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Genegarg (ゲネガーグ Genegāgu)[1][2][3] is a shark-like space monster that debuted in the first episode of Ultraman Z.

Subtitle: Ferocious Space Shark (凶暴宇宙鮫 Kyōbō Uchū Same)[2][3]



Genegarg's name comes from the ancient Greek word "γενειον" (Geneion), which translates to "jaws", which ties into Genegarg's concept of being the "Jaws from Space".[4]


According to an interview with Kiyotaka Taguchi from Ultraman Official Archive magazine and Tsuburaya Galaxy post, the Genegarg suit was made by modifying the Magatano-Orochi suit. The remodeling was made due to a huge portion of the budget had already used for Sevenger's suit. In addition, Genegarg also carried over Magatano-Orochi's mouth munching mechanism.[5]


Ultraman Z

Genegarg steals the Ultra Medals from the Land of Light

Genegarg was one of the many monsters affected by the Devil Splinters and turned berserk. Genegarg was possessed by Celebro, who used it to attack the Land of Light and steal several Ultra Medals and the items needed to use them, as well as devouring a Bullton. A Warrior's Principle The monster made its way to Earth where it was pursued by Ultraman Z and Ultraman Zero.[6] During the battle, it released Bullton, who sent Zero to an alternate dimension.

When it crash-landed on Earth, it encountered Sevenger, who joined in fighting the beast with Ultraman Z. At first, it defeated the both of them, but Z returned as Alpha Edge after bonding with his new host, Haruki Natsukawa, who was killed inside Sevenger. Z managed to defeat Genegarg, scattering the remaining Ultra Medals elsewhere.

However, when GAFJ's Monster Research Center collected it remains, one of them unleashed Celebro from inside, who then took possession of Shinya Kaburagi. Chant My Name!

During the aftermath when Genegarg made the collision course with Earth, it apparently woke up several Kaiju that hibernated deep underground for some period of time.


  • Suit designer: Kengo Kusunoki[7]
  • When Genegarg's temperature rises, it utters a slowed down Mothra cry.

Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z

Genegarg and Deathdrago emerged from the ground just after Ultraman Trigger fought against Gazort. He was being overwhelmed by the two of them until Ultraman Z Gamma Future appeared. However, even with the two of them, they were still defeated by the two monsters' brute strength. Akito Hijiri and Yuna Shizuma manage to locate Trigger's lost Power Type GUTS Hyper Key and return it to him, allowing Trigger to change to Power Type while Z changed to Beta Smash. They wrestled against the two monsters and destroyed the both of them with the Zestium Beam and Deracium Beam Torrent respectively. Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z



  • Height: 67 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Geneparasite Bomb (ゲネパラサイトボム Geneparasaito Bomu): Genegarg can fire red missiles from the indents on its body. Its temperature raises when performing this attack.[3]
  • Genebuster (ゲネバスター Genebasutā): Genegarg can fire a purple beam of energy from its mouth.[3]
  • Genevomit (ゲネヴォミット Genevomitto): Like real sharks, Genegarg can regurgitate its stomach contents. These contents include an asteroid and a Bullton that trapped Ultraman Zero in another dimension.[3]
  • Flight: Thanks to the propulsion organ on its back, Genegarg can fly in both atmospheric and space conditions.
  • Nasal Horn: Its head has a bladed horn, which it can use to attack with.
  • Durability: Genegarg was able to withstand several light attacks when it invaded the Land of Light. However, Z was able to destroy it with his Zestium Beam.
  • Burrowing: Although unseen, Genegarg can burrow underground. This ability was seen in Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z when Genegarg rose from underground.


Ultra Monster Series


Ultraman Z

Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z



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