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Ganza (ガンザ) was a giant crustacean Kaiju that appeared in episode 7 of Ultraman Taro.

Subtitle: Large Crab Monster (大ガニ怪獣 Dai Gani Kaijū lit. Great Crab Strange-beast)


Ultraman Taro

ZAT got word of a giant monster sighting and used one of their fighters to search for it. Upon finding a small island, they decided to land on top of it, unaware said island was the back of the crab monster Ganza. When the monster Tagarl arose off the shores of Japan, Ganza followed, attacking the giant octopus monster with gusto. The mollusk did not take this sitting down, and beat Ganza back with his massive tendrils, seemingly winning. The massive cephalopod fired a jet of ink into the crustacean's face, and was rewarded with Ganza's massive pincer in his eye. As Tagarl slowly sank and died, Ganza came ashore to attack Japan. It wasn't long before Ultraman Taro came and fought the beast, destroying it by ripping off its tail, revealing that Ganza was a female and that she was pregnant. After the beast died, she turned into a bunch of smaller crabs that scuttled away.


  • Ganza's pinchers were reused from Zanika's pinchers.
  • Ganza's screeches were actually heavily altered Ebirah screeches, which were used by many of the crustacean Ultra Kaiju.


  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: 33,000 t
  • Origin: Ocean Area DS, near Hachijo
Powers and Weapons
  • Adept Swimmer: Born in the sea, Ganza is a very adept swimmer
  • Pincers: Being a crab, Ganza has very strong pincer claws. She can also launch these pinchers like missiles and regenerate them.
  • Foam: When threatened, Ganza can fire a splatter of foam into her foe's face.
  • Mist: Ganza can fire a burst of mist from her mandibles.


Ultraman Taro


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