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"The eye isn't emitting any physical energy... which means it's acting in defiance of the laws of physics... but that's impossible..."

Gamu Takayama, Ultraman Gaia episode 6 "The Ridiculing Eye"

Gan-Q (ガンQキュー Gan Kyū)[1][2] is an unorthodox Kaiju that first appeared in Ultraman Gaia. The very first Gan-Q in that series initially appeared as an eyeball-themed monster with no sort of origin. Later at some point in the series, it was revealed to be a manifestation of an ancient sorcerer Kijuro Mato, wanting to harvest the power of the Radical Destruction Bringer.

Due to its popularity, Gan-Q has gone on to make a number of appearances over the course of the Ultraman Series, usually appearing in his Code №01 form.

Subtitle: Strange Creature (奇獣 Ki-jū)


Ultraman Gaia


The exact origin of Gan-Q was monster form manifested by Kijuro Mato in the Warring States period of Japan to assassinate those who prepared to fight against the arrival of Radical Destruction Bringer, wanting to harvest the destroyer's strength for global conquest. Unfortunately his plan was discovered and Mato committed suicide to avoid capture.


Gan-Q Code №00 on XIG's visual screen

Gan-Q Code №01

500 years later at the time of Gaia and Agul became active protectors on Earth, Gan-Q initially appeared as a large eyeball submerging on the ground (Code №00), using its physic powers to fling rocks at the XIG Fighters during their training and deliver mental torture towards Gamu Takayama at the Aerial Base. Gamu impulsively ordered the pilots to commence their attack but Gan-Q simply absorbed both missiles, repelling one back to Yoneda's aircraft before retreating underground. Later on, Gan-Q resurfaced on an oil refinery, rampaging with a humanoid body (Code №01) created from the missiles, minerals and rocks it absorbed. When XIG arrived and began their assault, Gan-Q tried to absorb Peace Carry until Ultraman Gaia saved the aircraft in its mid-process. Gaia started to have the upper hand before he was absorbed into Gan-Q's body, tortured by unending laughter until he escaped by erupting from the monster's head simultaneously killing the monster, blowing it into pieces. The Ridiculing Eye

Return and Death

The Imperfect Gan-Q

Gan-Q Code №02

At some point after Gokigumon's death, Kijuro Mato's ghost returned in the damaged body of Gan-Q to search for the sorcerer's current descendant. When XIG's Team Lightning arrived and attacked Gan-Q, he disappeared. At the same time, Mato's descendant, Shusaku, who had received Mato magic powers after the arrival of the Kaiju C.O.V., was being harassed by Mato's soul. XIG learned of Mato's involvement in the past and therefore sent Gamu to protect Shusaku, giving the boy his courage to defy his sorcerer ancestor. Unfortunately this wasn't enough as Mato puts the boy in a hostage crisis in exchange of his friend's life. Shusaku was drained of his power and Mato used it to restore Gan-Q into Code №02.

Gamu transforms into Gaia, but was tortured by Gan-Q's new abilities, including the use of several eye saucer-like supports. Shusaku would destroy the probes and reclaim his stolen powers to weaken Gan-Q, giving Gaia the opportunity to transform into Supreme Version and destroy the monstrosity with his Photon Stream.


  • Gan-Q's name is a pun on the Japanese word for eye (眼球 gankyū). The monster in fact lacked a name of its own and was given one by a newspaper company in its press article of attacking the Team Lightning and Falcon.
  • On the outside of Gan-Q's body there is only 17 eyes visible.
  • Gan-Q is possibly based off of Argus Panoptes, the Greek mythological giant with a thousand eyes, as Gan-Q has many eyes inside and out of its body.
  • Gan-Q's design motif is based on Mokumokuren, a multi-eyed Youkai and MSM-04N Agguguy from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Giant Robo Kaiju Ganmons (Opticon in the Johnny Sokko dub).
  • Gan-Q does not have any thermal reaction nor give off any vital signs, thus it's called "Body of irrationality". This was initially theorized by Gamu because of its bizarre origin, only to be explained further in its second appearing episode due to being a manifestation of Mato's black magic.
  • Gan-Q Code №2's laughter is a mixture of his and Kijuro's laughter, which was then greatly lowered in pitch, so that it sounded more like grunting than laughter.
  • In an original planning, Tsugumi Kitaura proposed Gan-Q to appear in three episodes. Its second appearance was initially rejected due to Kitaura's idea of using spiritual element being too different from the show's main theme.
  • The blood vessels on Gan-Q No.02's appearance was made to emphasize "a devil's anger towards the world".

