the alien hero in the future which then happened in the following episode which consisted of the usual grapples, throws, punches, kicks, and chops after Redman teleported to the top of hill and snuck up from behind. Gomora was eventually defeated with a strong, double kick to the snout.

At the end of episode 98, Gomora made his final appearance on the show as he reappeared alongside Red Killer after Redman defeated Gudon and Draculas and in the following episode, they used their telekinesis powers to prevent his Red Arrow from killing them and dropped it on the ground but Redman teleported behind the monsters and dragged them by the tails. Both monsters had the upper hand against the alien hero due to their combat prowess and advantage in numbers but Redman never gave up and pulled through by slashing both monsters with his Red Knives, killing them in the process and ending the seemingly-endless wave of monsters.


  • Unlike the majority of Kaiju in the series, Gomora's suit was not re-used from Ultraman. Instead, it was reused from the Gomora suit that was used during stage shows and attractions.
  • In episode 96, Gomora teams up with Kodaigon to battle Redman.

Takeshi's Castle


Gomora in Takeshi's Castle along with Seabozu and Gora

Gomora appears in the Japanese TV variety show Takeshi's Castle in the special "Monster" episode. He participates in the game "Boulder Dash" in which he fails. In the U.S. version of the TV show known as "MXC," he is called "The Monster under the Bed."

Yuugen Jikkou Sisters Shushutorian



Ultraman Ball

Gomora Ultra Ball

Gomora as seen in Ultraman Ball

Gomora appeared in the game Ultraman Ball.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

Gomora FER

Gomora as seen in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

Gomora reappeared in the video game Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth.

Gomora first appeared in episode 2 of the game's story mode. After Ultraman has defeated Bullton, Alien Mefilas has Geronimon revive Gomora and Red King to lure Ultraman into a trap. Ultraman arrives at the kaiju's location and manages to defeat Red King, but Gomora manages to escape, but not without losing his tail to Ultraman. As Gomora was resting underground, he was then disturbed of his sleep and confronted by Ultraman Tiga (who was in pursuit after Kyrieloid,) again Gomora was defeated, but was seemingly killed by Chaos Kyrieloid for energy as the Devil returned to confront Tiga.

EX Goomora

Through Alien Baltan's modification, Gomora revived and mutated Gomora into EX Gomora (EXゴモラ, Ī Ekkusu Gomora), a more powerful and threatening version of himself. With his powers enhanced and his tail regrown as a result of the transformation, Gomora returned to the surface and attacked an oil refinery, with little opposition in the form of Japan's SDF. Ultraman Cosmos arrives shortly after and battles EX Gomora. After Cosmos using the Full Moon Rect on him, Gomora turns back to normal and wanders away, not to be seen again for the rest of the Story Mode.


  • Gomora's legs would become the hind legs of EX Tyrant.
  • The EX Gomora of Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth was later termed "Reconstructed Gomora" to avoid confusion between the two Gomoras that appeared. The same later went for Red King when was billed as EX Red King in Ultra Galaxy NEO.

Kaiju Busters and Kaiju Busters POWERED

Gomora was one of the many Kaiju to appear during the Kaiju Busters series. Two subspecies appeared in this game called Gomora Ice (氷のゴモラ, Kōri no Gomora) and Meteor Gomora (METEORゴモラ流星, Meteo Gomora).

The Rise of Ultraman


Skydon and Gomora

In issue #4 of The Rise of Ultraman, a Gomora was seen behind a Skydon within Limbo.

The Trials of Ultraman

In issue #3 of The Trials of Ultraman, a Gomora appeared in Milan, Italy and battled Ultraman, making an escape underground when Ultraman stopped to catch civilians falling from their damaged office building, with the incident being captured in a viral video.

