Galrobe (ゲルローブ Gerurōbu) is one of the many monsters that WoO fought in the OVA series, Bio Planet WoO.


Bio Planet WoO

The second alien Kaiju to land on Earth, Galrobe smashed near Ai Kumasiro and her friends when a stranger angered WoO, and its where it began its attack. It grabbed up one of the men, killing him instantly and filling WoO with rage. The tiny alien launched into the air, growing bigger as he ripped through the tentacle like a cannon shot. As the tip of the tentacle splattered on the ground, revealing the victim to already be dissolved, WoO transformed into a new hero.

Galrobe watched on, confused as the tiny alien had turned into a humanoid warrior. Using his greater intelligence, WoO tricked the Kaiju for a short time before it also caught on. Launching out with its tentacles, Galrobe kept the fighter at bay until WoO finally managed to escape. In the air, the blue and silver giant tucked his legs and arms into his body, forming a cannon ball, and then launched downward! Galrobe shot its tentacles out once again, but they merely bounced off and WoO smashed hard into his head! A large explosion rose up from the impact and as the hero bounced away, the kaiju’s entire body was engulfed in a explosion, showering the streets with what remained of its extraterrestrial body.


  • Height: 54 m
  • Weight: 12,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Tentacles: On Galrobe's wrist are two giant tentacles, perfect for whipping and or strangling.


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