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Gan-Q in Ultra Galaxy

Gan-Q appears in episodes 5 and 6 of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.

The 2nd monster controlled by Kate and unleashed upon Gomora when her Fire Golza fell, Gan-Q opened up with a series of shots from his eye cannon. Gomora quickly dodged, leaping to the side. The blasts continued flying until smashing into the rising Fire Golza. His ally fell, his entire body being engulfed in an explosion. The loss of her monster didn't affect Kate who called her monster back just as the rest of ZAP SPACY arrived. While her fiery Golza was gone for good, her Gan-Q would come in handy again.

After fooling ZAP SPACY into believing Rei had attacked and demolished much of the human population of Bolis, Kate attacked the team and left the Pendragon damaged. She then followed Rei, locating him after he defeated the monster Twin Tail. Gan-Q attacked Litra and she demanded a battle between Gan-Q and Gomora, but Rei declined.

She had another way of forcing him into battle: use a hostage! She made Oki appear before Gan-Q, restrained by chains. When she demanded that Gan-Q kill the human, Rei gave in and released Gomora! The two titans battled, but it took more than the combined might of Gomora and Litra to tackle such a juggernaut.

As the battle raged, the Pendragon flew in, newly repaired and armed. Flying by Litra's side, the ship unleashed its Hyper Omega Cannon on Gan-Q. The beam exploded on the strange beast, sending it crashing to the ground in a fit before its entire body was destroyed in a titanic blast.


  • Gan-Q's suit in this series was newly built.
    • This can be seen as his body is appears more like bare human muscle, and not as many veins are visible in his main eye, making it less grotesque.
  • During the opening credits to the series, Gan-Q is seen battling Gudon, even though neither Kaiju fought nor met each other in the series.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Gan-Q (on the left)

Gan-Q returns in the film Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie as one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. He was killed by Ultraseven's Eye Slugger during the final battle.


Gan-Q as part of Belyudra's body

  • Gan-Q is one of the monsters that make up Belyudra's body.
  • The Gan-Q suit from Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle was reused for his appearance in the film.

Ultra Zero Fight

Gan-Q, as seen in Ultra Zero Fight

Gan-Q reappeared in episodes 1, 2, 5, and 6 of the miniseries, Ultra Zero Fight, as Gan-Q of the Nonsense (不条理のガンQ Fujōri no Gan Kiu), as a part of "The Four Beast Warriors of Hell".

In this short series, Gan-Q was one of the many monsters revived by Alien Bat (along with Red King, Galberos, and Bemstar) to battle against Ultraman Zero. Shortly after Ultraman Zero killed Galberos with his Zero Sluggers, Gan-Q teamed up with Bemstar to battle Zero by using their absorption and redirection abilities to fend him off. While it was mildly successful at first, Ultraman Zero managed to transform into his Luna-Miracle form and managed to destroy both Gan-Q and Bemstar at the same time by destroying them from inside out their absorption regions.


  • The Gan-Q suit from Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle was reused for Gan-Q's appearance in the miniseries.

Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale!

Gan-Q reappeared in this special as a monster Ultlived by Kenta Watarai. He along with Alien Akumania, who is Ultlived by Chigusa Kuno, to attack Mochiron, who was Ultlived by Misuzu Isurugi. They taunted him without stop until Gomora, who was Ultlived by Hikaru Raido, came and slammed the two big-eyed monsters against each other. Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale!

Ultraman Ginga S

Gan Q S.png

Gan-Q reappeared in this series, Monslived by Alien Guts Vorst.

Near the final, Vorst was sent to Monslived into Gan-Q and split into two to steal Shepherdon's energies. The UPG team witnessed this and begins an operation to save the monster by using a magnetic wave. Sho arrived at the scene and fired one of the two Gan-Q to save Shepherdon. He fired a Gudon-charged bullet from his Victory Lancer but a Gan-Q absorbed it (at the same time revealed that this Gan-Q was controlled by Alien Guts Vorst) and return fire at Sho, knocking him. Shepherdon regained his strength and pushed Gan-Q, knocking him down and stomped the monster rapidly but Vorst quickly turn the tables by swapping Gan-Q with Fire Golza and the Vorst clone/Gan-Q clone continued to absorb Shepherdon. The Live Base staffs completed their objective, managing the UPG Captain to fire a magnetic wave blast via the Base's parabolic antenna. Gan-Q was knocked down from the blast but it took Fire Golza's attention as he began to attack the base.

