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The Giants of Darkness (闇の巨人 Yami no Kyojin) were a group that the original Ultraman Tiga led before he became a guardian of light, during the war between the Ultra-Ancient Giants of Light.

Another trio of Giants of Darkness appear in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, here they (alongside Trigger Dark) are described as members of the clan of darkness (闇の一族 Yami no Ichizoku).


Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

The Giants of Darkness were once part of the Ultra-Ancient Giants of Light who came to the Earth. Eventually, a civil war between them broke out, and these giants emerged with a great power of darkness. With Tiga Dark being the strongest of them at the time, the Giants of Darkness worked to destroy the world and satiate their twisted desires. However, Tiga turned against them after being convinced to become a giant of light by Yuzare, the leader of the Earth Defense Organization at the time. One by one Tiga absorbed their powers, Darramb's power to give him Power Type, Hudra's speed to give him Sky Type and Camearra's energy to give him Multi Type. The three Giants of Darkness were locked away as stone statues behind a wall with a warning, in the ruins of R'lyeh where the ancient civilization once was. The three Giants of Darkness waited at the bottom of the sea as R'lyeh had became the undersea home of the ancient darkness, but during Gatanothor's rise in the modern day, the island returned to the surface along with the giants' cell.

Two years after the defeat of Gatanothor, the three Giants of Darkness' tomb was found in the R'lyeh ruins, and were awakened by TPC officers looking to use their power as Keigo Masaki once did with Evil Tiga. As the Giants of Darkness reawakened and began to destroy everything that was in their path, freeing Shibito-Zoiger from the walls, the spirit of Yuzare appeared from Iruma's body and sealed the Giants of Darkness in a pyramid of light, but the seal would only last for 100 years at most. Camearra started to invade Daigo's dream, where she gave him the Black Sparklence.

Soon after that, Daigo confronted the Giants of Darkness and began to fight them because of his refusal to join them and his desire to protect the world and his friends, becoming Tiga Dark despite Yuzare's warning that doing so would undo the pyramid of light's barrier. The first one to fight Tiga was Darramb. After a difficult underwater battle, Tiga absorbed his attack and became Tiga Tornado, destroying Darramb with the Deracium Beam Torrent. Then, Daigo confronted Hudra in an area full of floating asteroids. Tiga could barely keep up with the amazing speed of Hudra but had an opening after Iruma detonated the remaining explosives in the Giants of Darkness' tomb, disrupting their battle. Hudra attacked Tiga once more with a beam, who absorbed it and became Tiga Blast, destroying Hudra with the Runboldt Beam Shell.

As Tiga moved on, he is confronted by Camearra, who wished to destroy Tiga after losing the hope of Tiga returning to the dark side with her two companions dead. As both of them begin to fight each other, Camearra seemed to be gaining upper hand, but Tiga was saved by Rena Yanase in the GUTS Wing 1. Camearra attempted to destroy Rena but she was rescued by Tiga, who had absorbed the dark energy from Camearra's attacks and converted it into light which removed all his darkness, turning him back into Multi Type. Camearra, enraged that Tiga once again returned to the light because of a woman, became one with the darkness dormant in R'lyeh and became Demonthor. Tiga was easily defeated, but revived as Glitter Tiga when the ancient giants of light gave their remaining power to Tiga, who then destroyed Demonthor from the inside. Soon after that, Daigo found Camearra lying on the ground dying, saying that she wanted the light as well. R'lyeh crumbled and sank into the ocean once more, burying the remains of the dark past of Tiga and the ancient civilization. Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Carmeara, Darrgon, Hudram and Trigger Dark arrived on the Earth 30 million years ago to search for the Eternity Core, so they could use it to reshape the universe as they saw fit. They fought against the Terran Protection Team led by Yuzare with both sides controlling various monsters to do battle. The Terran Protection Team eventually faltered, and Yuzare was captured by Trigger Dark. She was made to open the gateway to the Eternity Core, granting the Giants of Darkness access to it.

