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"A monster?! What's a monster doing on Mars?!"
"Golza?! No... It's been fused with Melba?!

―Kengo and Mitsukuni.

Golba (ゴルバー Gorubā) is a two-headed Kaiju that first appeared in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga.[1] It is a fusion of Golza and Melba.

Subtitle: Ultra-Ancient Dark Monster (超古代闇怪獣 Chō Kodai Yami Kaijū)[1][2]


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Golba was manipulated by Carmeara to attack the Martian colony.[1] Immediately after emerging in a cloud of dark smoke, Golba targeted the Ultra-ancient ruins that housed the stone statue of Ultraman Trigger and the Circle Arms, bombarding the dome protecting the site with volleys of fireballs. After both the dome's walls and its automatic defense systems failed to deter Golba, Mitsukuni Shizuma shot at it with the GUTS Sparklence, making Golba retreat momentarily. Nevertheless, Golba's efforts to breach the dome were successful, as it had managed to enter the interior of the dome itself, simultaneously allowing Carmeara a means of access.

Golba reappeared soon enough to further rummage through the now-exposed upside-down pyramid ruin, but Kengo Manaka transformed into Ultraman Trigger just as he was attacked by Carmeara, and fought against them both. Struggling at first, the Circle Arms returned to Trigger, allowing him to knock Golba over with the Zeperion Sword Finish. Trigger then attempted to fire the Zeperion Beam at Carmeara, only for her to use Golba as a meat shield to protect herself before leaving. Hit by the beam, Golba exploded and was destroyed. Connection of Light

"So you sent Golba. Very excellent."
"I thought you sent it.

―Hudram and Carmeara

An even more powerful Golba, Golba II (ゴルバーII Gorubā Tsū), fought against Trigger and GUTS-Select on Earth. It was summoned by Kyrieloid after placing the members of GUTS-Select, Ignis and Giants of Darkness with hallucinations to determine their worth as saviors. With the members of GUTS-Select out of focus due to inexplicable delusions overcoming them, Golba beat down Trigger until they snapped out of it with Yuna's help. Trigger then transformed into Glitter Trigger Eternity and finished off Golba II with the Eternity Bomber. Smile Operation No.1[3]


  • Suit actor: Kenji Kajikawa
  • Like the components it represents, Golba served as a starter opponent in against Ultraman Trigger's reawakening in the current era. Golba's role also leans more to Melba, as they appeared alongside their respective partners in against an ancient Ultra and met their deaths after their partners escaped the fight unharmed.
  • Golba is the first monster to have a replica suit explode to pieces on screen since Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers.
  • Golba II marks the first Reiwa Kaiju to feature Roman numerals in its name.


Golba render 1.png
  • Height: 65 m[2]
  • Weight: 70,000 t[2]
Powers and Weapons
  • Fireballs: Golba is capable of spitting fireballs from its mouth.[1]
  • Energy Bolts: Golba launches red energy bolts from the Melba eyes on the top of its head.
  • Energy Beam: Golba emits a yellow energy beam from its mouth.
  • Flight: By opening Melba's set of wings, Golba can achieve flight at high speeds.
  • Burrowing: Golba can burrow underground and rest there for extended periods of time.
Golba II
  • Body Lightning: Golba II unleashes bolts of electricity from its whole body.
  • Charged Beam: A powerful beam attack emitted from its head, similar to Golza's Ultrasonic Ray and Melba's Melbanic Ray.


Golba 500.jpg
  • Golba (2021)
    • Release Date: July 10, 2021
    • ID Number: 147
    • Price: 600 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660645450
    • Materials: PVC
Ultra Monster Series Golba is a 15-cm soft vinyl figure with rotating waist and arms. Molded in reddish-brown PVC plastic, Golba features primarily blue, silver (wings, chest), some white (fangs) and metallic light purple (eyes).


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Golba I

Golba II


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