Sho quickly recover and transform into Ultraman Victory to save them and Hikaru into Ginga to save his leader. Victory and Ginga found themselves occupied while trying to save Shepherdon until Victory used King Joe Custom's Pedanium Launcher and fired all of Gan-Q's clones. The real Gan-Q was destroyed by UPG Captain Yoshiaki Jinno who used the Magnetic Wave laser that attached to the base's parabolic antenna and Victory's Victorium Shoot. Ginga morphed into Strium form and finished Fire Golza with Zoffy's M87 Beam. Despite all three monster and alien reverted to Spark Doll, but they were retrieved by Alien Chibull Exceller via teleportation. Nonetheless, Vorst's deed was done and Gan-Q's Spark Doll was used among of those needed for Exceller to become Five King.

In episode 11, Yoshida became a victim of Alien Akumania Muerte in his human disguise. He caught the boy, but Gan-Q tried to fight back, even though he was under the control by Alien Akumania and turned to giant Gan-Q. Even after Gan-Q was control by Alien Akumania, Yoshida still had his consciousness and try to gain Ginga's help, but failed. Later, Ultraman Victory appeared, after punching Alien Akumania with his EX Red King Knuckle, both of Ginga and Victory was beaten by Gan-Q, until the boy talks to Yoshida about their days together. Alien Akumania fires his eye ray, but it was absorbed by Gan-Q, and fired back to Akumania. Ginga changes to Ginga Strium and fires Zoffy's M87 Beam, while Victory summon his Shepherdon Saber, making a V-shaped slash to destroy Alien Akumania. The boy cries after Gan-Q told goodbye to him and apologizes to him. Ginga then uses his Ginga Comfort to transform Yoshida back to himself. In the last scene, Yoshida see's the boy hanging the Gan-Q Spark Doll in front of the basket of his bike, now that he knew how to ride it, causing Yoshida to be happy and smile in the end.


  • After the incident in episode 11, Exceller now loses one of the components for Five King, since Gan-Q's Spark Doll is currently fallen into the possession of a boy.

Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond

Bemstar and Gan-Q were summoned by Ultraman Tregear to wreak havoc on Ayaka city, the latter of which had Pega imprisoned within. The two monsters fought against Ultraman Rosso, Ultraman Blu, and Ultraman Geed. During the battle, Bemstar manages to lift up Rosso and drop him head-first into a building, getting him stuck there temporarily. The Ultras also discover that Bemstar's gorge is connected to Gan-Q's eye, therefore making any attack absorbed by Bemstar be launched back at them by Gan-Q. Geed/Riku Asakura later hears Pega's voice within Gan-Q, so the Ultras hesitate to fight their opponents until Rosso and Blu change forms to Aqua and Wind respectively. Combining their elemental powers, Rosso and Blu manage to rescue Pega by throwing a Splash Bomb and Storm Shooting into Bemstar's gorge, and then redirecting it through Gan-Q's eye, getting Pega out safely. Rosso then threw his Splash Bomb at Gan-Q's eye, encasing it with water, while Blu fired the Storm Shooting into Bemstar's gorge. The buildup of energy eventually destroyed both monsters from within. Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond


  • Although Gan-Q is evidently shorter than Bemstar, the magazine highlighted their height statistic being opposite of what their physical height would suggest.


Gan-Q Code №00

Gan-Q Code №00

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Alternate Space → Arrow-pass in the Mountains
Powers and Weapons
  • Dimension Travel: Gan-Q originally came from the M91 Stellar Systems and somehow teleported to the mountains.
  • Irregular Physiology: Gan-Q's body gives off no heat or signs of life.[1]
  • Absorption: Gan-Q can absorb attacks fired into him. After that, it can redirect and launch them back. In Ginga S it could use a tractor beam like in Code №01.
  • Telekinesis: Gan-Q is capable of throwing rocks around it up into the air to deter enemies.
  • Teleportation: Gan-Q can suddenly teleport away in a cloud of smoke.
  • Dream Invasion: Gan-Q can enter one's dreams to disturb and torment them.
  • Mineral Absorption: To achieve a physical body, Gan-Q must absorb minerals such as granite and etc.
Ultraman Ginga S
  • Wormhole: Gan-Q can create a wormhole as means of travel. When the wormhole appeared, his eye will emerge first before landing.

