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Garnix (ガルニクス Garunikusu)[1] is a Kaiju that debuted in SSSS.DYNAZENON. It naturally appeared at giant size without being controlled by any of the Kaiju Eugenicists.

Subtitle: Emotional Parting Monster (悲歓離合怪獣 Hikanrigō Kaijū)



Garnix suddenly appeared and was sighted by the Kaiju Eugenicists. Mujina attempted to take control of it, but suddenly saw a flashback of Gauma in the past. She and the Kaiju suddenly disappeared. The other Kaiju Eugenicists and the building near them also mysteriously vanished, with Sizumu saying "Now we can all be free." Garnix started to attack the entire city with its powers, causing people and buildings alike to disappear. Gauma, Koyomi Yamanaka and Yomogi Asanaka attempted to attack the Kaiju through its mouth to rescue Yume Minami, who had also disappeared. However, by the time they reached a rooftop Yomogi was the only one left. He jumped into the Kaiju's mouth, and was able to see the memories of others before he himself was transported to his past where his mother invited him to see Mr. Kamijo. To save his friends, Yomogi took hold of Dynasoldier and forced his way into their memories/pasts to remind them of their duty, starting with Yume, and then Koyomi, and then Gauma and Knight. Upon breaking out, Dynazenon and Gridknight combined into Kaiser Gridknight and destroyed Garnix by slicing it in half with the Kaiser Knight Circular, bringing everything back to normal. Which Memories Do You Regret?



  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 85,000 t
  • Date of Birth: 19 July, 2020
Powers and Weapons
  • Space-time Destruction: Garnix's ability is to "destroy" space and time. It causes people and buildings to suddenly disappear from the world, bringing them back to their "past", or to the "future". This ability is nullified upon Garnix's destruction, though whether any changes to the "past" would affect the "present" is unknown.
  • Super Speed: Garnix accelerates and moves at very high speed.



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