Through a time vortex, Kengo Manaka came from the future and manged to convince Trigger Dark to turn to the light, becoming one with Trigger as they transform into Ultraman Trigger Multi Type. Trigger turned against his former comrades and fought them with his Type Changes, but was unable to win until Yuzare granted him some of the Eternity Core's energy. With the last of his strength, Trigger threw himself and the three Giants of Darkness into space as they all petrified into stone statues because of the Eternity Core's power. Carmeara, Darrgon and Hudram were left to float through space for 30 million years, and the battle between them was recorded on a stone tablet.

Hudram was the first of the three to reawaken. He targeted and destroyed all the Lishurians on their homeworld, except for Ignis, who he allowed to live. The One Hour Demon

Carmeara reawakened next, after a meteorite hit her statue in the face. She decided to send Golba to Mars and attacked the ruins where Trigger's petrified body remained, and fought Trigger again when Kengo merged with the statue to bring Trigger to life, resuming their battle after 30 million years. Connection of Light

Darrgon's statue was found by Carmeara, who brought him back to life. Leap to the Future Hudram also went to the Earth, and the three Giants of Darkness were reunited. The Ultra-Ancient Light and Darkness They called down several monsters to do their bidding while targeting Yuna Shizuma after somehow learning of her being Yuzare's descendant, and attempted to facilitate her awakening by repeatedly putting her in danger so they could use her powers inherited from Yuzare to access the Eternity Core. Darrgon started to become interested in human nature and Carmeara got more desperate with each failure. She eventually decided to use her Curse of Darkness on Trigger, removing his light and causing him to revert to Trigger Dark, though he had lost his personality and became a rampaging mindless beast. Ironically, this was how Kengo was sent back to the past and converted Trigger to the light long ago. The Encounter of Light and Darkness Trigger returned and gained a fragment of the Eternity Core from Yuna, allowing him to become Glitter Trigger Eternity and defeat the Giants of Darkness. Ignis then absorbed Trigger Dark's remaining energy for himself. The 30-Million-Year Miracle

Immediately after, the Giants of Darkness were threatened by the Absolutian warriors Absolute Diavolo and Absolute Tartarus, who demanded them to surrender the Eternity Core. Recognizing that they were outclessed, the Giants of Darkness decided to give in. The Golden Threat However, Carmeara would not stand for this, and assumed a human form to perform some of her own investigations. Discovering GUTS-Select's plan to absorb Diavolo's energy to empower the Nursedessei's Battle Mode, she and the other Giants of Darkness decide to help them against their common enemy by restraining Diavolo during the energy absorption process, before disappearing. Operation Dragon

A Kyriel came to the Earth and unleashed the Morpheus R cosmic waves, which showed the Giants of Darkness illusions of their greatest desires. Carmeara longed to see the Trigger she knew again, Darrgon wanted Yuna's affection and Hudram desired to be the leader of the trio. Smile Operation No.1 The effects of Morpheus R soon wore off, and Hudram started to accuse Carmeara of being incompetent as a leader, starting a fight between them despite Darrgon's efforts to keep them together. With that, the unity between the Giants of Darkness fell apart, and Hudram began acting on his own. What Makes a Savior

After sending down Barriguiler to do his bidding and failing, Hudram decided to call the other two back to their hideout and had them binded, betraying his former friends. Ignis and Hudram have their final battle as they reach the Eternity Core, the way made open after Yuna used her powers when she fully awakened. Hudram fought Ignis who transformed into Trigger Dark, but thanks to the bonds he made with Yuna, Kengo and Akito Hijiri, he was able to overcome Hudram and blasted him away with the Dark Zeperion Beam powered by the Glitter Trigger Eternity Key's power. Hudram later stumbled out, still alive but defeated. He was confronted by Carmeara, who killed him by disintegrating his body and stealing his power of darkness. Last Game

