The Giant Triceratops was a dinosaur featured in the Tsuburaya Rankin/Bass co-production, The Last Dinosaur.


  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: TBA


The Last Dinosaur

The massive triceratops remained hidden. Hidden to the world ruled by the tyrant lizard king. But one misplaced shove of the Thrust revealed the giant horned beast. Bursting from the clay and boulders, the battle of titans took place once more! Amongst the many bones of the fallen, the two giants circled and charged, even biting each other. When given the chance, the triceratops impaled the tyrannosaur with his horns and bit the king's leg. But suddenly, the wind of battle turned and the Tyrannosaur, with a well placed headbutt, a slashing of his hind claws and a bite to the neck, silenced the once great herbivore.


  • Unlike his co-star, the Tyrannosaur, the Triceratops never was reused in any of the dinosaur related shows. It's battle with the t-rex however, was recreated in two shows.
    • Topura was the first to re-create this battle with Ururu , whose suit was modified from the Tyrannosaur's, in the series Dinosaur War Aizenborg .
    • The second time, a normal Triceratops and T-Rex fought it out was in Dinosaur Task Force Koseidon.
  • The Triceratops was brought to life in a similar way to the Ultraman monster, Dodongo .
  • The head of the Triceratop's suit would later be seen in Dinosaur Satan Gottes' lab.

Powers and Weapons

  • Burrowing: Unlike normal specimen of ceratopians, the Giant Triceratops can burrow in the ground, or at the very least, hide in it.
  • Horns: Like normal ceratopians, the giant version has giant horns used to gore enemies.


Giant Tyrannosaurus vs

Giant Tyrannosaurus vs. Giant Triceratops

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