Go Beyond the Ultra Brothers!
Ultraman Taro, Episode 40
Tyrant vs Taro
Air date 01/04/1974
Screenplay by Shigemitsu Taguchi
Directed by Eizo Yamagiwa
Special skill director Masataka Yamamoto
The Father of Ultra and Son Big Mochi-Making Strategy
Mother's Wish-A Mid-Winter Cherry Blossom Blizzard

Go Beyond the Ultra Brothers! (ウルトラ兄弟を超えてゆけ! Urutora kyōdai o koete yuke!) is the 40th episode of Ultraman Taro, and tributes of Ultraman-Ultraman Ace which occurs each time a past Ultra Protagonist is preparing to battle Tyrant.

In this episode, the events of Ultraman to Ultraman Ace are listed by the Showa calendar.


While Kotaro is celebrating New Years with a family and teaching a kid named Takeshi how to ride a bike, each of the Ultra Brothers patrolling the planets in the solar system fight a powerful monster named Tyrant, who was created by the souls of defeated monsters.








The following are part of the 35 Great Monsters and Aliens tribute:


35 Monster and Aliens

Parts of Tyrant not included in the tributes: Alien Icarus, King Crab, & Hanzagiran


  • During the Alien Baltan sequence (in the Ultraman tribute), the narrator talks about the original Alien Baltan's fight, but footage of Alien Baltan II was shown.
  • According to magazines, Magular was planned to be in the Ultraman tribute, but was cut for unknown reasons.
  • Ultraseven has no ears, which would appear again in the premiere of Ultraman Leo.

DVD Releases

  • Ultraman Taro Volume 10 features episodes 38-41.
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