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Garamon[1][2] (ガラモン) is a Kaiju from Ultra Q episodes 13 and 16. The robot monster is perhaps the most recognizable monster from Ultra Q, and is among the Kaiju most associated with the landmark series alongside Gomess and Litra.


  • Normal: Meteorite Monster (隕石怪獣, Inseki Kaijū)
  • Blazar: Robot Kaiju (ロボット怪獣, Robotto Kaijū)



Garamon's name comes from the combined names "Garadama" and "Monster", referring its origin from the aforementioned meteorite.


Ultra Q

Generation I

A strange meteor emitting electric waves was discovered in the Japanese countryside. Soon after its discovery, a larger "Garadama" meteorite crash lands in the center of a large lake, destroying a local town and drying up the body of water completely. Soon only the strange meteorite was visible in the dry lakebed, and it didn't take long for Garamon to emerge from within.

Emitting a strange clanking noise as it walked, the odd monster proceeded to scout out the area. It then made its way towards the dam and quickly charged right through it, destroying the barrier that separated it from populated areas. However, before the monster could progress further in its attack, the secret of the smaller Garadama meteorite was finally unlocked: the strange rock actually served as an electronic brain for Garamon, and the radio waves it emitted were controlling the monster.

The scientists studying the meteorite quickly isolated the mysterious object in a mesh chamber, cutting off its connection to Garamon. With the connection severed, Garamon suddenly stopped moving, and began to foam at the mouth. The creature then collapsed outside a destroyed dam, its brief invasion of the Earth at an end.Garadama

  • The Garamon suit was later repainted for the monster Pigmon in Ultraman.
  • Garamon monster graveyard


    Garamon appeared as a cameo floating at Monster Graveyard in the Ultraman episode The Monster Graveyard. This was one of the first indications that both Ultra Q and Ultraman are set in the same universe.
  • Garamon serves as the first boss in the video game, Ultra Toukon Densetsu and bizarrely, it can shoot a beam and appears from underground.
  • Garamon is:
    • The first monster in the Ultraman Series to be used by aliens as a living weapon.
    • The first mechanical Kaiju to appear in the Ultraman Series.
  • In early script ideas, Garamon was meant to fight the massive monkey, Goro.
Not pigmon


  • Garamon was one of the monsters who made up Belyudra's right arm.
  • Garamon inspired Garagon of Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy and Gamoran of Ultraman Cosmos, the former being a direct successor to Garamon employed by the Cicada Humans.
  • The sounds Garamon emits are actually cicada buzzing's.

Generation II & III


Garamon in Tokyo

However, the mysterious alien forces that summoned forth the first Garamon were not finished yet. Some time after the first Garamon's defeat, a mysterious man arrived at the facility where the small Garadama meteorite was kept. Using a small device, the man broke the meteorite out and secreted the object away in a guitar case.

Soon after the theft of the meteorite, not one, but two large Garadama meteorites crashed to Earth. The first landed in the center of Tokyo, and the other in Tokyo Bay. Soon both hatched new Garamons, who then proceded to attack Tokyo. Meanwhile, Jun, Ippei, Yuriko and the police had finally cornered the mysterious man, and after a prolonged battle the small meteorite was procured and the man shot and wounded. Wasting no time, the heroes quickly wrapped the meteorite in the special mesh used during the first Garamon attack.

With the connection to their electronic brain severed, both of the robot monsters halted in their paths, began to foam at the mouth, and then collapsed dead. The mysterious man behind this invasion was soon revealed to be a Cicada Man, an insect-like alien being whose race had created the Garamon as part of a planned invasion of Earth. Having failed in his mission, the wounded Cicada Man was eliminated by his fleeing comrades, and the aliens then retreated from the Earth, never to be heard from again.Garamon Strikes Back

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure

Garamon was referenced by Io Mikura when a discarded shrink gun from a trio of Ghighi accidentally enlarged Pigmon to giant. To Pigmon's chagrin, he dismissed the similarity out of annoyance.

Ultraman Ginga

Garamon's Spark Doll was seen amongst Dark Lugiel's collection alongside Hyper Zetton, Gan-Q, Super C.O.V., Kyrieloid, Neronga, Dada and many others.

Sevenger Fight

Garamon vs Sevenger

Two Garamon fighting Sevenger.

Two Garamons appeared in the Ultra Fight-inspired series, Sevenger Fight. The two where quickly defeated by Sevenger but that wouldn't be the last of Garamon threat.

A Garamon appeared to aid in Reconstructed Pandon's fight against the STORAGE mech, alongside Gandar and Alien Icarus. Sevenger, who had just spent most of it's energy fighting Gazort and Eleking, was now vastly out numbered. A saving grace was when Jugglus Juggler provided a distraction, long enough for Ultraman Z Beta Smash to arrive on the scene. Garamon was blown up along side the other three after a long and grueling battle.


