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Golza[1] (ゴルザ Goruza), called by Yuzare as the "Earth-Shaking Monster" (大地を揺るがす怪獣 Daichi o Yurugasu Kaijū), is an ancient race of Kaiju from the Ultra-Ancient Civilization's time. In the present day, a single member awakened with Melba to attack the Ultra-Ancient Giants of Light within Tiga's Pyramid. They destroyed all but one of the three statues within the pyramid. After Melba's defeat at the hands of Ultraman Tiga, Golza fled and soon returned as Fire Golza.


  • Golza: Ultra-Ancient Monster (超古代怪獣 Chō Kodai Kaijū)
  • Gorg Fire Golza: Inferno Demon Clone (閻魔分身獣 Enma bunshin-jū)



Golza was originally meant to be called Orgo (オルゴ Orugo).


Golza was designed to be a more modern interpretation of Gomess, the first ever Ultra Kaiju. Paralleling this, Melba was designed to be a modern interpretation of Litra. Other design elements are borrowed from Geronimon.


Ancient Times

Golza Final Odessey.png

In ancient times, an army of Fire Golzas attacked a city and fought against the Ultra-Ancient Giants of Light in an all out battle. Yuzare showed this to Daigo as a vision. Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Ultraman Tiga



A surviving Golza awoke along with the sky-rending kaiju, Melba. Appearing first in Mongolia, Golza tunneled back underground, before GUTS could react. He later appeared in Japan, and causes destruction until he found Tiga's Pyramid.

Just as Melba arrives, both Kaiju manage to destroy two of the statues inside the Pyramid. Daigo Madoka tries attacking them, but to no avail, and is shot down. At the last minute, Daigo is transferred into the remaining statue. Fused with the statue, Ultraman Tiga was reborn, and fights both Golza and Melba with little effort. After transforming into Power Type, Tiga breaks Golza's spine, forcing the Kaiju to flee into the Earth, Tiga then changed into Sky Type, and finished off Melba. Inheritance of Light


Fire Golza

Powered-up Golza

Fire Golza (ファイヤーゴルザ Faiya Goruza), first known as Golza (Empowered) (ゴルザ(強化) Goruza (Kyōka)), is a more powerful version of the original Golza. He appeared in episode 18 of Ultraman Tiga.

Sometime later, Golza was discovered hiding underground beside a volcano, which was threatening to erupt. After absorbing so much heat from the lava, he had developed new powers and strength, as well as red markings that covered its body.

As GUTS went into the volcano to investigate (with the Self Defense Force outside waiting in case a Kaiju was attacking), Fire Golza was awoken and made his way to the surface, rampaging once again, without nothing that the SDF or GUTS could do to stop it. Daigo quickly turned into Ultraman Tiga, however Fire Golza's improved strength and absorption abilities proved to be too much for Tiga to handle. Even in Power Type their strength was matched, but Fire Golza's absorption abilities were still a problem.

As a result, Tiga then combined his physical attacks with his energy attacks to finally get an advantage over the kaiju, which worked and allowed Tiga to use the Zeperion Beam, and defeated Fire Golza. Realizing that the volcano was about to erupt again, Tiga carried Golza into the air and hurled him into the volcano, preventing the eruption, and killed Fire Golza in the process. Golza's Counterattack

  • Suit Actor: Toshio Miyake
  • This form did not receive the title of Fire Golza until its appearance in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle. Past magazines and even Hiroshi Maruyama's design works magazine in 2018 claimed this variant to be "Golza II".
    • Additionally once reappearing as "Fire" Golza, its subsequent appearances no longer exhibited the ability to absorb attacks.
  • The Fire Golza suit was modified from the original.
  • Japanese popular idol group AKB48 also featured Fire Golza in their music video "Gingham Check" directed by Joseph Kahn and Tsuburaya Prods. provided the special effects.[2]

Ultraman Dyna

Golza Ⅱ

Nine years after Fire Golza's rampage, the volcano he was destroyed in, erupted without warning. Once Super GUTS arrived, they quickly became preoccupied with the destruction brought about by the eruption. After launching a special laser drill underground, that was made to neutralize the epicenter, it was soon revealed that the eruption was caused by another Golza, whose cells have been enhanced with a power-up from the volcano.

