The Giant Demon

The Giant Demon

The Giant Demon is the Devil's lacky in the 1982 Tsuburaya/Thailand co-production, The Fairy and the Devil.


Height: TBA

Weight: TBA

Origin: Ancient Thailand


Emerging from a mountain side, the giant demon was sent to fight the hero of Thailand, using his firey breath and eye darts to vanquish anyone in his way. The hero, having none of this, summoned the White Monkey to aid him and the two fought. After a few back and fourth moments, it seemed like the primate was gaining the upper hand until the demon caught onto his tricks and attacked the ape while he was invisible. Using a series of repeated knife edge chops to the White Monkey's chest, the demon vanquished the guardian and gave chase to the hero! After dodging the beast's eye beams, the hero vanished and left an angered demon to randomly shoot at the ground.

When the demon finally came to a cliff overlooking the sea, he unleashed his eye beams and caused several massive explosions, awakening the Giant Dragon. To show a warning of his anger, the demon tossed a massive boulder at the reptile, who took to the air and began to chase the demon down, knocking him over with a flyby. The demon attempted to fight back, but was bitten on the arm and tossed about like a rag doll. The dragon finally clamped his massive jaws around the demon's neck, tossing him into a building and setting him ablaze with his own eye beams.


  • The suit acting for the massive demon is similar to that of Sanda and Gaira of Toho fame, where the eyes of the suit actor are visible, allowing more emotion to be shown.


Powers and Weapons
  • Flames: From it's mouth, the demon can fire a deadly stream of flames.
  • Eye beams: The demon can fire missile strength eyebeams from his eyes.
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