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Giranda (ジランダ Jiranda) is a Kaiju that appeared in the series, Mirrorman.

Subtitle: Remodeling Monster (改造怪獣 Kaizō Kaijū)



The Space Science Laboratory was working with SGM to create a new laser weapon that could be used to finally defeat the Invaders. Before long this caught the Invaders' attention as they began to kill off scientists, forcing Chief Hamura to suspend the project. Murakami tried to convince Hamura, eventually compromising to bring the laboratory to the base. Meanwhile, an Invader ship landed on a nearby hill after jamming SGM's radars. Kyotaro investigated the sight and was ambushed by the monster Giranda who swiped his car off a ledge. SGM helped moved the lab, but Murakami ordered everyone to vacate as Giranda was approaching. The lab's head scientist, Kurihara, refused to vacate as he blamed SGM for turning his peaceful lab into a hotbed for misfortune. Yuki attempted to talk sense into him about how they have been fighting for peace up until this point. This worked on him as he proceeded to pack important papers just as Giranda arrived. The alien monster quickly destroyed the building, Kurihara was able to escape while Yuki was captured by a squad of nearby Invaders. Soon after, Asako alerted Kyotaro to Yuki's capture. Kyotaro quickly turned into Mirrorman to fight the nearby Giranda using his severed car mirror, jumping in with chops, kicks, and even throwing the monster down. Giranda charged at Mirrorman only for him to jump out of the way and for him to pass out on top of the lab ruins.

Later, Kurihara decided to spend lab activity until Yuki was found. The Invaders called the base demanding the materials from the lab project, Dr. Mitari hung up on them. Jumbo Phoenix flew around Giranda's body and contacted Yuki, the Invaders overhearing the conversation. Kurihara lured the Invaders out of the lab ruins with a briefcase claiming he had what they demanded only to flee be be stabbed in the back. Kyotaro and Fujimoto arrived to save Yuki from five Invaders that had the briefcase with them. The Invaders managed to flee with the laser power unit, placing it on their ship to return to Planet X. Jumbo Phoenix launched to shoot their space ship, during the dogfight the Invaders used the ship's underside green energy beam to wake up and empower Giranda with the laser power unit. Phoenix 1 was quickly shot by the monster's shoulder beams, but Fujimoto persisted and eventually shot down the space ship. Giranda then shot at a jeep that had Kyotaro, Dr. Mitari, and one of the scientists in it who managed to get away unharmed. Kyotaro turned into Mirrorman once more using the monster's reflective pectorals. The Mirror Knife was used after the hero dodged Giranda's beams only for them to have little effect. Girand then used his ridge bombs only for Mirrorman to jump on his back. The fight kept going on until Mirrorman used the Silver Cross to destroy Giranda.



  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 41,000 t
  • Origin: Planet X
Powers and Weapons
  • Nasal Horn: Giranda is armed with a horn on his nose has can use to charge at foes.
  • Shoulder Beams: From the ridges on his shoulders, Giranda can fire missile strength beams.
  • Ridge Bombs: Giranda can launch the ridges on his shoulders which will then explode upon contact with an object.


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