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"I am Gillvalis. To build eternal peace of the universe, I shall terminate all unnecessary intelligent life."


Gillvalis (ギルバリス Girubarisu)[1][2] is a sentient robotic Kaiju and the main antagonist of Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!. As the creator and master of the Galactron robots, Gillvalis is ultimately responsible for almost every Galactron encountered by the Ultras prior to its defeat at the hands of Geed.


  • Core: Gigantic Mechanical Brain[1] (巨大人工頭脳 Kyodai Jinkō Zunō lit. Giant Artificial Brain)
  • Perfect Form: Last Judgementer (ラストジャッジメンター Rasuto Jajjimentā)[2]


Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!

Gillvalis was an artificial intelligence created by the Kushia People in an alternate dimension, originally named Telaharkis (テラハーキス Terahākisu), which is the Kushian language for "Peace be Upon Us" in order to preserve the planet's peace. However it came to the conclusion that sentient life forms are obstacles in preserving peace, going rogue and renaming itself Gillvalis. Gillvalis creates the first model of Galactrons and proceeded to wipe out its creators except for Airu Higa after her father sacrificed his life to save her from the Galactron Army. Gillvalis turned Kushia into a cyber planet and made it its base of operations.

After the genocide, Gillvalis sent the first model of Galactron to several worlds across several dimensions, one of which being Orb's Earth, to judge and ultimately reset the ecology of each planet by wiping out all life. Gillvalis' activities alerted the Inter Galactic Defense Force in Nebula M78, who sent Ultraman Taro and several Ultra Warriors to the Cyber Planet. The tower holding Gillvalis' core was destroyed by Taro with a single Strium Beam, but the core itself survived and digitized the planet, moving it elsewhere without a trace. After the first Galactron's defeat, and after the Ultraman Orb Chronicle, Jugglus Juggler visited Cyber Planet Kushia and heard about the Red Steel. After encountering Gillvalis, Juggler fled to Geed's Earth, with the planet being the next target to judge and reset. With the presence of the red steel on Earth, Gillvalis sends down the Galactron Army along with a new model, as well as the Valis Raiders to claim it.


After Orb, Geed, Zero and Juggler had dealt with the Galactrons, Juggler left while the Ultras went to Cyber Planet Kushia to settle the feud. Gillvalis transforms into its Perfect Form to battle the Ultras directly. After a hard struggle, Zero and Orb managed to destroy its armor with the Zero Twin Shoot and Orb Supreme Calibur with Geed weakening it with the Giga Thurst and Riser Ray Beam. Geed then ended Gillvalis' reign by destroying its core via Crescent Final Geed.

Ultraman Z


Gillvalis was somehow revived by a Devil Splinter, continuing on with its quest to exterminate all intelligent life. It attacked and destroyed Planet Ain (惑星アイン Wakusei Ain) and encountered Geed there. Geed prepared to use the Giga Finalizer against it, but was knocked out of his transformation before he could change into Ultimate Final, and the Geed Riser was broken. Pega was given a Z Riser by Ultraman Hikari, and passed it to Riku so that he could chase down Gillvalis, who flew to Earth.

Gillvalis landed on Earth when Haruki Natsukawa and Yoko Nakashima were training in their SAAs Sevenger and Windom respectively, and had almost wrecked them. Geed, having transformed into Galaxy Rising, managed to catch up to Gillvalis and destroyed its body with his new power. Gillvalis' core survived but was damaged, and sought out silicon to absorb and repair itself. Yuka Ohta devised a plan to lure it out by entering fake information onto the Internet, which managed to get Gillvalis' attention. Finding itself under attack, Gillvalis transformed into its Perfect Form once again, but had some defects due to the core's damage.

Haruki and Riku transformed into Ultraman Z and Ultraman Geed to fight against it. Yuka and Yoko also helped in the battle by getting Windom to forcibly upload a Millennium Prize Problem into its system, slowing down its other functions as its AI tried to solve it. Z and Geed took the chance to finish it off, with Geed blowing off its armor using the Galaxy Burst and Z destroying the core with the Z Lance Arrow's Z Lance Fire. The Man Returns!

Its original Devil Splinter was taken by Celebro to replace the one he lost, and synthesizes with Riku's DNA to create Belial Medal.

Celebro manages to create a Gillvalis Kaiju Medal. Enraged by the loss of his Belial Medal, Celebro used the Gillvalis and Galactron MK2 Medals to forcibly transform Horoboros into Metsuboros. The Lion's Cry



The Core (コア Koa) is the main part of Gillvalis. It is stored within a white tower-like structure.

