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Gas Panic Horror (恐怖のガスパニック Kyōfu no Gasupanikku) is the eleventh episode of Ultraman 80.


A small monster arrives and is quickly destroyed. However, an innocent-looking shell may cause more damage than realized.


In some Chinese islands, a Medan egg hatches. UGM deploys to investigate, and see the monster feeding on the oil, growing slightly larger. They stop the oil flow. Using gas, they lure the creature to the shore, and shoot it, and it explodes. During a brief beach break, one of the officers finds a pretty stone and Emi takes it to use as a pendant.

They return to base. After giving the report to the captain, one of the officers finds Emi passed out on the floor. She is diagnosed with mild carbon monoxide poison, and as in no danger, but Takeshi suspects Medan. They then find that the stone Emi had contained the monster's cells. The captain is furious at the officer who got the stone, but Emi, recovered, insists on taking blame as well, and they are confined to the base.

An emergency alert comes from the boiler room. Two officers are sent, and they find the workers killed and that Medan escaped through the pipes. Meanwhile, Harada and Emi investigate the monster's cells. After searching every oil and gas tanker on the base, the kaiju is not found. Then explosions begin in the city, and UGM deducts that the monster is there. Then, Harada and Emi discover that Medan grows as it inhales gas. They also discover that freezing it and firing it to space would be the best solution.

The captain orders freezer missiles, while Medan bursts out of an underground tank and continues to feed. A thunderstorm arrives, and Emi fears what would happen if Medan got hit by lightning. Harada leaves to the monster and begins circling it. Lightning strikes him, but Takeshi runs off and transforms, and catches the plane. He then acts as a lightning rod so as to avoid the monster exploding.

80 is greatly weakened as Medan sprays him with poison gas. Then Emi and the captain arrive, and she fires the freezing missiles, freezing the monster solid. 80 flies the kaiju into outer space and destroys it.






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  • Ultraman 80 Volume 3 features episodes 9-12.
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