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Garbados (ガルバドス Garubadosu) was a space Kaiju who appears in The☆Ultraman TV series. This ammonite-like creature was stated by the narrator to be an Ultra hunting monster weapon, created by the Bader Tribe. He appears in episode 31.

Subtitle: Space Star Beast (宇宙星獣 Uchu Seiju)



Created by the Bader Tribe to hunt and kill Ultras, it was left behind near Planet U40 after its creator's failed invasion. When Amia went to Earth to see Choichiro, the space monster Garbados noticed and followed.follow. Garbados made his appearance on Earth shortly after Amia possessed the body of a hospitalized woman named Kyko and managed to knock her out with a blast of his flames. Later that day the colossal alien ammonite attacked the base of the Scientific Defense Guard with Garbados easily withstanding an onslaught of aerial missiles from the base's jets. Shortly after the onslaught Choichiro turned into Ultraman Joneus to combat the space ammonite. However, upon attacking Joneus found himself ensnared by Garbados's tentacles with the monster using his mandibles to crush the hero's neck. Even with aid from the Scientific Defense Guard allowing him to escape the mandibles, Joneus was still barely able to fight back against Garbados. However, Kyko quickly turned into Amia, allowing the heroine to use the Amiassher to distract Garbados long enough for Joneus to finish the monster with the Planium Ray.


Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Garbados can fly in the vacuum of space.
  • Burrowing: Garbados can burrow at high speeds by spinning his spiked cone shell.
  • Flames: Garbados can emit a deadly stream of flame from between its eyes.
  • Tentacles: Garbados is armed with numerous tentacles that it can use to ensnare and batter opponents. The whip tentacles can also extent short distances.
  • Ultra Sense: Garbados can detect Ultras and the physical state of them from afar. This was noted by Joneus when the monster rampaged again after he healed his sister.
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