Learning of Hudram's death, Darrgon became disgusted with Carmeara and was intent on leaving her. In response, she used her Curse of Darkness on him to control his mind to abduct Yuna, causing a rampage in the city until he regained his consciousness with Trigger and Yuna's help. He then challenged Trigger to a final duel, which he accepted but during the battle, Carmeara reactivated the curse again. Darrgon pleaded to be killed so that he would not hurt Yuna, and Akito complied by ramming through him with the Nursedessei using the Maxima Galaxium. Carmeara then absorbed his remanining power of darkness and defeated Trigger, abducted Yuna and gained access to the Eternity Core, whose energies became unstable and muteted her into Megalothor. My Friend

Megalothor decided to kill Yuna to get her out of the way now that she had fulfilled her purpose, but was stopped by the combined efforts of GUTS-Select, Trigger and Trigger Dark, who defeated Megalothor's first form. However, it survived and began to cover the area in darkness forcing everyone to retreat while Carmeara, still within Megalothor, hunted Kengo down while evolving into its second form. The Ruler of Shadows Trigger and Trigger Dark fight Megalothor and lose, while the Eternity Core's unstable energy threatened to destroy the Earth and possibly the entire universe. It was later conculded that in order to defeat Megalothor, Trigger would need a power equal to it, which meant that he needed to wield both light and darkness while being empowered by the Eternity Core.

Ignis gave Kengo the power of Trigger Dark, fusing light and darkness into Trigger Truth, who fought Megalothor. However, he was still no match for the monster and was nearly defeated. Carmeara also noticed that Yuna was planning to harness the Eternity Core's energy into the Nursedessei and sent copies of Darrgon and Hudram to interfere, but Ignis and the other members of GUTS-Select held them off. The people of the world refused to give up hope despite the odds, and sent their light to Trigger and recharged his energy. When Yuna had completed her task, the Nurse Cannon was used to fire the Eternity Core's energy at Trigger, allowing him to destroy Megalothor with the True Timer Flash. Carmeara somehow survived just long enough to notice the warmth of the light returning to Earth and then died in Trigger's arms. Thus ends the conflict of light and darkness that began 30 million years ago. To the Ones Who Believe in Smiles / Pull the Trigger


  • World of Neo Frontier Space:
    • Camearra: The leader of the Giants of Darkness and Tiga's former lover. She utilizes her Camearra Whip and Izword techniques to great effect when fighting.
    • Tiga Dark: The most powerful of the Giants of Darkness before he joined the light side.
    • Darramb: The strongest member of the Giants of Darkness who is one of Camearra's two henchmen. Formerly Tiga's comrade and close friend, he fights using his Herculean strength to overcome his opponents.
    • Hudra: The fastest member of the Giants of Darkness who is one of Camearra's two henchmen. Formerly a fierce rival to Tiga, Hudra relies on his agility and adeptness at using a variety of beam techniques in battle.
  • Ultraman Trigger's World:
    • Carmeara: The leader of the Giants of Darkness in Trigger's World. Her power of darkness is greater than that of the other two.
    • Darrgon: The brutish member of the Giants of Darkness in Trigger's World. A warrior whose abilities rely on sheer force, he also has a sense of honor about his motives, as he fights fairly and detests cowardice in battle.
    • Hudram: The tactician of the Giants of Darkness in Trigger's World. The team's strategist, he relies on his wits during battle, but secretly knows some incredibly powerful abilities that place him on par with his comrades.
    • Trigger Dark: Ultraman Trigger's previous self before he turned to the light. He was later awoken in the present day by Carmeara’s Curse of Darkness, becoming a separate entity to Trigger.


Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad



  • The Giants of Darkness are the first group of all Evil Ultras.
  • While all three were Tiga's comrades, the original group each had a different relationship towards Tiga. Camearra was his lover, Darramb was his friend, but Hudra hated Tiga out of jealousy.
    • The Giants of Darkness in Trigger’s world hold a similar dynamic toward Trigger. Carmeara lusts after him, Darrgon views him as a worthy opponent and Hudram shows no signs of respecting him, even when they were comrades.
  • The Giants of Darkness are based on characters of the Cthulhu Mythos by H. P. Lovecraft.
  • In Ultraman Trigger, the Giants of Darkness' origin, the race of darkness, is described by Darrgon to be a group who does not uphold the idea of protecting the weak and strength through unity. My Friend
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