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The Giants of Darkness (闇の巨人 Yami no Kyojin) were a group that the original Ultraman Tiga led before he became a guardian of light, during the war between the Ultra-Ancient Giants of Light.

Another trio of Giants of Darkness appear in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. Though they bear a close resemblance to the originals both in appearance and in names, their connection to the first trio is currently unknown.


Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

The Giants of Darkness were once part of the Ultra-Ancient Giants of Light who came to the Earth. Eventually, a civil war between them broke out, and these giants emerged with a great power of darkness. With Tiga Dark being the strongest of them at the time, the Giants of Darkness worked to destroy the world and state their twisted desires. However, Tiga turned against them after being convinced to become a giant of light by Yuzare, the leader of the Earth Defense Organization at the time. One by one Tiga absorbed their powers, Darramb's power to give him Power Type, Hudra's speed to give him Sky Type and Camearra's energy to give him Multi Type. The three Giants of Darkness were locked away as stone statues behind a wall with a warning, in the ruins of R'lyeh where the ancient civilization once was. The three Giants of Darkness waited at the bottom of the sea as R'lyeh had became the undersea home of the ancient darkness, but during Gatanothor's rise in the modern day, the island returned to the surface along with the giants' cell.

Two years after the defeat of Gatanothor, the three Giants of Darkness' tomb was found in the R'lyeh ruins, and were awakened by TPC officers looking to use their power as Keigo Masaki once did with Evil Tiga. As the Giants of Darkness reawakened and began to destroy everything that was in their path, freeing Shibito-Zoiger from the wals, the spirit of Yuzare appeared from Iruma's body and sealed the Giants of Darkness in a pyramid of light, but the seal would only last for 100 years at most. Camearra started to invade Daigo's dream, where she gave him the Black Sparklence. Soon after that, Daigo confronted the Giants of Darkness and began to fight them because of his refusal to join them and his desire to protect the world and his friends, becoming Tiga Dark despite Yuzare's warning that doing so would undo the pyramid of light's barrier. The first one to fight Tiga was Darramb. After a difficult underwater battle, Tiga absorbed his attack and became Tiga Tornado, destroying Darramb with the Deracium Beam Torrent. Then, Daigo confronted Hudra in an area full of floating asteroids. Tiga could barely keep up with the amazing speed of Hudra but had an opening after Iruma detonated the remaining explosives in the Giants of Darkness' tomb, disrupting their battle. Hudra attacked Tiga once more with a beam, who absorbed it and became Tiga Blast, destroying Hudra with the Runboldt Beam Shell.

As Tiga moved on, he is confronted by Camearra, who wished to destroy Tiga after losing the hope of Tiga returning to the dark side with her two companions dead. As both of them begin to fight each other, Camearra seemed to be gaining upper hand, only to be saved by Rena Yanase in the GUTS Wing 1. Camearra attempted to destroy Rena but she was saved by Tiga, who had absorbed the dark energy from Camearra's attacks and converted it into light which removed all his darkness, turning him back into Multi Type. Camearra, enraged that Tiga once again returned to the light because of a woman, became one with the darkness dormant in R'lyeh and became Demonthor. Tiga was easily defeated, but revived as Glitter Tiga when the ancient giants of light gave their remaining power to Tiga, who then destroyed Demonthor from the inside. Soon after that, Daigo found Camearra lying on the ground dying, saying that she wanted the light as well. R'lyeh crumbled and sank into the ocean once more, burying the remains of dark past of Tiga and the ancient civilization. Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Ultraman Trigger once sealed away the Giants of Darkness far away in space before he went to sleep on Mars for 30 million years. However, following the prophecy on an ancient stone tablet, they were destined to return. The Giants of Darkness were revived, and immediately resumed their conflict with Trigger and their quest to seek out the Eternity Core on Earth.


  • World of Neo Frontier Space:
    • Camearra: The leader of the Giants of Darkness after Tiga Dark left them. Formerly Tiga's lover, she utilizes her Camearra Whip and Izword techniques to great effect when fighting.
    • Tiga Dark: The most powerful of the Giants of Darkness before he joined the light side.
    • Darramb: The strongest member of the Giants of Darkness who is one of Camearra's two henchmen. Formerly Tiga's comrade and close friend, he fights using his Herculean strength to overcome his opponents.
    • Hudra: The fastest member of the Giants of Darkness who is one of Camearra's two henchmen. Formerly a fierce rival to Tiga, Hudra relies on his agility and adeptness at using a variety of beam techniques in battle.
  • Ultraman Trigger's World:
    • Carmeara: The leader of the Giants of Darkness in Trigger's World.
    • Darrgon: The brutish member of the Giants of Darkness in Trigger's World. A warrior whose abilities rely on sheer force, he also has a sense of honor about his motives, as he fights fairly and detests cowardice in battle.
    • Hudram: The tactician of the Giants of Darkness in Trigger's World. The team's strategist, he relies on his wits during battle, but secretly knows some incredibly powerful abilities that place him on par with his comrades.
    • Trigger Dark: A Giant of Darkness with a passing resemblance to Ultraman Trigger.


Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey



  • The Giants of Darkness are the first group of all Evil Ultras.
  • While all three were Tiga's comrades, the original group each had a different relationship towards Tiga. Camearra was his lover, Darramb was his friend, but Hudra hated Tiga out of jealousy.
  • The Giants of Darkness are based on characters of the Cthulhu Mythos by H. P. Lovecraft.
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