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Garadama (ガラダマ) is the thirteenth episode of Ultra Q.


When several boys discover a mysterious, lightweight meteorite, their teacher delivers the strange rock to Dr. Ichinotani in Tokyo. Under analysis, the meteorite which the children call garadama, is identified as being comprised of Tilsonite and is found to be emanating powerful radiowaves. As Ichinotani, Jun and the others investigate the area where the meteor was found, a huge garadama falls to Earth in the nearby river bed. The heat from the enormous fireball evaporates the waters surrounding a hydro-electric dam, leaving a small boat stranded upon a steep cliff. As Jun and Ippei attempt to rescue the two women trapped inside the boat, the meteorite hatches a giant monster called Garamon. Becoming violent, Garamon begins to destroy the dam and the surrounding area. Back in Tokyo, Yuriko and the institute's scientists determine that the Tilsonite rock is acting as the monster's electronic brain. In order to interrupt the flow of the transmitted waves, a special screen casing is placed around the meteorite. With it's control signal cut off, the giant Garamon falls over dead and the invasion from space is averted.



Home Media

  • Ultra Q Volume 4 features episodes 13-16, & Total Natural Color Blu-Ray Volume 4 features episodes 12-14.
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