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The Ginga Light Sparks (ギンガライトスパーク Ginga Raito Supāku) are lesser copies of the Ginga Spark. Its dark counterpart are the Dark Dummy Sparks.


Ultraman Ginga

The new Ginga Shrine in the elementary school seemed to be able to sense the hearts of those that pray to it, and grant them a Ginga Light Spark temporarily. The first example of this was Misuzu Isurugi. When the Ginga Spark was stolen and a monster manifested, she wanted to assist Hikaru. The red symbol on the shrine flashed and a Ginga Light Spark appeared in her hand, she then Ultlived into Red King.

During the fight against Super Grand King the symbol on the shrine granted Ginga Light Sparks to Seiichiro, Chigusa and Kenta, who lived into Ultraseven, Ultraman and Ultraman Tiga respectively. After they were defeated by Super Grand King the sparks were nowhere to be seen.

In the final fight with Dark Lugiel, many of the people who were left paralyzed by the Dark Spark's power, maintained their sense of hope, every person, some former Dummy Spark Users, then had a Ginga Light Spark in their hand and used it to Ultlive Ultraman Taro to fight Lugiel.



  • Ultlive: By touching the Live sign of a Spark Doll with the tip of the Ginga Light Spark, the user can Ultlive with it. However, it seems to vanish after the user is defeated/has completed his/her task.
  • Telepathy: The Ginga Light Sparks allow its user to communicate with others through telepathy.


  • It is unknown if the Ginga Light Sparks empower Ultraman Ginga the same way the Dark Dummy Sparks empower Dark Lugiel.
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