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Gameron (ガメロン) was a small turtle Kaiju that appeared in Ultra Q episode 6.

Subtitle: Large Turtle (大ガメ, Ōgame)



The name "Gameron" is derived from the Daiei giant turtle monster, Gamera


Ultra Q[]

Born as a regular turtle, Gameron was given a chemical by a boy named Taro in his biology lab. Little did anyone suspect that the chemical was actually a top secret mutagen that the school had been given by mistake. Later that day Gameron grew much larger and managed to scare off a pair of robbers that were trying to kidnap Taro. After Taro got on the turtle's back Gameron started to fly across Tokyo and went into the ocean to find the Ryūgū-jō.

Upon arriving, Taro met a young Otohime, the beautiful daughter of Ryūjin, the god of the sea. She was obnoxious, and started to anger him. After Taro used Gameron to follow her, Otohime created the Dragon out of a missile. She flew atop the dragon, and managed to fire a few fireballs, taking out the large turtle. Taro fell towards the sea, but Otohime managed to rescue Taro from drowning. She fixed his burned clothes and gave him a a box which will protect him as long as he didn't open it before she brought him back to reality. When Taro awoke, he told everyone about everything he experienced but they laughed, noting his story is similar to the legendary Urashima Taro. Forgetting the little girl's warning, Taro furiously opened the box, turning old but however awakened for real as the whole thing was a dream. Ever since the incident, Taro grown fed up with turtles except for his classmates, as all of them started to grow fond of turtles.


  • Taro, Gameron, Kai Dragon and Otohime's story is in tribute to the legendary foltale Urashima Taro.
    • Gameron's role in the Ultra Q episode is similar to the giant turtle that brought Urashima Taro to the Ryūgū-jō castle in the said folktale.
  • Gameron is the first, and one of the few, protagonist monsters to be defeated by an antagonist kaiju.
  • Gameron is the first quadrupedal Kaiju to appear in the Ultraman Series.
  • Gameron is also called 'Oogame', meaning 'Giant Turtle'.
  • The suit was originally made by the Toho special effects department for a festival. The Shell still exists in the Tsuburaya Productions offices.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure NEO[]

Ai Asama riding Gameron

Gameron appeared for real, this one resided on the unnamed planet which Alien Guts used as a testing site. Ai Asama and Kanegon wandered across the planet and Ai accidentally sit on Gameron. Kanegon recognized the turtle, but it flew away and accidentally taking Ai for the ride. As Ai begin to enjoy the flight, the pair came across a wild Birdon trying to attack them, causing them to fall. Ai survived by grabbing to a nearby branch while Gameron's shell protected its fall. After Birdon's defeat, Vittorio's introduction and Kanegon reuniting with Ai, the coin monster try to ride on the giant turtle, but it would not budge.

"I'm finally catching up with you, Ai. Gameron just doesn't want to listen to me."


Meanwhile, Ai and Vittorio rode the latter's Bostang-Type Spaceship and crashed elsewhere on the planet. Kanegon would not reunite with Ai until much later when Grozam was defeated, at that point the young boy was able to summon Red King without relying on Kanegon's presence while the Battlenizer evolved into Neo Battlenizer. Gameron transported Kanegon to Ai, the coin monster complaining that the giant turtle did not comply to his commands when he wanted to ride it until later on.


  • As of this manga, it became the first and only instance of Gameron actually appearing outside of Ultra Q as a dream character.
    • Related to above, Gameron is one of the monster that make up Belyudra's body in Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy: The Movie. Perhaps that there is also another Gameron that physically exists, considering how Kanegon managed to recognize one from the beginning.


  • Height: 99 cm
  • Weight: 1 t
  • Origin: Tokyo
  • Flight Speed: Mach 3
Powers and Weapons
  • Intangibility: Gameron is capable of walking through walls. He can also take other beings with him should they be on his back.
  • Flight: Gameron can fly in the speed of Mach 3.



Ultra Q[]


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