Gitagitanga (ギタギタンガ Gitagitanga) was a choju that appeared in episode 29 of Ultraman Ace.

Subtitle: Underground Super-beast (地底超獣 Chitei Chōjū)


Ultraman Ace

Because Undergroundmon intended to destroy factories for conquest, the underground creature used Gitagitanga to destroy as many industrial areas as possible. TAC was quick to respond and Undergroundmon said he was trying to conquer the surface world with Yapool's help. Gitagitanga was summoned away until he was summoned the next day. It was also revealed to Hokuto that Gitagitanga was responsible for murdering a young boy's dad by using its gases to make him intoxicated. After destroying some buildings, Undergroundmon decided to join the rampage and both monster and master proceeded to destroy a majority of the area. Ultraman Ace was summoned to battle the duo. The destructive duo seemed invincible until the encouraging words from the boy assisted Ace and Gitagitanga was destroyed by Ace's Ace Lifter.


  • Gitagitanga's head is a reference to the monster Giradorus.


  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 73,000 t
  • Origin: Underground
Powers and Weapons
  • Oxygen Deficiency Gas: Gitagitanga's head tusks have nozzles that can spray a white gas from them. They can cause medium explosions and cause people to act intoxicated. His horns can also emit this spray as well.


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