Gilfas (ギルファス Girufasu) is the subordinate of the Alien Tarla. He first appeared in Ultraman Max episode 19.

Subtitle: God of War (戦神 Ikusagami)


Ultraman Max

In ancient Japan, Alien Tarla came to Earth with other members of his kind. At first the two species lived together until the Alien Tarla found out humans like war. For some time the Taaraians acted like the planet's gods and were led by their master Gilfas until Ultraman Max came and defeated them. Gilfas and the Taaraians were sent through an interdimensional doorway to their starving home world of Taara. In modern times ruins were discovered to have a strange puzzle. When Kaito touched it a doorway was created and Taaraian attacked. Taaraian was soon forced to retreat and took Mizuki with him. DASH went back through the doorway later to find her and found themselves on planet Taara. Elly found Mizuki, but so did Gilfas. As DASH held off Gilfas, Kaito was taken by Taaraian as he explained what happened and that he wanted revenge. Kaito turned into Max to defeat his ancient rival. Gilfas used his head blade, but Max dodged it. When the head blade returned Gilfas not only used it as a sword, but also created a shield from his left hand. When Maxium Cannon and Maxium Sword failed Max had no choice but to make Gilfas explode using the Max Galaxy.


  • Design: Hiroshi Maruyama
  • In the past, Gilfas battled Ultraman Max on Earth. It was unknown how did it managed to get to Earth despite Alien Tarla's portal door being too small and it was the only means for them to travel through stars.
  • This episode was featured in episode 151 of New Ultraman Retsuden, "Fight Ultra Warriors! Dissecting the Circle of Justice!"


Powers and Weapons
  • Head Blade: The fin on Gilfas's head is actually a blade that works like Ultraseven's Eye Slugger.
  • Fireball: Gilfas can launch red fireballs from his chest.
  • Shield: Gilfas can create a shield on his left hand that can block attacks like the Maxium Sword and Cannon.


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