Golza Ⅱ (ゴルザ二代目 Goruza Nidaime) emerged from the volcano and was again met by the weapons of the SDF and Super GUTS, but there was nothing they could do except annoying Golza Ⅱ. Shin Asuka turned into Ultraman Dyna but was barely able to hurt or even phase Golza Ⅱ's enhanced body, even with the Solgent Beam, leaving Golza Ⅱ to man-handle the Ultra with little effort. However, Dyna refused to give up, as he executed a powerful chop, that cut open Golza Ⅱ's skin. Dyna then fired a Solgent Beam (Spacium Beam type) directly into the wound, ending Golza Ⅱ's life and reign of terror. Captain Long-Legs


  • Golza II's body is the original Golza suit modified, however, the new head is exclusive to the suit.
  • It's possible this Golza was the first Fire Golza as they share the same stats and area of origin. This was highlighted by Nakajima where he also speculated that the original Golza had been revived by the Spheres, despite there being no proof to support his theory.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle


Golza in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Golza was an ordinary Kaiju that lived on Planet Boris. After the ZAP SPACY members fired at Golza, the provoked Kaiju proceeded to attack them. The situation worsened when the commotion attracted the returning Kaiju Telesdon, whom had managed to escape Red King's assault. As the Kaiju closed in on the crew, Rei returned to aid ZAP SPACY, releasing Gomora and Litra to battle the kaiju, fortunately Gomora manages to destroy them both with his Super Oscillatory Wave.

  • Suit Actor: Daisuke Terai
  • During the opening credits to the series, Golza is seen battling Verokron, even though neither Kaiju fought or met each other in the series.

Fire Golza

Kate's Fire Golza

In his second appearance, Fire Golza was the first Kaiju that belonged to the main antagonist of the series and Rei's sister, Kate.

He was first unleashed one night upon a group of eight Sadola, killing them all with ease. Once Kate had assumed the identity of a lost scientist, Fire Golza was released once again, this time to destroy the ZAP SPACY crew. Rei summoned Gomora, but Fire Golza proved to be superior in strength and dominated Gomora for the majority of the fight. With the assistance of the ZAP SPACY, Gomora managed to ambush Fire Golza, turning the battle to his favor and mortally wounding Fire Golza. Kate then confronted Rei, revealing her identity and her second kaiju, Gan-Q, to finish the match. Luckily, Gomora avoided Gan-Q's attack and Fire Golza took Gan-Q's attack by surprise and is quickly destroyed.

  • Suit Actor: Daisuke Terai
  • The Golza suit was reused and modified for Fire Golza's appearance in the series.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Fire Golza

Golza reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie, as Fire Golza and as one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. When Ultraman Zero arrived at the Monster Graveyard, he with the remaining monsters are sent to fight the Ultra. He was the second of the last six Kaiju killed by Ultraman Zero.


Original Golza as one of Belyudra's components

  • The Fire Golza suit from Ultra Galaxy was reused for Fire Golza's appearance in the film.
  • The original Golza is one of the Kaiju that makes up Belyudra's body in the movie, which is odd, because the original Golza was not a part of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army, but Fire Golza was.

Ultraman Ginga

Golza reappeared in Ultraman Ginga as a combatant of the Dark Spark War, where he fought his nemesis Ultraman Tiga. He was turned into a Spark Doll by Dark Lugiel. It is unknown whether he was kept in Lugiel's collection or fell down somewhere on Earth, but he should have returned to his original form after Lugiel's defeat.

Ultraman Ginga S


Fire Golza reappeared in episode 6 of Ultraman Ginga S, alongside Gomora.

