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Gibzorg (ギブゾーグ Gibuzōgu)[1] is a Kaiju that debuted in SSSS.DYNAZENON. It was brought under the control of the Kaiju Eugenicist Juuga.

Subtitle: Thick Passion Monster (厚貌深情怪獣 Atsubōshinjō Kaijū)



Gibzorg suddenly appeared near an electrical tower, using its power to contort its shape. Juuga then used Instance Domination on Gibzorg, putting the Kaiju under his control. Determined to defeat Gauma, Juuga controlled Gibzorg to wreak havoc in the city, fighting against Gridknight, Dynadiver, Dynastriker and Dynasoldier. Gauma then told Yomogi Asanaka to get Yume Minami, who was depressed after hearing about her sister Kano Minami's death from Futaba, an alumnus who was apparently close to Kano. After reuniting, they combined into Dynazenon, and then combined with Gridknight and Goldburn, a Kaiju born from Chise Asukagawa's emotions, to form Kaiser Gridknight. Gibzorg stood no chance against the new formation and was quickly defeated. Juuga and his fellow Kaiju Eugenicists remark that, while they should do better next time, the number of Kaiju available are limited and depleting. What Are These Overlapping Emotions?


  • Designer: Ichiro Itano


  • Height: 99 m
  • Weight: 64,000 t
  • Date of Birth: 4 July, 2020
Powers and Weapons
  • Undulation Wave: Gibzorg can warp reality around it by making objects dent and contort. It can even use this power to cause wave-like quakes and make a road turn into a liquid-like state that Gridknight can sink into.
  • Beam: Gibzorg fires a beam attack from its hands and mouth after concentrating energy into three gravity lenses.



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