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Gilos (ギロス Girosu) was a monster that appeared in The☆Ultraman.

Subtitle: Rotating Monster (回転怪獣 Kaiten Kaijū)



A powerful monster brought to Earth by a hostile alien force for the Heller Army, Gilos was unleashed on a Japanese city. As the city burned, Ultraman Joneus flew into the area, ready to do battle. Unknown to the populace, this warrior wasn’t their hero, but a robotic imposter. This battle was staged and the red and silver imposter chased Gilos back to the countryside where they both vanished before Hikari’s eyes. Later on, Gilos was unleashed again, the imposter again setting out to confront it.

When the Science Garrison arrived, it seemed the hero had won, but suddenly Joneus attacked the Ultria, pummeling it with punches. Hikari summoned the real Joneus and the pair battled with Gilos watching on. When Imitation Joneus was destroyed, the space monster moved in to attack the real guardian, but a swift Planium Ray engulfed the beast’s body in a tremendous explosion, destroying the fiend.


  • Height: 82 m
  • Weight: 99,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Gilo
Powers and Weapons
  • Flames: Gilos can emit a deadly stream of fire from its mouth.
  • Tornado Blades: When needed, Gilos can extend several triangular blades from its flesh. These blades can then spin at such high speeds that a tornado forms around Gilos’s body, giving it the ability to fly and generate massive hurricane-force winds. He can convert this tornado so it only covers a portion of its body, allowing its top half to snatch and grab opponents.
  • Burrowing: Gilos can burrow at medium speeds.


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