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God Zenon (ゴッドゼノン Goddo Zenon) is a robot ally of Gridman, created and controlled by Ippei Baba and Yuka Inoue. The entire robot had its design inspired from a robot toy that belonged to Ippei's little sister, Kana Baba. To combine, Ippei needs to type the Access Code for God Zenon's name in Junk.

In Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, it is simply named Zenon and piloted by the rest of the Team Samurai bandmates.

Subtitle: Combined Electric God (合体電神 Gattai Denshin)


Gridman the Hyper Agent

God Zenon was originally three separate parts of Assist Weapons that served as support vehicles during Gridman's combat against monsters. Thunder Jet and Twin Driller were created first by Ippei to fight against the threat of Terragaia before God Tank was introduced an episode later while fighting against Metallus. When Magnegauss sabotages the security system that was sold by a salesman (who also disguised as a cat burglar to increase his business), a combination program was made, thus giving birth to God Zenon.

Despite being a reliable partner to Gridman, God Zenon likewise is prone to Junk's malfunctioning as it would prevent Ippei and Yuka from controlling him again in certain situations. When Generadon caused the sports equipment in a local gym to go haywire and in turn drained Gridman of his energies, Ippei's quick thinking allows him to create the combination form Thunder Gridman, giving the cyber hero an advantage over brute strength at the cost of speed.

God Zenon's final fight was against Devil Phazer. In the final episode, God Zenon was destroyed by Giant Kahn Digifer after he invaded Junk and destroyed most of the Assist Weapon cache.

Gridman the Hyper Agent: The Demon King's Counterattack

Somehow, God Zenon returns in the photo novel series. It is used by Gridman to transform into Thunder Gridman, and fight alongside King Gridman Sigma against Neo Kahn Digifer and his monsters.

Gridman the Hyper Agent: boys invent great hero

God Zenon was featured as part of Takeshi Todo's past recollection of Gridman's previous battles.


Thunder Jet

Thunder Jet (サンダージェット Sandā Jetto) is a giant jet based on the design of an aircraft. It forms the upper body of either God Zenon or Thunder Gridman.

In Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, the jet is named Vitor and is piloted by Amp Ere, later Lucky London after the former left the band.

  • Height: 19.8 m
  • Length: 62.1 m
  • Width: 48.6 m
  • Weight: 47,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 5
  • Thunder Missiles (サンダーミサイル Sandā Misairu): Explosive missiles fired from the Thunder Jet.
  • Thunder Ring (サンダーリング Sandā Ringu): A muzzle used to prevent Terragaia from exhaling hydrochloric acid.

Twin Driller

Twin Driller (ツインドリラー Tsuin Dorirā) is a twin-nosed subterrene, created based on the design of tanks and can also fly airborne on its own. It forms the abdomen of God Zenon or Thunder Gridman's arm and shoulder armor.

In Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, the drill is named Borr and is piloted by Sydney Forrester.

  • Height: 15 m
  • Length: 44.1 m
  • Width: 21 m
  • Weight: 21,000 t
  • Traveling Speed: 100 km/h
  • Twin Lasers (ツインレーザー Tsuin Rēzā): Twin lasers fired from the tips of the drills.

God Tank

God Tank (ゴッドタンク Goddo Tanku) is a tracked vehicle based on the design of armored tanks, allowing Gridman to stand on it like a skateboard. It was created later than the other two components and forms the legs of God Zenon or Thunder Gridman's leg armor.

In Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, the tank is named Tracto and is piloted by Tanker.

  • Height: 13.2 m
  • Length: 72.9 m
  • Width: 21 m
  • Weight: 32,000 t
  • God Cannon (ゴッドキャノン Goddo Kyanon): Twin barrel cannons on its back, which launches God Laser (ゴッドレーザー Goddo Rēzā) ammunition at a rate of about 50 rounds per second.

