Geed Slugger (ジードスラッガー Jīdo Suraggā) is Ultraman Geed's Crest Weapon, accessed through the use of Solid Burning. Since the form is partly based on Ultraseven's power, the Geed Slugger is based on the Eye Slugger.


Like the Eye Slugger, it can be thrown at the target or used in melee combat like any other Crest Weapon, and the physiology of Solid Burning allows Geed to attach the Geed Slugger to his arm or leg for his attacks.


  • Boost Slugger Kick (ブーストスラッガーキック Būsuto Suraggā Kikku): A kick attack, performed after attaching the Geed Slugger onto his leg.
  • Boost Slugger Punch (ブーストスラッガーパンチ Būsuto Suraggā Panchi): A punch attack, performed after attaching the Geed Slugger onto his hand.
  • Psychic Slugger (サイキックスラッガー Saikikku Suraggā): In a similar fashion style to Seven's Eye Slugger, Geed can perform a throwing style action of his Geed Slugger.



  • In a similar manner to the previous Ultra's Crest Weapon, the Geed Slugger is also named after its user despite being generated through the power of past Ultras, making it biologically unrelated to their user's true powers.
  • The Geed Slugger functions in a similar way to Kamen Rider Double FangJoker's blade protrusions, both are boomerang appendages that can be used as attachments on the arm or leg. The major differences is that each of FangJoker's blade protrusions are different per activation of Fang Memory's horns (Arm Saber for once, Shoulder Saber for twice and Maximum Saber for thrice).

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