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Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Rebirth Mechazam | Inpelaizer | Alien Mefilas III | Alien Groza Grozam | Alien Deathre Deathrem | Mebius Killer | EX Zetton | Ghost Rebirth
Ultraman Mebius: Anderes Horizont Alien Mates Bio | Matsue | Alien Serpent | Naga | Alien Shaplay | Albino Giradorus | Usual | Shaplay Beast

Ultra Galaxy Kaiju
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Telesdon | Sadola | Red King | Rei's Gomora | Rei's Litra (S) | Juran | Golza | Gudon | Neronga | Bemstar | Fire Litra | Fire Golza | Gan-Q | Banpira | Twin Tail | Froguros (B) | Bullton | Kelbim | Arstron | Rei's Eleking | Gromite | Angross | Arigera | Zoa Muruchi | Nova | Saramandora | Lunaticks | King Joe Black | Verokron | Doragory | Kate | Kate's Zetton | Reimon | EX Gomora
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Alien Pitt | Reionics Hunter | Gomess (S) | Magular | Rei's Gomora | Dorako | Rei's Eleking |Alien Hook | Rei's Litra (S) | Alien Guts | Alien Zelan | Arstron | Alien Nackle | Galberos | Illusion Zetton | Reimon Burst Mode | Reionic Burst Gomora | Doragory | Alien Metron | Bemstar | Alien Babarue (RB) | Antlar | Vakishim | Alien Keel Grande | Tyrant | Kate | Fire Litra | Alien Zarab | Imit-Ultraman | Alien Mefilas | Armored Mefilas | Dada | Alien Temperor | Arigera | Armored Darkness | Miclas | Alien Zetton | Telesdon | King Joe Black | Kelbim | Red King | Alien Reflect | Birdon | King Joe Scarlet | Alien Reiblood | EX Gomora | EX Red King
Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy: The Movie Bemular | Alien Zarab | Zaragas | Rei's Gomora | Dorako | Bemstar | Saramandora | Alien Shaplay | Windom | Miclas | Agira | Pigmon | Black King | Rei's Litra (S) | Gomess (S) | Alien Baltan | Antlar | Red King | Magular | Telesdon | Dada | Zetton | Eleking | Alien Metron | Alien Guts | Arstron | Sadola | Gudon | Twin Tail | Alien Nackle | Verokron | Vakishim | Doragory | Lunaticks | Birdon | Mukadender | Alien Temperor | Tyrant | Alien Valky | Alien Magma | Alien Pressure | Alien Babarue | Nova | Hoe | Fire Golza | Gan-Q | Galberos | Froguros (B) | Banpira | Kelbim | Gromite | Zoa Muruchi | Alien Reflect | Angross | Jasyuline | Arigera | Roberuga II | King Joe Black | Super Alien Hipporit | King Silvergon | King Goldras | King Pandon | King Guesra | Alien Zetton | Nurse | Belyudra
Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero Rei's Gomora | Rei's Litra (S) | Darklops Zero | Mecha Gomora | Alien Salome | Imit-Ultraseven | Imit-Ultraman (SR) | Imit-Ultraman Jack (SR) | Imit-Ultraman Ace (SR) | Imit-Zoffy (SR)
Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure Zetton | Golza | Gan-Q | Io's Gomora | Io's Pigmon | Sadola | Skydon | Mons-Ahgar | Telesdon | Gamakugira | Red King | Fire Golza | Melba | Bullton | Geronimon | Reicubas | Super C.O.V. | Twin Tail | Gudon | King Joe | Alien Pedan (Dorothy) | Suflan | Satan Beetle | Alien Hipporit | Bemular | Yapool | Vakishim | King Joe Black | Black King | Alien Nackle | Ace Killer | Alien Keel Vittorio | Vittorio's EX Gomora | EX Tyrant | King Joe Scarlet | EX Tyrant (Deathborn) | Geranda | Ghighi | Dinosaur Tank | Neronga | Kanegon | Ai's Red King | Alien Zarab | EX Eleking | Alien Metron | EX Red King | Alien Babarue | Basiliss | Baby Arados | Alien Magma | Alien Temperor | Kyrieloid | Rei's Gomora | Kate's Zetton | Basiliss | Baby Arados | Kemular | Eligal | Kelbim | Magular | Alien Reiblood | Silverbloome | Grand King | Silverbloome | Deathfacer
Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure NEO Kanegon | Alien Babarue | Alien Magma | Alien Temperor | Kyrieloid | Beacon | Red King | Alien Villa | Inpelaizer | Grozam | Alien Guts | Aron | Nurse | Alien Wild | Namegon | King of Mons | Sculla | | Basiliss | Yapool | Blue Sphere | Gameron | Birdon | Agira | Alien Keel (Vittorio, Grande) | Vittorio's EX Gomora | Red King (Reionic Burst) | Gatanothor | Alien Zarab | Alien Lady-Benzene | Ultraman Shadow | Armored Darkness | Armored Grozam | Alien Zetton (RB) | Telesdon | Jirahs | Reimon (Burst Mode) | Rei's Gomora | Rei's Litra (S) | Natsunomeryu | Alien Temperor (RB) | Arigera | Goldon | Alien Babarue (RB) | Antlar | Alien Valky | Kingsaurus III | Tyrant | Alien Pedan (Reionics Hunter, Dail) | King Joe Black | EX Zetton | Kate | Space Alliance Army | Verokron | Io's Pigmon | Io's Gomora
Ultraman Zero Kaiju
Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial Alien Esmeralda Emerana | Brigante | Legionoid | Iaron | Darkgone | Darklops | Malebrandes | Delust | Pirates of Flames | Two-Dimensional People | Arch Belial
Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar Beatstar | Rei's Gomora | Ace Killer | Inpelaizer | King Joe | Rei's Litra (S) | Alien Bat
Ultraman Saga Hyper Zetton | Alien Bat | Sphere | Gubila | Gomess (S) | Arstron | Legionoid | Chaos Header 0 | Lidorias | Bolgils | Mogrudon | Golmede | Mienin | Eligal | Tyrant | Black King | King Pandon | Antlar | Verokron
Ultra Zero Fight Bemular | Telesdon | Gudon | Sadola | Alien Bat Gurashie | Red King | Galberos | Gan-Q | Bemstar | Pigmon Moroboshi-kun | Illusion Ultraman Zero | Alien Mefilas Sly | Alien Hipporit Jatar | Alien Temperor Villainous | Alien Groza Grocken | Alien Deathre Deathlogue | Silvergon | Fanegon People | Tyrant | Armored Darkness | Kaiser Darkness
Ultraman Ginga Kaiju
Ultraman Ginga Alien Valky | Black King | Thunder Darambia | Kemur | King Pandon | Ragon | Doragory | Alien Nackle Gray | Dark Galberos | Zaragas | Red King | Antlar | Jasyuline | Super Grand King | Dark Lugiel | Alien Magma | Zetton
Ultraman Ginga Theater Special Alien Icarus | Tyrant
Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale! Kanegon | Alien Baltan | Red King | EX Red King | Telesdon | Dorako | Gomora | Reionic Burst Gomora | EX Gomora | Mecha Gomora | Zetton | Miclas | Snowgon | Yametaranese | Alien Miracle | Mochiron | Alien Akumania | Evil Tiga | Gan-Q | Zamsher | Zoa Muruchi | Bug Rays (Chaos Ultraman, Evil Tiga, Chaosroid S, Chaosroid T, Chaosroid U)
Mountain Peanuts Detton | Jamila | Nosferu | Android One Zero
Ultraman Ginga S Victorian | Alien Chibull Exceller | Android One Zero | Chiburoid | Shepherdon | EX Red King | Eleking | Alien Guts Vorst | Inpelaizer | King Joe Custom | Sadola | Gudon | Yapool | Vakishim | Gomora | Fire Golza | Gan-Q | Five King | Bemular | Bemstar | Doragory | Verokron | Alien Akumania Muerte | Alien Metron Jace | Zoa Muruchi | Birdon | Alien Zetton Berume | Hyper Zetton | Vict Lugiel | Alien Valky | Alien Nackle Gray | Alien Icarus
Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors! Etelgar | Eteldummies (Dark Lugiel, Five King, Dark Mephisto, Alien Sran, Alien Empera, Ultraman Belial)
Ultra Fight Victory Aribunta | Giant Yapool | Ace Killer | Victory Killer | Verokron | Vakishim | Doragory | Lunaticks | Shepherdon | Juda Spectre | Super Grand King Spectre
Mega Monster Rush Ultra Frontier Kaiju
Rush Hunters Baltan Battler・Barel | Guts Gunner・Garm | Magma Master・Magna | Alien Meflias・Gent
Dada Team
Alien Hunters Kanegon-a-Kindo | Alien Metron・Meld | Chibu Loader Strong | Alien Metron・Destroy | Alien Chibull (Chibu Loader Strong) | Guts Alien・Seeds | Alien Magma・Hoog | Alien Groza・Granzer | Alien Deathre・Deflame
Plasma Kaiju Eleking | Antlar | Neronga | Bemstar | Dinosaur Tank | Red King | Gomora | Zetton | Reicubas | Birdon | Golza | Gandar | Tyrant | Pestar | King Joe | Grand King | Verokron | U-Killersaurus
Ultraman X Kaiju
Ultraman X Greeza | Bemular | Aboras | Banila | Pestar | Magular | Peguila | Cyber Gomora | Demaaga | Alien Fanton Gourman | Birdon | Telesdon | Underground Woman | Alien Zarab | Bemstar | Black King | Black King Drill Custom | Alien Nackle Bandello | Alien Gold tE-rU | Rudian | Gargorgon | Zetton | Alien Sran Quila | Alien Valky Halky | Alien Icarus Icary | Alien Nackle Nackley | Samekujira Jolly | Alien Babarue | Dada | Kemur | Alien Zetton | Alien Akumania Referee | Houlinga | King Joe | Gina Spectre | Tsurugi Demaaga | Zaragas | Alien Magma | Alien Shaplay | Mold Spectre | Shepherdon | Windom | Miclas | Agira | Alien Markind | Mecha Gomora | Juda Spectre | Gua Spectre | Gomess (S) | Gubila | Cicada Woman | Pigmon | King Guesra | Red King | EX Red King | Space Cat Mu | Dorako | M1 | Gomora | EX Gomora | Bugbuzun Brood | Terochilus
Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman Alien Fanton Gourman | Cyber Gomora | Zaigorg | Gorg Antlar | Gorg Fire Golza | Tsurugi Demaaga | Alien Baltan | Desastro
Ultraman Festival 2015 Alien Selemo Marie | Skedon | Cyber Skedon | Denpagon | Cyber Denpagon
Ultraman R/B Kaiju
Ultraman R/B Grigio Bone | Cereza | Black King | Gargorgon | Red King | Guebasser | Mecha Gomora | Aribunta | Ultraman Orb Dark | Gomess (S) | Horoboros | Bezelb | Gubila | Grigio King | Neronga | Pigmon | Booska | Dada | Alien Zarab | Alien Mefilas | Alien Chibull | Alien Bado | Alien Pitt | Alien Nackle | King Joe | Grand King Megalos | Gomora | Kamisori Demaaga | Grigio Regina | Leugocyte
Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond Bemstar | Gan-Q | Alien Pegassa Pega | Mecha Gomora | Snake Darkness | Pigmon | Grigio Regina
Ultraman R/B Novel: The Blue-Eyed Girl Whose Name is Gray Bakubarba | Nero | Margodon | Grigio | Fearmonger | Alien Egon Ciel | Barrigator No. 1 and 2 | Leugocyte
Ultraman Z Kaiju