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 40,000 t
  • Origin: Cyber Planet Kushia
  • Weaknesses:
    • The core can only be destroyed by the Giga Finalizer, the only thing capable of slicing through its thick metal.
    • If the core is damaged, it cannot rebuild its Perfect Form perfectly, resulting in lower durability.
    • Gillvalis' core can be hacked. Inputting a complex mathematical problem will cause it to slow down its other functions to solve that problem.
Powers and Weapons
  • Durability: As stated by Juggler, Gillvalis in his Core Form has great durability, being unharmed by Ultras' beam finishers and still continuing to carry out its mission. Its only weakness in the Giga Finalizer, hence part of its conquest is to find and eradicate the item.
  • Galactron Army: Gillvalis is capable of manipulating an army of Galactrons.
    • Visual Linking: As the Galactrons are his creations, Gillvalis can perceive their sense on vision to himself.
  • Valis Raiders: Gillvalis controls an army of human-sized robot soldiers.
  • Digitize: Gillvalis can digitize large celestial bodies like planets and humans as well.
  • Transform: The core of Gillvalis can transform itself into its Perfect Form. To transform, the Core must have absorbed enough silicon into itself.
  • Flight: If the tower holding the main core is destroyed, the core itself can fly away and escape.
  • Electric Beams: The Core can generate several electric beams that can pick up objects or attack.

Perfect Form

Normal Mode

Salvo Mode

Gillvalis' Perfect Form (完全態 Kanzen-tai) is achieved by constructing armor and weapons around itself.

  • Height: 75 m
  • Weight: 97,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Kushia
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 6
  • Maximum Running Speed: Mach 1.5
  • Jumping Power: 800 m
  • Arm Strength: 197,000 t
  • Grip Strength: 130,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Durability: Gillvalis' armor is extremely durable and can withstand a non-stop onslaught of three Ultras' greatest weapons and several consecutive finishers before it finally broke down.
  • Valis Torretta (バリストレッタ Barisu Toretta): Gillvalis is equipped with a multitude of cannons across his body, used for a series of different destructive techniques.[2] Its name comes from the Italian word for 'turret', Torretta.
    • Hand Guns: Gillvalis has guns on its hands.
      • Valis Grantice Truz (バリスグランチストルツ Barisu Guranchisu Torutsu): Beams fired from the hand guns.
      • Valis Meteora (バリスメテオーラ Barisu Meteōra): Salvo firing from the hand guns.
    • Valis Distruz (バリスデストルツ Barisu Desutorutsu): A large ray released from Gillvalis' cannons.
    • Valis Zione (バリスチオーネ Barisuchiōne): A giant light bullet. Its name comes from the Italian term for a plant's shoots, Succhione.
    • Valis Braccia (バリスブラチア Barisu Burachia): Gillvalis rotates the sides of his body, swapping its arms for a multitude of turrets. Its name comes from the Italian word for 'Arms', Braccia. After using this technique, Gillvalis's resultant configuration is referred to as Salvo Mode (一斉射撃モード Issei Shageki Mōdo).[3]
      • Valis Daltifi (バリスダルティフィー Barisu Darutifī): Using his other weapons at once, Gillvalis unleashes a barrage of missiles and lasers from the guns all around its body.
  • Valis Cornora (バリスコルノーラ Barisukorunōra): Gillvalis' horn can be used to attack. Its name comes from the Italian for "to Humiliate".
  • Valis Luce (バリスルーチェ Barisu Rūchel) (Unused): A defensive barrier. Its name comes from the Italian word for "Light".
  • Valis Dominale (バリスドミナーレ Barisu Domināre): Gillvalis unleashes a "roar" that can take control of other machines temporarily.


Ultra Monster DX

Ultra Monster DX Gilbaris.jpg

The Gillvalis figure was released by Bandai in February 2018. This figure is part of the DX line, standing around 6" high. He features six points of articulation; both legs, both shoulders and both arms, which allows his body to rotate to reveal the large guns located on the backside. Gillvalis is molded in black and painted in gold, pink, silver and red.

The figure's MSRP is ¥2,500, approximately $23 USD.


Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!

Ultraman Z


  • The official English news website has a typo that incorrectly spells the monster's name as Gilbaris.[1]
  • Gillvalis' Perfect Form was designed so as to introduce an opponent who can deal with three Ultras at once. This form's ability to unveil a myriad to turrets was to ensure said gimmick can be inherited to his soft vinyl toy.
  • Gillvalis' voice actor, Katsyuki Konishi, previously voiced Beast the One in ULTRAMAN.
  • Aside from being the controller of the Galactrons, his Perfect Form also bears their design aspects.
  • His Core form and the scene which his army of Valis Raiders standing in front of him is a reference to Venjix Virus from Power Rangers RPM. It is also a recolored version of RE.M.'s orb in the Neo Brittania.
  • In the Pacific Records, Gillvalis is portrayed as a giant turtle named the Iron Devil (鉄の悪魔 Tetsu no Akuma). This illustration was drawn by Tomonobu Koshi, and Koichi Sakamoto described it as being similar to a "Mecha Gamera".


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