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Giga Battlenizer[2][3] (ギガバトルナイザー Giga Batorunaizā) is a giant polearm variant of the Battlenizer that is more powerful than a regular Battlenizer as it can revive an army of hundred monsters. Unlike other Battlenizers, the Giga Battlenizer features a series of unique adaptations and powers that enable its use as a weapon in addition to its purpose in controlling monsters. It is commonly regarded as Ultraman Belial's signature weapon. Its counterpart is the Giga Finalizer used by Ultraman Geed Ultimate Final.



In Ultraman Geed The Movie, it was revealed that the Giga Battlenizer was born when the Kushia People developed the Giga Finalizer as a countermeasure towards the threat of Gillvalis. However, the Giga Battlenizer was received by Alien Reiblood through unknown means and somehow modified the device to be able to manipulate Kaiju. Hence, when Belial is exiled from the Land of Light and fusing with Alien Reiblood, he receives the device and use it during the Revolt of Belial. After Belial's defeat by Ultraman King, the Giga Battlenizer was sealed at the Valley of Flames, guarded by an EX Zetton.

Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Rebirth

As this item causes monsters to be revived including the Dark Four Heavenly Kings of Alien Empera's Empera Army, and its potential to revive the evil emperor, Ultraman Mebius was sent to retrieve it. When Mechazam appeared to help Mebius, he was revealed to have been a crucial element in the Emperor's resurrection. By uniting the Giga Battlenizer with Mechazam, Empera would be revived. This did happen, but in a fight with Mebius and Ultraman Hikari, Mechazam sacrificed himself to keep Empera from ever returning with the Giga Battlenizer being lost in space until it was retrieved by an Alien Zarab to form an alliance with Ultraman Belial. Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Rebirth

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Belial use this weapon to kill Alien Zarab after receiving it from the same alien after being freed from the Space Prison and used this weapon to fight against all the Ultras from the Land of Light. Belial also use the Giga Battlenizer to summon his monster army to fight against the resistance. This weapon was destroyed after Belial's destruction as Belyudra. Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Ultra Fight Orb

When Reibatos arrived at the Monster Graveyard, he used his powers to restore the weapon in hopes of restarting Ultraman Belial's plan of reviving 100 monsters to rule the universe. Upon Reibatos' defeat by Ultraman Orb, the Giga Battlenizer mysteriously disappears and was somehow received by Ultraman Belial later on. Ultra Fight Orb

Ultraman Geed

Belial wields this weapon in the battle with the Ultra Warriors during the Omega Armageddon. It was used to summon the Super-dimensional Eradication Bomb that allowed Belial to trigger the Crisis Impact. Welcome to the Secret Base

Belial also wields this weapon in the battle against Zero and Geed on Earth. During the final battle, Geed once again destroys it with his Geed Proof, blowing it to bits. The Symbol of Geed

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

Absolute Tartarus had given Reibatos the Devil Splinters he had gathered, boosting his Reionics powers enough to restore the Giga Battlenizer. He used his powers to fuse the souls of Mold and Juda with Gina Spectre, creating Gua Spectre as a result. However, Reibatos' body could not withstand such power and crumbled away, leaving Tartarus to gain the Giga Bttlenizer. He stored it with the Tregear Eye in Narak once he had returned to The Kingdom's Central Planet. Ultraman Belial and Ultraman Tregear saw Tartarus from behind a pillar, before they left to the Monster Graveyard to attack Geed and Taiga.

Back at the Kingdom after their battle on Planet Blizzard, both Belial and Tregear began to grow disillusioned with the paths they had taken. Desiring to find power his own way, Belial managed to brute-force his way into Narak before he left, and took the Giga Battlenizer while giving the Tregear Eye to Tregear. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad


  • 100 Monsload (100体モンスロード Hyaku-tai Monsurōdo): As with standard Battlenizers, Belial can release, capture and manipulate monsters. He possesses 100 monsters in subjugation, which makes up the entirety of his army.
  • Belial Shot (ベリアルショット Beriaru Shotto): An energy bullet attack, made when Belial used the Giga Battlenizer in a similar manner to a handheld shotgun.
  • Belial Deathscythe (ベリアルデスサイズ Beriaru Desu Saizu): A scythe blade-shaped beam. It is able to damage the Ultimate Bracelet and revert Zero back to his normal form. A stronger version can also be performed by charging the tip of the Battlenizer.
  • Belial Genothunder[2] (ベリアルジェノサンダー Beriaru Jenosandā): A powerful lightning bolt attack fired from the tip of the weapon. It can be used at point blank as well, used to defeat Father of Ultra.
    • Belial Black Hole Thunder (ベリアルブラックホールサンダー Beriaru Burakku Hōru Sandā): According to resources, this technique has Belial "inhale" his enemies into the Giga Battlenizer, empowering it enough to release multiple Belial Genothunder attacks far and wide. This technique was not used in the movie.
  • Belial Whip (ベリアルウィップ Beriaru Uippu): An energy whip.
  • Deflection: By spinning the Giga Battlenizer, Belial can deflect beams such as Zoffy's M87 Ray. He can deflect it by simply destroying the beam, seen used on Ultraman's Spacium Beam.
  • Beam Reverse: Belial can hold a combine beam for a while and push it back to them with the Giga Battlenizer. Used to deflect 80, Ace, and Jack's Combined Ray back to them, wounded them severely.
  • Detonator Summon: Through the device, Belial was shown summoning the Super-dimensional Eradication Bomb which allows him to execute the Crisis Impact.
  • Dark Fireball: Belial can launch a purple colored fireball from the Giga Battlenizer.

  • Dark Fireball: Belial can launch a purple coloured fireball from the weapon, it splits into multiple shots upon contact with a target. It seems to be a stronger variant of the Belial Shot.
  • Empowerment: By using the absorbed Childhood Radiation from Ultraman King, Belial can channel energy to the Giga Battlenizer to increase the damage of his blows.
  • Dark Energy Slash: Belial can release a dark energy slash from the Giga Battlenizer after empowering it.
  • Beam Blocking: By channeling energy, the Giga Battlenizer can act as a barrier to block beam attacks. Used to protect himself from all Geed forms beam attacks but it was too much for him to handle.

  • Monsload (モンスロード Monsurōdo): As its true purpose, Reibatos is able to contain, release and manipulate 100 monsters at once. By combining with his revival power, he is able to recreate Tyrant from deceased spirits.
    • 100 Monsload (100体モンスロード Hyaku-tai Monsurōdo): A massive Monsload version, similar to his predecessor.
  • Energy Beam: Reibatos can shoot an purple energy beam from his Giga Battlenizer. This attack is presumably an improved variant of Belial Genothunder.
  • Empowerment: According to Reibatos, the Giga Battlenizer can empower his usual abilities. This was shown he was able to revive an entire army of monsters in the Monster Graveyard, whereas his limit was at least six monsters at a time.

  • Ghost Rebirth: By placing the essence of Alien Empera's grudge within it, the Giga Battlenizer can detect Mechazam's presence. By placing the object within him, Alien Empera can be reborn.
  • Revival: Because of it's potential to resurrect the Emperor, it's possible that it can revive monsters while in the Monster Graveyard. Reibatos was able to do this, though the Giga Battlenizer only maximized his revival power.
  • Energy Restoration: An ability used by Ultraman Hikari with the Giga Battlenizer to restore the energy of Ace and Taro.
  • Thunderbolt: Imitation Ultraman can channel lightning bolts from the Giga Battlenizer. It is an analogy to Ultraman Belial's Belial Genothunder.
  • Geed Genothunder (ジードジェノサンダー Jīdo Jenosandā): Geed is able to fire bolts of lightning from the Giga Battlenizer. This was shown in Ultra Heroes EXPO 2019 Battle Stage.


A single Battlenizer was able to control it and the monsters used. This is proven when Rei used his Battlenizer to temporarily paralyze Belyudra giving the Ultras an opening to destroy the monster.



  • Being the other counterpart of the Giga Finalizer, this may be the reason why there's only one Giga Battlenizer as opposed to the other Battlenizers which has multiple copies shown.
  • Although this weapon can control 100 monsters, in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie, the monsters that were controlled by Belial is roughly half of the number.

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