Ultraman Z Gomess | Sevenger | Genegarg | Bullton | Celebro | Neronga | Majappa | Bemstar | Segmeger | Windom | Guigass | Gomora | Telesdon | Erimaki-Telesdon | Peguila | Jugglus Juggler | Zeppandon | Gillvalis | Alien Pegassa Pega | Valis Raider | Skull Gomora | Thunder Killer | Pedanium Zetton | Alien Pitt | Tri-King | Five King | King Joe | Alien Barossa | Red King A & B | Giestron | Grigio Raiden | Kanegon | Greeza | Horoboros | Metsuboros | Alien Barossa II | Pagos | Kemur | Baraba | M1 | Kelbim | Mother Kelbim | Alien Barossa III | Ultroid Zero | Takkong | King Guesra | Demaaga | Gomess (S) | Destrudos
Fight! Sevenger Sevenger | Jugglus Juggler | Crazygon | Diplas | Jirangon | Majaba | Red Smogy | Samekujira | Idatenran | Vortex Fire | SC-2 Prototype Machine | Gakuma | Ashuran
Sevenger Fight Sevenger | Jugglus Juggler | Jirahs | Alt-Helzzking | Eleking | Dancan | Pigmon | Garamon | Gazort | Reconstructed Pandon | Alien Icarus | Gandar | Alien Ghose | Beam Missile King | Pestar | Satan Beetle | Alien Boze | Alien Akumania | Alien Kettle | Oni-on
Ja no Michi wa Hebi Sagittari/Grigio/Grigio Raiden | Jugglus Juggler | Biranki | Alien Nackle | Alien Salome | Alien Godola | Phalaris | Alien Arcana Doman Seman | Alien Chibull Mabuze | Zigzag | Alien Serpent | Gango | Darebolic (MB) | Jinobe | Alien Markind | Alien Borg Madam Graia | Celebro | Genegarg
Ultraman Trigger Kaiju
Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga Golba | Alien Metron Marluru | Gymaira | Lishurian (Ignis) | Gazort | Oka-Gubila | Deban | Deathdrago | Satandelos | Alien Barossa IV | King Joe STORAGE Custom | Space Sevenger | Bullton | Baby Zandrias Kedamya | The Other's sea bream | Okorin Ball Parasite | Small Desimonia | Dada PDO-3 | Gargorgon | Zaragas | Absolute Diavolo | Absolute Tartarus | Darebolic | Nurse | Metsu-Orga | Metsu-Orochi | Segmeger | Golba II | Kyrieloid | Barriguiler | Aboras | Banila | Mecha Musashin | Megalothor | Gomora | Telesdon | Pagos | Arstron
Episode Z Alien Metron Marluru | Ignis | Celebro | Pagos | Gazort | Genegarg | Deathdrago | Destrudos
Secret Origins of the Nursedessei Alien Metron Marluru | Alien Magma | Alien Pedan | Ghighi Doctor | Cicada Man | Alien Wild Zagar | Alien Pitt | Alien Zetton
Ultraman Decker Kaiju
Ultraman Decker Sphere | Sphere Soldier | King Sphere | Spheresaurus | Deathdrago | Miclas | HANE2 | Alien Bazdo (Agams) | Gomora | Sphere-Gomora | Bemular | Alien Shaplay | Mons-Ahgar | Eleking (Elly) | Alien Pitt | Alien Metron Marluru | Pagos | Gudon | Telesdon | Twin Tail | Agira | Sphere-Megalothor | Gijeran | Red King | Windom | Gregore Grace | Sphere-Red King | King Guesra | Neomegas | Sadola | Terraphaser | Gazort | Hinabasser | Raibasser | Sphere-Neomegas | Noiseler | Spinnie | Pandon | Alien Metron Nigel | Gomess (S) | Metsu-Orochi | Yapool | Aribunta | Zomborg Soldiers | Galactron MK2 | Lovemos | Ragon | Sphere-Geomos | Chandlar | Mother Spheresaurus
Ultraman Decker Finale: Journey to Beyond Alien Pedan | Alien Ckalutch | Alien Zelan | Galmess | HANE2 | King Joe | Terraphaser | Baby Zandrias | Young Mother Zandrias | Alien Godola | Alien Magma | Alien Bado | Professor Gibellus | Alien Icarus | Gigalogaiser | Alien Ghose | Alien Shaplay | Alien Serpent | Alien Groza | Hupnath | Lecuum | Gregore Grace | Alien Metron Nigel | Zor-Gigalogaiser
Ultraman Arc Kaiju
Ultraman Arc Digelos | Gomora | Red King | Oo-ze | Shagong | Leodo