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Giant Crocodile (大ワニ Dai wani) is a giant crocodile that appears in the series, Fight! Mighty Jack.

Subtitle: Temple Monster (神殿怪獣 Shinden Kaiju)


Fight! Mighty Jack



  • Giant Crocodile was the last Kaiju to appear on Fight! Mighty Jack.
  • Unlike the other Kaiju featured on the show, Giant Crocodile was performed by a real crocodile.
  • Giant Crocodile's roars was reused Godzilla roars.
  • The Giant Crocodile was referred to as Dinosaur (恐竜 Kyōryū) in the episode.
    • This is no mistake as crocodiles are distant relatives of dinosaurs.
  • Giant Crocodile is also known as "Huge Crocdile" by fans.
  • Even though this Kaiju has "Crocodile" in its name, it's actually an alligator, you can tell because alligators have U-shaped snouts and crocodiles have V-shaped snouts. Crocodiles are also bigger than alligators.


Powers and Weapons
  • Stone Form: The giant crocodile was able to to turn into a statue of himself and could turn back to normal at will.
  • Enhanced Durability: The giant crocodile was very durable, surviving many boulders collapsing on it.
  • Jaws: The giant crocodile's jaws were strong enough to crush a high-tech jet with ease.


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