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"Ultraman Geed: Ultimate Final!"

―Transformation announcement

"Awaken, the Greatest DNA!"

―Finisher announcement for the third and final attack when scanned by the Riser

The Giga Finalizer (ギガファイナライザー Giga Fainaraizā) is a weapon used by Ultraman Geed in his Ultimate Final form. Its other counterpart is the Giga Battlenizer used by Ultraman Belial.


Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!

As a countermeasure to Gillvalis, Buran Saderuna, a scientist from Planet Kushia developed the Giga Finalizer. At the same time, the Giga Battlenizer was also created. While being chased into a corner by the Galactron army, Buran sacrificed his life to save his creation and his daughter, who brought the Giga Finalizer with her and escaped to Earth. After Airu arrived at ancient Okinawa, the Giga Finalizer somehow became a legend and was known as the Red Steel (赤き鋼 Akaki Hagane) at that time. In modern times, the Giga Finalizer was later targeted by Gillvalis and his army after the device was found in Okinawa in its sealed form while Airu protected the device at all costs. Eventually, Riku was able to unlock the Giga Finalizer with his own determination and after Airu sacrificed her life. The Giga Finalizer gives Riku the means to assume his strongest form, Ultimate Final, and allowed Geed to finish off Gillvalis and the Galactron Army as well as subsequent battles when the situation demands it.

Ultraman Z

While fighting the revived Gillvalis, Geed Primitive briefly held the Giga Finalizer. But before he could use it, the artificial intelligence shot him to the point of damaging his Geed RiserThe Man Returns!, until Hikari fixes said deviceA Warrior's Duty, allowing him to access Ultimate Final once again, as shown in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad.


Riku's Use
  • Transformation: Riku uses this weapon alongside the Evolution Capsule to assume his Ultimate Final form.
Geed's Use
  • Barrier: The Giga Finalizer can act as a barrier for blocking attacks.
  • Potential Realization: The main function of the Giga Finalizer is to draw out Geed's original form's powers, allowing Geed to fully exert out his dormant power as Ultimate Final. The said device also allows Riku's willpower to be converted into physical destructive energy as Geed.
  • Spinning Attack: Geed charges his energy and spins, cutting through enemies with the Giga Finalizer.
  • Energy Slash: Geed can fire blue energy slashes from the Giga Finalizer.
  • Giga Thrust (ギガスラスト Giga Surasuto): The trigger button is held down for a moment, then the lever is pulled once, and the trigger button is pressed once more. A wave of energy is then fired from the tip of the Giga Finalizer.
  • Riser Ray Beam (ライザーレイビーム Raizā Rei Bīmu): The trigger button is held down for a moment, then the lever is pulled twice, and the trigger button is pressed once more. The Giga Finalizer consecutively launches energy constructs from the "eyes".
  • Crescent Final Geed (クレセントファイナルジード Kuresento Fainaru Jīdo): The Riser scans the rear end of the Giga Finalizer making the Riser announced: "Awaken, the Greatest DNA!", the trigger button is held down for a moment, then the lever is pulled thrice, and the trigger button is pressed once more. Geed releases a crescent energy wave from the Giga Finalizer.



Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!

Ultraman Z



  • The Giga Finalizer's gimmick is rather similar to the Orb Slugger Lance's, whereby they activate their finishers after pulling on a lever from one to three times and then pressing a button. There are also some similarities in their finishers:
    • Giga Thrust/Orb Lancer Shoot: The first finisher, in which the weapon releases an energy ray from its tip.
      • Giga Thrust also shares one of the words in its name with the Orb Slugger Lance's Big Bang Thrust, and they are both the second finishers of each weapon.
    • Crescent Final Geed/Trident Slash: The final and most powerful finisher has the user unleash a slashing move.
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