Goad (ゴード Gōdo) was a monster who was to appear in the unmade Ultraseven episode Alien 15 + Kaiju 35 (宇宙人15+怪獣35 Uchū-jin 15 + Kaijū 35). It was then reused in an Ultraseven story in Figure King magazine No. 118, published on November 2007.

Subtitle: Space Beast-god (宇宙獣神 Uchū Jū-shin)


Alien 15 + Kaiju 35

Alien Baltan revived the monsters Red King, Peguila, Geronimon, Neronga and Eleking, who defeat Ultraseven. However, Goad appears and helps him fight the monsters.


  • Height: 70m
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Space


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