Gan-Q Code №01

Gan-Q Code №01

  • Height: 55 m, Unknown ~ 55 m (Ginga S), 55.55 m (Ultraman R/B The Movie)[1]
  • Weight: 55,000 t, Unknown ~ 55,000 t (Ginga S), 55,550 t (Ultraman R/B The Movie)[1]
  • Origin: Makuta City, Monster Graveyard (Ultra Zero Fight)
  • Attack: 700
  • Defense: 400
  • Speed: 800
Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Eye Cannon Blast: Gan-Q can launch powerful, explosive blast waves of electromagnetic energy from its main eye. These blasts are extremely powerful, capable of destroying buildings in one hit and creating explosions that rival its own size. When blocked by another type of energy, these blasts will separate into several, equally powerful blasts.[1]
    • Mini-Eye Cannon: Gan-Q can launch smaller, missile-strength versions of its Eye Cannons from the smaller eyes on its arms and legs.
  • Teleportation: In order to confuse opponents, Gan-Q can teleport short distances.
  • Absorption: Gan-Q can absorb foreign objects with his eye, and in turn, fire them back out as a projectile attack. If it absorbs a living being, that being will be tortured with non-stop laughter and thousands of eyes surrounding it. This can also be done through the use of a tractor beam.
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3
  • Eye Probes: Gan-Q can release probes of his eyes that can act as his familiars to attack the opponent with energy bolts. This ability was originally from his upgraded version, Gan-Q Code No.2.
Battlenizer Gan-Q
  • Acceleration: Gan-Q can accelerate in a blurring dash, as seen trying to perform a sneak attack on Rei's Gomora before being thwarted by Haruna.
Ultra Zero Fight
  • Flight: As revealed in Ultra Zero Fight, Gan-Q can fly at moderate speed.
  • Bem Q Combi (ベムQコンビ Bemu Kyu Konbi): Thanks to Gurashie's remodeling, this Gan-Q had connections with Bemstar as seen if Bemstar absorbed Ultraman Zero's Wide Zero Shot, Gan-Q will fire it back to him.
Ultraman Ginga S
  • Alien Guts Vorst's abilities: Due to being Monslived by Alien Guts Vorst, Gan-Q shares some of his powers. None of these are normal for the kaiju.
    • Illusions: Gan-Q can create an illusion of himself. This was not his actual ability, since it was inherited from Alien Guts Vorst, whom had Monslived into the latter.
    • Stun Bolts: Gan-Q can release a purple ray of energy from his large eye that can stun enemies in place. This was not his actual ability, since it was inherited from Alien Guts Vorst, whom had Monslived into the latter.
Ultraman New Generation Chronicle
  • Human Disguise: A sentient Gan-Q is capable of disguising himself as a normal human. However, said form is simply a surface-level disguise, since the eyes on its body are still vulnerable to physical harm, especially table salt.

Gan-Q Code №01 (Imperfect)
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Eye Cannon Blast: Gan-Q can fire a purple energy ball and destroying the buildings.
  • Intangibility: Gan-Q can turn himself intangible to prevent attacks.
  • Teleportation: Gan-Q can teleport as a quick way of escape.
  • Dream Invasion: Gan-Q can enter inside his target's dream.

Gan-Q Ice
Ice Gan Q.jpg

Gan-Q was one of the many Kaiju to appear during the Kaiju Busters series. A subspecies appeared in this game called Gan-Q Ice (ガンQアイス Gan-Q aisu).

