Gelbelio (ゲルベイロ Gerubeiro) is a Kaiju introduced in Bio Planet WoO.



When WoO was injured and his friends were endangered, the tiny alien’s eyes burned red and soon the entire complex began to shake. A horrible face smashed through the wall and lashed out with tentacles, capturing the ruthless gangsters and dragging them to their untimely deaths inside Gelbelio’s mouth. Before the Kaiju could start a true rampage through the city, WoO transformed into his Aikichi form and attacked the armored monster. Gelbelio fought back, smashing the hero through building after building, but with quickness and ease, the giant dodged its blows.

Gelbelio 2

The creature resorted to throwing and kicking vehicles at WoO, but it didn’t take long for WoO to try and catch and kick the vehicles back. After failing twice, the warrior began to spin his body around, forming a tornado that picked up several cars and trucks around his feet. As they were lifted into the air, WoO began to kick them out, launching them at Gelbelio! As the Kaiju recovered and WoO shrugged off his dizziness, the hero leaped into the air and came down like a cannon ball, smashing hard into its shoulder! Gelbelio roared greatly as an explosion burst from his shoulder and he was sent crashing to the ground, an even bigger explosion completely destroying the space monster.

Power and Abilities

  • Tendrils: Located in his palms, Gelbelio has two holes used for his tendrils to launch from.
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