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Gaus (ガウス Gausu) was a Kaiju that appeared in Ultraman 80.

Subtitle: Planet Monster (惑星怪獣 Wakusei Kaijū)


Ultraman 80

When a giant red star dubbed "Red Rose" was on a collision course with earth, UGM planned to use most of earths nuclear missiles and use the Space Mammy to guide the missiles to the star. Their plan though would cost the life of four planets nearby including the planet Gaus, a inhabitated planet only Takeshi/80 knew about. Despite this the plan was set in affect and all the missiles hit Red Rose and blew it up in a megaton explosion. Though earth was saved a UFO soon came to earth and attacked several JSDF plans and Takeshi's jet. The UFO soon took shape as the monster Gaus, who mutated from the affects of the nuclear blast. He soon attacked the area but, was stopped by Ultraman 80. The two seemed evenly matached at first but, 80 gains the upper hand and almost fires the Succium Beam before the monster gave up and surrendered. Realizing that Gaus was just an innocent victim, he teleports him to another planet with similar conditions and lives out his new life on the planet.


  • In the same way as Star Bem Gyeron, Gaus is a monster who lost its namesake home world as a result of mankind's intervention in using nuclear missile and went to Earth under the same vendetta. However, Gaus was given a compensation to stay in a planet similar to its original one while Gyeron was given a mercy kill.
  • Gaus uses slowed down, slightly altered Jumbo King roars. Gaus' roar use previously used for the robotic monster Bombaron in the 1979 Toho series, Megaloman.


  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: 30,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Gaus
Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Beam: Gaus can fire missile-strength beams of energy from his eyes.
  • Mist Blast: When needed, Gaus can emit two streams of mist from the tubes on his face.
  • Cloud: Gaus can turn his body into a dark cloud, allowing him to float in the air. In this form he can still fire his energy beams.


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