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"Everyone has their own destiny. Sometimes that means crying at how powerless you are, or losing someone close to you. "Why did it happen to me?" is what people think when it happens. But what's really important is how to move beyond what fate has in store. Once you do, there's bound to be something that comes into view."

―Riku's narration at the end of the episode.

Going Beyond Fate (運命を越えて行け Unmei wo Koete Yuke) is the eighth episode of Ultraman Geed.


Leito has to fight against fate while Riku fruitlessly battles Galactron. Leito's renewed hope revives Zero, and the New Generation Capsules are granted to them, revealing Zero's newest powerup, Ultraman Zero Beyond.


Seeing the death of Zero, Geed prepares to attack Galactron in a wild fury before the robot gets deactivated and for Kei to release his fans. Back at the Nebula House, RE.M. realised that Zero has either lost or his essence becomes too scattered to be detected within Leito. While both Riku and Laiha quarrels, Leito apologises for his incompetence and cowardice earlier, considering the level gap between Riku and Galactron earlier is too big. After being slapped by Laiha, Leito took his leave while Riku believed that he can still protect his family, giving them the consent to leave the town for safety.

The next day, Riku was revealed to have went trough 17 battle simulations with RE.M., although neither of them succeeded but still keeping his composure. Kei reactivates Galactron by the time Riku's cooldown ended as he leaps into the battle as Geed. Although the Igaguri family were all packed up to leave, Leito decided to left them to safety and went to the battlefield. Laiha brings along the Ultra Zero Eye NEO while complains on how he choose to fight with the power of Ultraman. Leito's memories of his families allows Zero to be revived and transforms to join the battle before another Galactron appeared to even the playing field.

Although neither Ultra Warriors can defeat the robot, it was then where Ultraman Hikari appears and provided Zero and Leito with Riser and a set of Ultra Capsules of his successors. This provides them with the ability to transform into Zero Beyond and turn the tides of the battle. After seeing both his Galactrons destroyed, Kei voiced his amusement and took his leave. A tearful Leito apologises to Riku and Laiha before he reunites with his family.

Ultra Capsule Navi

  • Riku: "Ultra Capsule Navi! Here are today's capsules!"
  • Riser: New Generation Capsule Alpha.
  • RE.M.: Ultraman Ginga, an Ultraman from the future. Ultraman Orb: Orb Origin, Orb's original form.
  • Riku: Next up is this one!
  • Riser: New Generation Capsule Beta
  • RE.M.: Ultraman Victory, a warrior who protects a subterranean nation. Ultraman X, a cyber Ultraman who can don MonsArmor.
  • Riku: Be sure to watch next time!


Guest Cast

  • Editor: Kenji Masaki (柾賢志 Masaki Kenji)
  • Caster: Chisato Kawai (川合千里 Kawai Chisato)
  • Ultraman Hikari (ウルトラマンヒカリ Urutoraman Hikari Voice) : Keiichi Nanba (難波 圭一 Nanba Keiichi)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman Geed: Hideyoshi Iwata (岩田栄慶 Iwata Hideyoshi)
  • Ultraman Zero: Satoru Okabe (岡部 暁 Okabe Satoru)
  • Pega: Satomi Maruta (丸田聡美 Maruta Satomi)
  • Galactron: Kenji Kajikawa (梶川賢司 Kajikawa Kenji)





  • This episode's airing date falls on the same day of Keiichi Nanba's 60th birthday. Surprisingly, said episode also features Keiichi voicing Hikari once more after the latter's silent cameo in the first episode.
  • This is the first time where a Kaiju Capsule wasn't presented. Instead, it was replaced by the New Generation Capsule Beta.
  • Coincidentally, the number 8 ties with Zero, that is:
    • Zero had been introduced 8 years ago, prior to Ultraman Retsuden.
    • Zero has 8 of his forms in total (Normal, Tector, Ultimate, Strong-Corona, Luna-Miracle, Zero Darkness, Shining, and Beyond).
    • When he performed the Balkey Chorus, he released 8 cores from his hand.
  • In the Indonesian dub that aired on RTV, this episode was named "Riku and Reita's Miracle". The "Reita" part of this episode's name is a typo which should be written as "Leito".
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