Garagon (ガラゴン) is a robot/kaiju that appeared in episode 1 and 16 of the horror drama Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy.

Subtitle: Meteorite Monster (隕石怪獣 Inseki Kaijū)


Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

Garagon was summoned to Earth by the Cicada Woman after she unleashed an army of cute Gara Qs onto the public. The massive beast waded through Japan, silently destroying everything. It wasn't until the rebellion of a Gara Q, who had begun to love humanity due to electronic brain-damage, that Garagon stopped his merciless assault as it collapsed due to bathed in electromagnetic shielding powder. Dancing Garagon

A second Garagon was used by the Cicada Woman after her previous one was destroyed. However, it ended up being destroyed by Ryo's Gara Q. Gara Q's Revenge


  • Garagon is a tribute to one of the most popular Ultra Q Kaiju, Garamon.
  • The suit's face would later be reworked and refurbished into the Ultraman Max's Pigmon.


  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Q
Powers and Weapons
  • Radio Wave: Garagon can create a radio wave that can disable technology.
  • Gara Q Control: Garagon can control Gara Q to do its bidding.
  • Light Bullets: The second Garagon can fire light bullets from its forehead.


Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

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