Gelbile (ゲルバイル Gerubairu) is a Kaiju from Bio Planet WoO. He later reappeared as Gelbile MK, a mutated form of Kotaro, Ai's friend.



  • Height: 50 meters
  • Weight 14,000 tons

Gelbile MK

  • Height: 50 meters
  • Weight: 14,000 tons



Gelbile was born from a puddle of slime left over from a defeated monster. Growing to giant Kaiju size, Gelbile attack but was met by SWORD and the self-defense forces, who sent tanks and jets against the monster. Gelbile was only annoyed by the bullets and soon retaliated with his heat ray, melting tanks! Ai threw WoO into the air, and he transformed into his Aikichi form. WoO began to attack the space monster, but Gelbile used his heat ray to knock WoO back. Ai filled up a small water bottle and kicked it at WoO, who kicked the bottle, transforming it into several blasts of water. Gelbile was hit by the water and disintegrated until nothing was left of the beast.

Gelbile MK

After Kotaro got a strange alien liquid on his hand, he began to mutate into another Gelbile. Now Gelbile MK, he advanced towards WoO, who was ready to fight the monster! Ai tried to stop WoO, but he escaped and transformed into his Aikichi form to attack Gelbile MK. The two giants were equal in strength until they charged eachother, and WoO landed a bone-shattering punch to Gelbile MK's chest. Gelbile MK moaned, fell over backwards and died, exploding. Gelbile Mk's death also killed his human form, Kotaro.


  • Both Gelbiles were defeated by WoO in his Aikichi form.


Powers and Weapons


  • Heat Ray: Gelbile can fire a heat ray from his mouth. This can melt tanks and hurt WoO in his Aikichi form.


Gelbile's body parts will disintegrate if the are touched by water.

Gelbile MK

  • Strength: Gelbile MK is physically stronger than the first, but lacks a heat ray.


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