Originally part of Alien Chibull Exceller's collection, Fire Golza's Spark Doll was given to Android One Zero where she "Monslived" into the monster to beat up Ultraman Ginga after Hiyori, who Monslived into Gomora, failed to defeat him, after witnessing Shepherdon taking a beating from Ginga's Strium Beam for her. She had Ginga's Color Timer flashing and was about to finish off Ginga with Gomora when suddenly, Hiyori betrayed her by firing Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave at her. Fire Golza then knocked down Gomora before firing his Empowered Ultrasonic Ray at Ginga and then Shepherdon. Gomora then got back up and tried to slam his tail into him, but Fire Golza grabbed it and yanked it clean off, before the tail started constricting his neck until Fire Golza grabbed a hold of it, used it against Gomora, and then destroyed him with an Empowered Ultrasonic Ray. Hiyori then gave Sho his Victory Lancer back and he transformed into Ultraman Victory and he immediately "UITrans" his right arm into EX Red King Knuckle to combat Fire Golza. Victory then charges up the knuckle and destroys Fire Golza with a charged up punch. Android One Zero, however, recovered his Spark Doll and went back to Exceller's base with it.

Near the final, Alien Guts Vorst was sent to Monslive into Gan-Q and split into two to steal Shepherdon's energies. After Sho managed to distract Gan-Q, Shepherdon was released and knocked the monster while stomping on him rapidly but Vorst quickly turn the tables by swapping Gan-Q with Fire Golza and the Vorst clone/Gan-Q clone continued to absorb Shepherdon. The Live Base staff completed their objective, managing to fire a magnetic wave blast via the Base's parabolic antenna. Gan-Q was knocked down from the blast but it took Fire Golza's attention as he began to attack the base. Sho quickly recovered and transformed into Ultraman Victory to save them and Hikaru into Ginga to save his leader. Victory and Ginga found themselves occupied while trying to save Shepherdon until Victory used King Joe Custom's Pedanium Launcher and fired all of Gan-Q's clones. The real Gan-Q was destroyed by UPG Captain Yoshiaki Jinno whom used the Magnetic Wave laser that attached to the base's parabolic antenna and Victory's Victorium Shoot. Ginga morphed into Ginga Strium and finished Fire Golza with Zoffy's M87 Beam. Despite all three monster and alien reverted to Spark Doll, but they were retrieved by Exceller via teleportation. Nonetheless, Vorst's deed was done and Fire Golza's doll was among those needed for Alien Chibull Exceller to become Five King.


  • Fire Golza was the first Spark Doll monster that belonged to Exceller which was retrieved, after its defeat, by Android One Zero before it could be taken by Sho.
  • Fire Golza holds the most number of Monslive users, being three people.
    • When Exceller, its third user, was using the Spark Doll, it announced "Golza" instead of "Fire Golza". This is likely an error.

Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman

Gorg Fire Golza.png

In this film, Fire Golza returns as Gorg Fire Golza (ゴーグファイヤーゴルザ Gōgu Faiyā Goruza), one of Zaigorg's henchmen.

After Zaigorg's victory against Ultraman Exceed X, Gorg Fire Golza was created by Zaigorg alongside Gorg Antlar and five Tsurugi Demaagas. While the Demaaga army went rampaging in the worldwide, Gorg Fire Golza and Gorg Antlar accompanied their creator towards the Carlos Communications to destroy the stone that had imprisoned Zaigorg before. As it seemed that the front line of defense (Xio via Cyber Cards) proven ineffective, Ultraman appeared, and the silver hero was quick to face Gorg Fire Golza. The Golza appeared to have the upper hand after it attacked Ultraman with its Rolling Attack. But after some assault from Xio, Ultraman regained his strength and distracted Gorg Fire Golza by getting him to block an Ultra Slash and eventually killing him with the Spacium Beam. Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman


  • Fire Golza made his appearance in a magazine scan to demonstrate the ability of Ultraman X when donning the Gomora Armor but this is only as a demonstration since he was never shown in the episode.
  • Gorg Fire Golza was meant to fight Ultraman Tiga while Ultraman against Gorg Antlar, creating two nostalgic battles that recreated past events. However, their positions were swapped by Kiyotaka Taguchi.
  • The only new design that came into concept was Gorg Fire Golza's Rolling Attack. Its original form is simply a recolor of Fire Golza. This recolor to blue was made to contrast against Gorg Antlar, who was redder.
  • This form of Golza has been incorrectly referred to as "Gorgza".
  • Alongside Gorg Antlar, Gorg Fire Golza is themed after the Japanese tale of Red Ogre and Blue Ogre.

