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Goga (ゴーガ Gōga) is a Kaiju that appeared in episode 24 of Ultra Q.


  • Normal: Shellfish Monster (貝獣 Kai-jū)
  • Shin: Hostile Giant Unknown Lifeform No.5 - Dissolving S-Class Species (敵性巨大不明生物第5号 溶解禍威獣 Kyodai Fumei Seibutsu Dai-gogō - Yōkai Kaijū)


Ultra Q

After destroying the ancient civilization of Aranka, Goga was somehow trapped inside a small statue. Centuries passed and the creature became nothing but a legend, but when the statue was stolen, a six-thousand year old curse came to life. Beams of light fired from the statue’s eyes, engulfing one of the burglars in flame. The statue then fell apart, revealing the snail-like creature. The beast quickly began to grow, becoming larger and larger.

Soon it emerged from the building, tearing its way through the streets around it. Jets swooped in to attack, but their rockets did nothing to its mighty shell. In response, Goga fired back, quickly destroying the jet fighters. The monster’s wrath continued unopposed to another attack was launched, this time targeting its head. A powerful explosion engulfed the ancient monster, forcing it deep into the ground.

It didn’t take long for it to resurface, but when it did, the self-defense forces were ready. Firebombs detonated all around it, trapping it within a sea of fire. Not even its shell could save it as the temperature charbroiled the snail within. Unable to escape fast enough, Goga the destroyer was finally put to rest, never to plague the world again.


  • Goga was originally called Kaigel, as it's debut episode was as the fossilized shell creature, in an unrealized script, Fossilized Castle while it stemmed from a sample story Living Fossil.
    • In an early draft for Goga's episode, Goga is named as Kaigel (カイゲル Kaigeru) instead. This name was reused for the monster's reappearance in Shin Ultraman.[1]

Goga's shell

Shin Ultraman

Shin Goga.png

Kaigel is one of the many S-Class Species that appeared in a mass outbreak across Japan. Kaigel was the first monster to be faced by the SSSP following its formation as a special division of the JSDF.Shin Ultraman


  • This marks Goga's first physical appearance in more than 50 years.


  • Height: 20 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: West Asia and Erb Country
Powers and Weapons
  • Drill Shell: Goga has a thick snail shell that protects it from weak attacks and allows it to burrow underground.
  • Eye Energy Beam: Goga can fire energy beams from its eyes.



Ultra Q



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