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Gigadelos (ギガデロス Gigaderosu)[1] is a robot Kaiju that first appeared in episode 14 of Ultraman Taiga. A series of insect-like robots built by the alien inventor Ilt, the Gigadelos robots were mass-produced and distributed to numerous other alien races across the galaxy for use as protectors. However, the impressive machines were driven against their creator and the numerous other alien races who had requested them by Ultraman Tregear and began wreaking havoc on those they were originally constructed to protect.


  • Gigadelos: Planetary Guardian Deity (惑星守護神 Wakusei Shugo-shin)[1]
  • Satandelos: Planetary Destruction God (惑星破壊神 Wakusei Hakai-shin)[2]


Ultraman Taiga

Gigadelos was a robot built by Ilt to protect people from monsters throughout the galaxy. As other races saw Gigadelos' capabilities, they wanted one for themselves as well, so Ilt created more Gigadelos for them. However, they went berserk when Ultraman Tregear implanted emotions into them, causing them to seek out and destroy all forms of life, including each other and the planets they were supposed to protect. Ilt went to Earth to look for one of the Gigadelos, but it had awakened from the underground because of Kirisaki. Gigadelos first fought against Ultraman Fuma, who intended to finish it off using the Seven Stars Light Wave Shuriken. Instead of getting destroyed, Gigadelos duplicated itself.

Outmatched, Fuma swapped with Ultraman Taiga, who carelessly struck it with the Strium Blaster, causing Gigadelos to duplicate once more. Taiga changed into Photon-Earth to resume the battle, but he was overwhelmed by the three Gigadelos. He decided to use the Night Fang Ring's Fang Wave, which somehow forced the duplicates to recombine into one. Taiga aggressively attacked Gigadelos despite his host Hiroyuki Kudo calling out to him, but eventually stopped when he realized what he was doing. Ilt shut down Gigadelos and allowed Taiga to destroy it using the Aurum Strium. Its remains created the Gigadelos Ring, which Hiroyuki received. The Power to Protect and the Power to Fight


  • Designer: Reijiro Kato
    • Gigadelos was to have spikes on its back, as well as a much more radical, imposing design. These were scrapped in favor of the current design as such parts would have interfered with the fight scene that had already been choreographed.[3]
  • Director Ryuichi Ichino stated that Gigadelos was meant to be a "monster that can duplicate itself" like an amoeba, but he had an opinion to change it to a robot monster instead to "make a cool new monster" and retained the duplication ability.

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Gigadelos vs Geed

Tregear revived Gigadelos and other monsters from their rings to fight alongside him and the Grimdo-possessed Ultraman Taro against the New Generation Heroes. Gigadelos fought against Ultraman Geed, and receives a power up from Grimdo. However, Ultraman X transforms into Exceed X Beta Spark Armor to finish off Gigadelos. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Satandelos (サタンデロス Satanderosu) was originally a Gigadelos created to fight against monster threats, but was modified into Satandelos and became a destroyer. It suddenly appeared on a deserted island, where it fought GUTS-Select and Ultraman Trigger. They were unable to defeat Satandelos because of its barrier ability, and lost three times over three days. Satandelos made its way to the city and started wreaking havoc there.

Marluru theorized that a Gigadelos was modified into Satandelos by someone. Ignis showed up inside the Nursedessei and offered his help to defeat Satandelos, and GUTS-Select chose to cooperate with him and come up with a strategy. After shooting the Nurse Cannon at 200% power to make a small hole in Satandelos' shield, Ignis boarded the GUTS Falcon to jump through the hole and planted a bomb on the barrier projection device, destroying it and disabling Satandelos' barrier ability.

Hudram with Satandelos

Hudram then appeared and attacked the Nursedessei as it was about to destroy Satandelos with another shot of the Nurse Cannon, but Ultraman Trigger appeared and fought Hudram. With Hudram distracted, Trigger shot an arrow into Satandelos' legs to stop its movements, which left it vulnerable to the Nurse Cannon's fire, destroying the robot. The One Hour Demon


  • Designer: Reijiro Kato[4]
    • In his Tweet, Reijiro declares Satandelos to be a "brother unit" to Gigadelos.
  • Suit actor: Shinnosuke Ishikawa
  • In the episode it debuted, no real explanation was given as to how Satandelos came to existence, save for Marluru recognizing it as a variant of Gigadelos and Ignis hypothesizing Hudram to be the modifier. At least a Kodansha book of Ultraman Trigger stated that Satandelos had a similar origin to its normal variant (a robot originally meant for protection until it went rogue and was brought to Earth for its rampaging spree), while acknowledging that it was under Hudram's command.[5]




  • Height: 60 m
  • Weight: 80,000 t
  • Origin: Alien planet
  • Weakness: If an ultrasonic wave hits Gigadelos, the energy of its Delos Illusion will be cancelled out, reverting the copies back to one.
Powers and Weapons
  • Delos Illusion (デロスイリュージョン Derosu Iryūjyon): When an Ultra Beam hits Gigadelos, it can duplicate itself into two using the energy received from the previous attack.
  • Machine Gun: A machine gun mounted on its left arm.
  • Sword: A sword built into its right arm. It can charge itself with purple energy to perform a slash.
  • Rocket Jets: Gigadelos has rocket jets in its body that allow it to fly.


Ultraman Trigger Satandelos render 2.png

  • Height: 60 m[2]
  • Weight: 80,000 t[2]
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Weaknesses:
    • Satandelos' barrier takes twenty three hours to recharge, leaving the robot with only one hour of activity each day.
    • The barrier projection device on its chest can be rather easily destroyed, leaving it without its ability to use its barrier.
Powers and Weapons
  • Barrier: Instead of having the ability to duplicate, Satandelos has a strong barrier that can withstand an Ultra Beam launched at it, only to crack and repair itself near instantly.
  • Machine Gun: A machine gun mounted on its left arm.
  • Sword: A sword built into its right arm. It can charge itself with purple energy to perform a slash.



Ultraman Taiga

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga



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