Ultraman Orb

Golza reappeared in episode 2 of Ultraman Orb as a Kaiju Card, used by Jugglus Juggler with his Dark Ring as part of his plan of waking up Maga-Grand King.

Ultraman Z

Although not physically appearing, Golza is one of the hibernating monsters awakened when Genegarg crashed onto Earth. It was located in Mongolia.

Golza's remains were used by Shinya Kaburagi to create the Golza Medal. He later used the medal, alongside those of Melba and Super C.O.V., in order to transform into Tri-King, who later evolved into Five King after Kaburagi obtained the Reicubas and Gan-Q medals.


  • Golza's location is a reference to the original, who rose from the Mongolian Badlands.




  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 68,000 t
  • Origin: Underground Mongolia plain (Tiga), Planet Boris (Ultra Galaxy)
  • Attack: 1000
  • Defense: 1000
  • Speed: 800
Powers and Weapons
  • Ultrasonic Ray (超音波光線 Chō Onpa Kōsen): Golza can charge energy from his neck and then fire a powerful beam of purple energy from the opening on his forehead. It was powerful enough to destroy the pyramid of light which was built by the ancients to guard the Ultra Statues.
  • Burrowing: Golza can burrow through the Earth at high speeds.
  • Armor Plated Skin: Golza is covered in skin as tough as solid steel, allowing easier conduction through his skin.
  • Heat Energy Absorption: Golza can use his armor plates like solar panels to absorb beam attacks and makes it his own energy, as well as feed on heat, magma, and lava and if he gains enough, he will become stronger and turn into his fire form.
  • Thick Tail: Golza can use his thick tail to whip and bash foes quite effectively.
  • Maximum Ultrasonic Ray (最大超音波光線 Saidai Chō Onpa Kōsen): An empowered variation of the Ultrasonic Ray.
  • Full Body Punch (こんしんのパンチ Konshin no Panchi):
  • Sonic Melbanic Ray (ソニック・メルバニックレイ Sonikku Merubanikku Rei): A tag-team attack with Melba. Melba fly and delivers continuous flying kick attack while Golza charges its Ultrasonic Ray. After Golza had finished charging, Melba joined the former and launched its Melbanic Ray in unison with the former's attack. This attack is impossible to be made with Fire Golza.
  • Sonic Headbutt (ソニックヘッドバッド Sonikku Heddobaddo): A headbutt attack charged with Ultrasonic energy.

Golza II

Golza Ⅱ

  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 70,000 t
  • Origin: The fog in Triomphe Takeshi
Powers and Weapons
  • Ultrasonic Ray (超音波光線 Chō Onpa Kōsen): Golza II can fire a powerful orange heat ray beam of energy from his mouth.
  • Burrowing: Golza II can burrow through the Earth at high speeds.
  • Armor Plated Skin: Golza II is covered in skin as tough as solid steel.
  • Heat Energy Absorption: Golza II can absorb heat/magma/energy to become stronger, or be used to increase the power of his own beam.
  • Long Tail: Golza II's tail is very long, allowing him to whip and bash enemies.

Fire Golza/Golza (Empowered)

Fire Golza

  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 70,000 t
  • Origin: The fog in Triomphe Takeshi
  • Attack: 1200
  • Defense: 1100
  • Speed: 800
Powers and Weapons
  • Empowered Ultrasonic Ray (強化超音波光線 Kyōka Chō Onpa Kōsen): Fire Golza can charge and fire a stronger version of his original beam from the opening on his forehead. It is more powerful and also generate large amounts of heat, giving it increased destructive powers
  • Heat Energy Absorption: Fire Golza can absorb heat/magma/energy to become stronger. In addition, having grown in power by heat and lava, Fire Golza is capable of absorbing all but the strongest of energy attacks.
  • Superheated Molten Blasts (超高熱熱線 Chō Kōnetsu Nessen): Fire Golza can charge energy into his forehead and launch powerful, destructive blasts of molten energy expelled from his forehead. These blasts are powerful enough to create large explosions that rival his own size while also killing/destroying weaker opposing Kaiju in just one shot and can also be fired in rapid succession.
  • Burrowing: Fire Golza can burrow through the Earth at high speeds.
  • Super Strength: Fire Golza's strength has been augmented in this form. He can easily lift thousands of tons of weight, and is even powerful enough to kill weaker Kaiju with a simple jab to the stomach or a kick to the ribs.
  • Armored Plated Skin: Fire Golza is covered in skin as tough as solid steel and can withstand most physical attacks and even take Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave head on.
  • Magma Punch (マグマパンチ Maguma Panchi):
  • Full Body Headbutt (こんしんの頭突き Konshin no Zudzuki):
Ultraman Ginga S
  • Paralysis Ray: Fire Golza can release an orange ray of energy from his hands to hold enemies in place. This was not Golza's actual ability, since it was inherited from Alien Guts Vorst, whom had Monslived into the latter.

