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The Golden Fortress (黄金の城塞 Kogane no Jōsai) is the invasion weapon of Dark Star, brought down to Earth by its leader, an Alien Pedan.



The Golden Fortress was summoned from Planet Pedan by its master to attack New York city. It was later destroyed by Dan Moroboshi, wearing Ultraman Suit Ver 7.3.


  • The Golden Fortress is a tribute to King Joe, the Alien Pedan's original invasion weapon from Ultraseven. Although sharing the same design, the Golden Fortress exaggerated most of the iconic features of King Joe, such as its torso and shoulders.
  • Its attack on New York may be coincidental, since its master had once impersonated a scientist from Washington named Dorothy Anderson in the original series.


Powers and Weapons
  • Saucer Form: Golden Fortress can fold itself into a giant saucer to travel from Planet Pedan to Earth. Its saucer form is based on one of King Joe's flying crafts, more tellingly resemble its torso part.
  • Laser Beam: The Golden Fortress can fire a destructive energy beam from its face. This resembles King Joe's Eldritch Shot, laying waste on the buildings of New York.


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