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The Gauma Team (ガウマ隊 Gauma Tai) is a group assembled by Gauma in SSSS.DYNAZENON as chosen pilots of Dynazenon mecha to confront the threats of giant monsters brought by the Kaiju Eugenicists.



Upon summoning the Dynazenon to fight Shalbandes, it forcefully dragged Yomogi, Yume and Koyomi as its co-pilots despite Gauma controlling the mecha for the entire fight. What is a Kaiju User? Dynazenon's parts were later distributed to its pilot and since then, the team had been fighting monsters sent by Kaiju Eugenicists. Because of the nature of the mecha, it requires the pilots to be in perfect unison as their bickering would render the mecha to perform terribly during combat. Chise Asukagawa is also part of the team due to her connection with Koyomi and had once substituted as Yomogi's pilot for Dynasoldier.

In the middle of the series, the Gauma Team receive assistance from the Gridknight Alliance, especially Gridknight, as he combines with Dynazenon with the help of Chise's monster, Goldburn. After the destruction of Kaiju Eugenicists, the team was disbanded once the Dynarex became inactive and Gauma passed on to the afterlife.