Cyber Fire Golza

Cyber Fire Golza

  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 70,000 t
  • Origin: Xio headquarters
  • Cyber Power: 21/25
Powers and Weapons
  • TBA

Gorg Fire Golza

Gorg Fire Golza

  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 70,000 t
  • Origin: Zaigorg
Powers and Weapons
  • Rolling Attack: Gorg Fire Golza can curl itself into a ball as an attack.
  • Ultrasonic Ray (超音波光線 Chō Onpa Kōsen): Alongside Gorg Antlar, Gorg Fire Golza can unleash a stream of energy.

Spark Doll

"Monslive, Fire Golza!"

―Fire Golza Monslived via Chibull Spark

"Monslive! Golza, Gan-Q, Melba, Reicubas, Super C.O.V.! Super Combination!"

Exceller MonsLiving himself with the Spark Dolls to become Five King.
Img 42.png

In Ultraman Ginga S, Fire Golza was revealed to be a part of Alien Chibull. Exceller's collection.

  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • In episode 6, Android One Zero "Monslived" into Fire Golza to beat up Ultraman Ginga Strium, Hiyori/Gomora, and Shepherdon until Victory appeared and defeated Fire Golza. Unlike the usual, Fire Golza was quickly saved and brought along for retreat.
  • In episode 7, after Alien Guts Vorst/Gan-Q nearing its defeat, another clone of Bolst in Gan-Q Monslived into Fire Golza and gained the upper hand and continue to steal Shepherdon's energies. It wasn't long until Ultraman Ginga Strium and Ultraman Victory came and defeated the duo monsters, saving Shepherdon. Though defeated by Ginga Strium's M87 Beam, but his Spark Doll was quickly retrieved by Exceller alongside Gan-Q and Bolst.
  • Near the cliffhanger of episode 7 and episode 8, Fire Golza, alongside Gan-Q, Melba, Reicubas, and Super C.O.V. was used by Exceller to become Five King. Golza's features were shown in use, his Ultrasonic Ray combined with Melba's Melbanic Ray to kill Ultraman Victory, and his Armor Plated Skin protected him from the assaults of Hikaru Raido as both EX Red King and King Joe Custom. Fire Golza's Spark Doll was later destroyed by the combined strategic attack of Ultraman Ginga Strium and Ultraman Victory.


Regular Golza

Golza was released several times by Bandai, most recently in the 2008 Ultra Monster Series.

Sound Battler

Another figure of Golza was released in 1996 alongside the vinyl figure that is slightly taller and features a sound gimmick.

Fire Golza

The reason why Fire Golza is so rare is because he was sold in a special pack with Ultraman Tiga Power Type to mope his episode. But there are extremely out of number from the pack and so unlike a few other like Leilons, Shugaron, and even Alien Baltan. They all have packs like Fire Golza is the least.


An Ultra-Act of Golza was released to the disappointment of many as a web shop exclusive and has since become a highly sought after figure.

Spark Dolls

There are both Golza and Fire Golza Spark Dolls in the Ultra Monster 500 set. They are 5 inches tall and accurate to the shows.


In 2016 to coincide with the release of Ultraman X The Movie the mold for the 6 inch fire Golza was re-released under a new paint job to represent Gorg Fire Golza.


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