  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 55,000 t
  • Origin: TBA
Powers and Weapons
  • TBA

Gan-Q Code №02

Gan-Q Code №02

  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 56,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Weakness: If Shusasku, (Kijuro Mato's descendant) removes all of Gan-Q's energies, the monster will be forced to revert back to his imperfect state.
Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Eye Cannon Blast: Gan-Q can launch explosive, purple energy ball blasts of energy from his main eye that can destroy buildings in one hit. These blasts are extremely powerful, capable of creating explosions that rival its own size. When blocked by another type of energy, these blasts will separate into several, equally powerful blasts.
  • Multi Shadow Clones (マルチシャドウクローン Maruchi Shadou Kurōn)[1]: Gan-Q can fire the eyes on his legs at opponents, turning them into probes. These probes can fly about and strike opponents with enough force to knock them down, and the probes can also fire purple energy beams.
  • Quick Healing: Gan-Q can quickly heals himself from injuries, shown when he was able to get up even after receiving multiple deathblows from Gaia.

Cyber Gan-Q
Cyb Gan Q.jpeg

Using the data of Gan-Q's Spark Doll, a cybernetic/artificial version of it was created and contained in a Cyber Card, namely Cyber Gan-Q (サイバーガンQ Saibā Gan Kyu).

  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 56,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Cyber Power: 17/25
Powers and Weapons
  • TBA

Spark Doll

"Monslive, Gan-Q!"

―Gan-Q Monslived via Chibull Spark

"Monslive! Golza, Gan-Q, Melba, Reicubas, Super C.O.V.! Super Combination!"

Exceller MonsLiving himself with the Spark Dolls to become Five King.
Img 36.png

In Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale! Gan-Q's Spark Doll was among the imitations Spark Doll which created by Tomoya's drawings when an unknown force materialize them to life.

Later in Ultraman Ginga S, Gan-Q was revealed to be a part of Alien Chibull Exceller's collection.

  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • In episode 7, Alien Guts Vorst Monslived into Gan-Q to steal Shepherdon's Victorium energies. He even inherited his power to the monster, as Gan-Q was shown using Bolst's power to duplicate into illusions and firing paralysis rays. Gan-Q was defeated when all of his clones destroyed by Ultraman Victory whom used King Joe Custom's King Joe Launcher, followed by Magnetic Wave laser via UPG Live Base's parabolic antenna and Victory's Victorium Shoot.
  • Near the cliffhanger of episode 7 and episode 8, Gan-Q, alongside Golza, Melba, Reicubas, and Super C.O.V. was used by Exceller to become Five King. Gan-Q's power was seen in used, absorbing the firepower of Ultraman Ginga Strium and Ultraman Victory and later repel it back to them though Shepherdon took the blow instead. He was Monslived again into Five King when Exceller wanted to go on a rampage. Again, his powers were used when against Hikaru Raido,as seen reflected Eleking's Electric Shock attack and defeated King Joe Custom with Energy Eye Cannon Blast. Gan-Q was later destroyed by the combined strategic attack of Ultraman Ginga Strium and Ultraman Victory.
  • In episode 10, Yoshida was forced to Monslive into Gan-Q by Alien Akumania.

Other Media

Ultra Zone

Kaiju Busters POWERED

Gan-Q appears in this video game as well as a subspecies called Gan-Q Ice (ガンQ氷 Gan-Q Kōri).

Ultraman New Generation Chronicle

Gan-Q meeting Booska and Pega.

A Gan-Q appeared in the series, disguising as the owner of Marukyū (丸九) restaurant. After Booska ate 80 bowls of ramen and has no other way to pay for them, the owner punished him and Pega into working in his restaurant to pay off their debt. While watching the antics of three aliens in a television show, Pega became suspicious of his behavior and sprinkled salt on his right knee, causing the owner to reveal his true form as Gan-Q. Despite the initial chaos, Gan-Q admits that he found the restaurant out of liking towards Earth cuisine. In exchange for keeping his identity a secret, Gan-Q decided to forgive Booska's debt and reduce his part time job to once a week. Ultraman New Generation Chronicle


  • Actor: Seira
  • As the Chronicle series is usually non-canon, therefore a normal Gan-Q exhibited neither a level of sentience, nor disguising themselves as humans.
  • Compared to its appearance in Ginga S, the Gan-Q suit has become dull in color.

Cultural References

Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso

In episode 154, a slightly altered (smaller head, no antennae) Gan-Q appeared with Zezezettototoso.

Power Rangers Boom Comics

Gan-Q makes a surprise cameo in Boom!'s Power Ranger comic, being a monster made by Finster.



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