Garamon Strikes Back (ガラモンの逆襲 Garamon no Gyakushū) is the sixteenth episode of Ultra Q.


Under the cover of night, a mysterious man steals the Tilsonite rock from Tokyo's Astrophysics Research Institute. When a group of meteors is detected approaching the Earth, Jun and the others fear that an invasion from outer space is once again imminent. Hiding the Tilsonite in a contra-bass case, the thief hitch-hikes a ride on a truck and flees Tokyo. Soon, the city is besieged by two flaming meteorites, which crash-land in the heart of Tokyo, unleashing a pair of Garamons. The two giant monsters immediately proceed to destroy the city. As the Garamon are being controlled by the electronic waves emanating from the stolen Tilsonite, a search is conducted by Chief Hanazawa to locate the mysterious man. Following a lengthy pursuit, Jun and the police corner the man by a remote lake and succeed in retrieving the Tilsonite. Hanazawa encases the alien rock in a special screen mesh that effectively cuts off the transmitted signals and the Garamon monsters collapse in a heap. The strange man reveals his true identity as a Cicada Human and stumbles toward the lake, as a spacecraft rises from the waters. Instead of rescuing him, however, the craft emits a heat ray that incinerates the alien (his punishment for failing in his misson) and departs from the Earth.



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  • Ultra Q Volume 4 features episodes 13-16, & Total Natural Color Blu-Ray Volume 5 features episodes 15-17.
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