  • This marks the first time in the Ultra Series that Garamon fights an Ultra.

Shin Ultraman

Shin Garamon

Photo evidence resembling Garamon's footprints.

Garamon does not appear in the film. However, in the materials Yumi Funaberi accessed, there are photographic evidence of footprints resembling those of Garamon, as well as historical documents related to Garadama.Shin Ultraman

Expand to read more about Garamon in recorded history.

In the region of Yumigaya (弓ヶ谷), there has been a longstanding legend known as the "Garadama Legend" since ancient times. These ancient documents record the details of this legend and are preserved in the local archives. However, this legend exists only in written form.

Although its origins remain unclear, in Yumigaya, this luminous object is referred to as "Garadama", and the giant creature that appears alongside it is known as "Garamon". Ancient texts describe Garamon as being approximately 40 meters long and moving about on two legs. It's disconcerting that in the location believed to be its habitat, trees have been unable to grow, and a corner there is considered to be the trace of Garamon. However, doubts persist among the locals about whether it was created by villagers.

According to the legend, long ago, a brightly glowing object appeared in the night sky over Yumigaya, casting the entire village into a radiant glow akin to sunlight. The object plummeted into a valley, accompanied by powerful shockwaves that unsettled the ground. Believing it to be the wrath of the gods, villagers summoned men to investigate the crash site and assess the situation.

Near the crash site, there was a colossal face, but due to the intense heat emanating from the glowing object, all sources of water had dried up, and the central massive boulder had sunk into it. Instead of dissipating, the heat from the stone seemed to intensify. Despite their fear, the villagers attempted to approach, but suddenly, cracks appeared on the surface of the rock, and a terrifying giant creature emerged from within. Frightened, the villagers attempted to flee, but the monster creature gave chase.

In the conclusion of the data, it is mentioned that meteorites are an unavoidable natural phenomenon, constantly falling on Earth, both in the past and present. However, if we were to hypothesize that they are a form of biological transport from space, the consequences would be dire if the transported organisms did not disappear like "Garamon", but instead launched an attack on modern Japan.

Ultraman Blazar

Garamon Blazar 005

A strange meteor, the Garadama, had landed in the basin of Futo City's Tama River. The SKaRD was mobilized to investigate this meteorite, but the robot kaiju Garamon soon emerged from its Tilsonite capsule and began wandering around. Earth Garon Mod.2 arrived to engage the kaiju, but Garamon was simply too agile for Earth Garon to land a hit, even dodging the mecha's high-speed rail cannon. However, Earth Garon found an opening and knocked Garamon to the ground before switching its multipurpose laser to a wide-area configuration to counteract the kaiju's agility. But this was to no effect as the lasers simply bounced off the kaiju's Tilsonite armor, and it leapt behind the mecha and damaged its Mod.2 unit.

Earth Garon engaged the kaiju in hand-to-hand combat but was soon taken down, leaving Gento no choice but to transform into Ultraman Blazar. Nevertheless, the Ultra struggled against the toughness of the kaiju's Tilsonite armor, which even shattered the Spiral Burrade, and was brought to his knees by Garamon's high-pitch shockwave. But Anri soon managed to track down Hoichi Tsukushi and his ensemble, who were disguised Cicada Men controlling Garamon through music, and her timely intervention cut off the connection between Garamon and its masters. With the connection severed, Garamon stopped in its tracks and began to foam at the mouth, giving Blazar the opportunity to destroy it with the Double Rainbow Slash.Planet of Music

Garamon's fragments were later recovered by the GGF Special Equipment Research Center and turned into the Tilsonite Spear for materials research. It was used in the joint operation against Gebalga. Later, the Tilsonite spear charged with Gebalga's electrical power was transformed into the Tilsonite Sword by Ultraman Blazar, summoned by inserting the Garamon Stone into the Blazar Brace.Let's Go, Blazar!


  • Suit actor: Miu Sekiya[3]
  • This Garamon suit is a reused Pigmon suit from Ultraman R/B.




