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Giron Man (ギロン人 Gironjin) was a Seijin that appeared in episode 5 of Ultraman Ace.

Subtitle: Underground Agent (地底エージェント Chitei Ējento)


Ultraman Ace

Giron Man was an underground humanoid agent of Yapool's set on building an Underground Fortress beneath Tokyo. To assist the subterranean menace, Giron Man brought with him a monster, Aribunta to serve him. After the first Aribunta was destroyed by Ultraman Ace, Giron Man revealed himself to the ultra as the one who was controlling Aribunta. Shortly after, Giron Man imprisons Ace inside of a circle of stalactites and leaves him to die underground as he joins Aribunta on the surface world in destroying a city.

Some members of TAC tried to face off against the two, but none of their weapons did much to Aribunta's strength and Giron Man's teleportation. Eventually, Ace calls out to Zoffy for help and soon enough, Ace frees himself from the underground and faces off against both Aribunta and Giron Man. Due to the match being two against one, Ace was easily outmatched. However after Zoffy rescued the remaining members of TAC, the Ultra assisted Ace in the final battle against the two monsters. After a lengthy fight, Zoffy grabbed Aribunta around the neck and ran towards Ace whom had Giron Man around the neck as well and the two Ultras rammed the monsters' heads together breaking their necks, killing both Terrible-Monster and master.


  • Voice Actor: Sawa Ritsuo
  • Modeler: Tsuney Murase Jizo
  • Giron Man's roars are modified roars of the Toho Monster, Ganimes.
  • Giron Man's suit would later be modified for the Yapool agent of similar origin, Undergroundmon.
  • The checkerboard pattern on Giron Man is actually a cut-up bath mat.
  • This episode was later featured in episode 43 of Ultraman Retsuden, "Bonds of Brothers! Ace and Zoffy!!".
  • According to some sources, Giron Man was meant to reappear in episode 24 as its villain; however, he was replaced by Mazaron Man.


  • Height: 3 ~ 46 m
  • Weight: 600 kg ~ 26,000 t
  • Origin: Underground
Powers and Weapons
  • Claw Bullets: Giron Man can fire a rapid succession of bullet-like blasts from his claws.
  • Teleportation: Giron Man can teleport short distances.
  • Spike Cage: Giron Man can trap victims in a cage made of spiky rocks.
  • Electrocution: Giron Man can throw a spike into the trap and cause the cage to electrocute its victims.


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