God Zenon
Zenon profile.png
  • Height: 80 m
  • Weight: 100,000 t
  • Origin: Assist Weapon Selector, Junk server
  • Output Power: 2,000,000 horsepower[1]
  • Weakness: Since God Zenon's movements are remotely controlled by Ippei and Yuka through Junk, it can also become immobilized if said computer shows any signs of malfunctioning.
Powers and Weapons
  • Endurance/Strength: As opposed to the acrobatic Gridman, God Zenon focuses on brute strength and enhanced endurance that allowed it to withstand far greater attacks.
  • God Breaker (ゴッドブレイカー Goddo Bureikā): An uppercut punch attack, first used in episode 36.
  • God Punch (ゴッドパンチ Goddo Panchi): God Zenon fires its Breaker Knuckle (ブレーカー・ナックル Burēkā Nakkuru) fists at its opponent.
  • Bullet Screw (ブレットスクリュー Buretto Sukuryū): A combination attack with Gridman and Dyna Dragon, used to defeat Magma Giras.

Thunder Gridman

Thunder Gridman (サンダーグリッドマン Sandā Guriddoman) is a fusion/formation, with God Zenon acting as a power suit for Gridman. Thunder Gridman possess incredible strength and endurance at the cost of speed and agility.

In Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, this form is named Synchro.

  • Height: 88 m
  • Weight: 160,000 t
  • Thunder Grid Punch: A basic, yet powerful punch.
  • Thunder Grid Kick: A basic, yet powerful kick.
  • Thunder Grid Beam (サンダーグリッドビーム Sandā Guriddo Bīmu): A beam attack fired from the right hand. It is an enhanced version of the standard Grid Beam.
  • Thunder Grid Fire (サンダーグリッドファイヤー Sandā Guriddo Faiyā): A stream of flames fired from the chest.
  • Fixer Beam (フィクサービーム Fikusā Bīmu): Gridman can still use the Fixer Beam in this form.
  • Drill Break (ドリルブレイク Doriru Bureiku): Twin Driller's drills are fired at the enemy.
  • Chest Beam: Thunder Gridman fires an energy beam from the crystal on his chest.
  • Missile: From the God Tank legs, Thunder Gridman fires a missile that punctures through an enemy.
  • Dragon Spiral (ドラゴンスパイラル Doragon Supairaru): Thunder Gridman and King Gridman Sigma fire energy beams which turn into three dragons that strike the opponent.


An ULTRA-ACT figure of God Zenon was released in 2014.


Gridman the Hyper Agent

Gridman the Hyper Agent: boys invent great hero



  • Designer: Motoki Takaya
  • As Gridman the Hyper Agent is sponsored by Takara, two other Takara-sponsored anime series were incorporated into God Zenon:
  • God Zenon and Dyna Dragon might be a tribute to Windom, Agira, and Miclas from Ultraseven because they help the main hero against the monsters even though the three of them worked by themselves and not by Ultraseven's side.
  • The transformation of the Thunder Jet, Twin Driller, and God Tank into God Zenon is similar to that of Hikari Sentai Maskman's giant robot Great Five.
    • Both the Thunder Jet and Masky Fighter (red fighter jets) form the upper torso (although Thunder Jet also forms the arms whereas the arms of Great Five are formed via Masky Jet and Masky Gyro).
    • Both the Twin Driller and Masky Drill (black drill tanks) form the lower torso and thighs.
    • Both the God Tank and Masky Tank (blue tanks) form the legs.
  • In Gridman the Hyper Agent: boys invent great hero, God Zenon was shown with a large screw and light-piping at the back of his head. This may be due to how it was animated based on its action figure.
  • God Zenon's costume was designed as follows:
    • The peepholes for the suit actor are actually located at the God Zenon's forehead. This kind of technique has long been practiced by mechas/Gattai Robo of Super Sentai Series.[2]
    • God Zenon's back is made of rigid urethane foam.[3]
    • The head portion of the costume is directly attached to the neck with no means of neck movement.
    • When asked about the knee joint being consist of the Twin Driller's drill tip, KARZWORKS revealed that he told the manager that there is no way of including the drill into the robot formation. Unfortunately since Thunder Gridman formation does include Twin Driller, he was forced to put it in the knee parts, believing that super robots in the past do not have moving knee parts.[4]

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