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Gasgegon (ガスゲゴン Gasugegon) was a Terrible-Monster that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Ace. He appeared in episode 45.

Subtitle: Gas Terrible-Monster (ガス超獣 Gasu Chōjū)


Ultraman Ace

Gasgegon was a monster from space, possibly one of Yapool's Terrible-Monster.  He was concealed inside a black cloud and descended on a space craft. TAC was now aware of the disappearance and intended to investigate for signs of trouble.  A boy was looking at his new telescope until he saw a red light headed for one of the oil tanks. TAC detected the force and it was located in the industrial area. After they found the monster with a Geiger counter, their jets fired onto a particular tank.  After a few shots, Gagsegon came out! TAC did not want to cause a nuclear explosion so they had to improvise. TAC used freeze bombs on the Terrible-Monster and it seemed to work until Gasgegon used his own heat to melt the ice.  Hokuto was shot down by the Terrible-Monster and became Ultraman Ace to fight Gasgegon. Gasgegon proved to be a tough fighter, but Ace eventually sneaked from behind and carried him into space.  There, TAC shot their new laser to blow up the Terrible-Monster without harming any civilians.



GASGESGON -removebg.png
  • Height: 78 m
  • Weight: 27,000 t
  • Origin: Yapool's Dimension, Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Smoke Cloud: Gasgegon uses a cloud of smoke to descend on planets.
  • Radiation: Gasgegon is highly radioactive and uses this ability to heat up when frozen.
  • Flame: Gasgegon can fire streams of fire from his mouth.
  • Toxic Gas: Gasgegon can fire a toxic gas from his mouth.


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