Garamon Full

Garamon (with mark)

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Tilsonia
  • Weakness:
    • If the Tilsonite artificial brain used to control the monster is contained with a special foil and unable to emit its radiation, Garamon will die/deactivate.
    • In Ultraman Blazar, Garamon is controlled by the music performed by Ensemble Q, and if all of them stop playing, the monster will instantly deactivate.
Powers and Weapons
  • Garadama (ガラダマ): Garamon can encase itself in a meteorite made of Tilsonite, named Garadama by the locals of Yumigadani. The meteorite allows Garamon to survive from the impact when it crashes into the ground. It also caused the sea to dry when it crashed into the ocean.
  • Tilsonite Structure: Garamon's design features large quantities of Tilsonite, which grants the machine remarkable durability and strength, being able to resist Blazar's Spiral Burrade, which shattered on impact, as well as use its spikes to cut into Earth Garon Mod. 2's cockpit. It is also able to withstand and deflect energy-based weapons, such as those fired from Earth Garon's Multipurpose Laser. Moreover, its lightweight nature means that Garamon is surprisingly agile, which allowed it to leap to great heights, outmaneuver Earth Garon Mod. 2, and dodge its rail cannon.
  • Teleportation: In this series, Garamon has the ability to teleport to trick his opponents.
  • Strange Radio Wave Radiation (怪電波放射, Kai Denpa Hōsha): Garamon can release a strange disruptive energy wave by growling, which will embed into a target, and drain them.
  • Garadama Shower (ガラダマ落とし, Garadama Otoshi): Garamon can call upon a shower of Garadama meteorites against the opponent.
  • Run and Hit (走って体当たり, Hashitte-tai Atari): Garamon leaps at the opponent and tackles them. In Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders, it was called as Body Attack (ボディーアタック, Bodī Atakku).
Ultraman Blazar
  • Tilsonite Scales: The red plates covering Garamon's back are sharp enough to punch through Earth Garon's armor.
  • Ultra High Frequency Shockwave: When its long claws clash violently, Garamon produces a super high-pitch shockwave with an unpleasant ultra high frequency sound that induces severe headaches in Ultras and humans alike.[4]

Other Media


Garamon (Red)

Garamon in Redman

Garamon reappears in the series, Redman.

Garamon first appeared in episode 6, where he seemingly ran from the hero upon first sight, but he ended up teleporting behind him for a sneak attack. They fought on and Garamon kept the upper hand against Redman until he turned the tables against him and he finished him off with his Red Arrow.

Garamon reappeared in episode 10 where fought Redman in a field and the hero had the upper hand by throwing and kicking him. When Redman brought out his Red Knife, Garamon ran away from it at first, but he then knocked it into the lake which exploded soon after, after which the monster gained the upper hand by punching him repeatingly. Garamon was eventually killed by one last judo throw by Redman.

In episode 67, Garamon teamed up with Telesdon and had Redman on the ropes right from the start but the hero managed to get them off his back. The three of them then brawled it out on the beach with a lot of throwing, chopping, kicking, and tactics going on. When Redman summoned his Red Arrow, Telsdon caught him and took his Red Arrow away from him so he can use it against him when he was held by Garamon. However, Redman ducked at the last minute and Garamon ended up being the victim of this accidental kill.

Garamon reappeared in episode 69 where he helped Kodaigon in fighting Redman. After attacking him behind his back, this monster helped the other monster take on the hero. Even though they had the team advantage against the alien hero, both monsters eventually fell to a judo throw to the ground after a long, brutal brawl.

In episode 73, Garamon teamed up with Dorako from the start to take on Redman in the desert. Despite being outnumbered, the hero managed to hold his own against both monsters even when at a disadvantage. Redman then defeated both monsters by dragging them by their heads when they were lying flat on the ground and letting them roll down the next hill until they stopped.

Garamon reappeared in episode 76, where he teamed up with Woo to take on Redman at a beach. Despite having the odds stacked against him, the alien hero held his own against both monsters with his judo expertise and quick thinking. Garamon was eventually defeated by having Redman judo throw him to the ground near him and having his Red Arrow thrown near them which exploded soon afterwards

Garamon's final appearance on the show was in episode 77, when Dorako was in the middle of fighting Redman, Garamon showed up to help him, but even though they held the numbers advantage against him, both monsters were no match against the alien hero's combat prowess and quick thinking. Both monster were eventually defeated when Redman slammed their heads against each other, killing them in the process.


  • Garamon was drastically redesigned in this series, having hands not on the outside of his body, and acting far more vicious.
    • This may have been to distinguish him from Pigmon.
  • A species of Kaiju were created for the Redman comic, illustrated and writen by Matt Frank. The creatures, due to looking different from both Garamon and Pigmon are called Redmon.

Yuugen Jikkou Sisters Shushutorian




Ultra Monster Series (2016)

UMS 2016 201 Garamon
  • Garamon (2023)
    • Release Date: September 9, 2023
    • Price: 700 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4570117960499
    • Materials: PVC
Ultra Monster Series (2016) Garamon is a small soft vinyl figure with 2 points of articulation on both the arms.



Ultra Q


Ultraman Blazar



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