Ginga VS Victory (ギンガ 対 ビクトリー Ginga tai bikutorī) is the 2nd episode of Ultraman Ginga S.


Before, we witnessed the mysterious warrior Ultraman Victory and UPG. Hikaru again became one with Ginga. He defeated Red King, but was attacked by Victory! Victory swings a deadly attack towards Ginga! Is he a friend or foe? [Official Episode Summary]


Ginga and Victory continue their clash, only for the fight to be unresolved when they run out of energy. Hikaru talks with Ginga in his mind, whilst Shou questions his Queen about Ginga's identity. Soon, UPG bring Hikaru back to their HQ and decide to recruit him.

Android One Zero chooses this moment to unearth another Victorium Crystal and MonsLives into Eleking. Shou gives chase, but is stopped by UPG. He shoves Matsumoto and gets into a brawl with Hikaru, when debris from Eleking's rampage wounds Hikaru after he pushes Shou away from danger, prompting the latter to ask the former why he saved him.

Shou transforms into Victory but soon falls victim to Eleking's electrocution attack. Hikaru transforms into Ginga to provide Victory with an opening, and Victory manages to defeat Eleking, obtaining its Spark Doll. Afterwards, Shou and Hikaru reconcile, with Hikaru giving Shou another chocolate bar.


  • Although Shou transformed into Victory way before Ginga, as seen in the last episode, both Ultra's Color Timer went red at the same time.
  • When Victory UlTrans into EX Red King when he battles Eleking, his Color Timer was already red but the background of his UlTrans shows his Color Timer is blue. This is because they must have use the background when he battle Ginga.



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DVD/Blu-Ray Release

  • Ultraman Ginga S Volume 1 Features episodes 1-3.
  • Ultraman Ginga S Blu-Ray Box I features episodes 1-8.


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