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Galban (ガルバン Garuban) is a Kaiju made of metal that first appeared in episode 3 of Captain Ultra.

Subtitle: Magnet Monster (磁石怪獣 Jishaku Kaijū)


Captain Ultra

Galban first appears from an explosion in the mountains of an unknown planet. After wandering the planet, Captain Ultra and his crew attacks the beast. Their attack is a success when Captain launches a shot to the creature's exposed center. This causes Galban to explode.

Galban reappeared, alongside Reconstructed Vandelar, in episode 8. Galban is first spotted by a scout as he is sitting. When Galban senses the boy, he starts to rampage with the now newly rebuilt Vandelar. After destroying Mars City for a while uninterrupted, until Reconstructed Vandelar becomes controlled by Captain Ultra and Huck when they kill the Alien Vandels inside, proceeding the two monsters to fight. Galban seems to have the upper hand at first when he removes Vandelar's tail. But, Galban is later defeated by Vandelar's EMP body pulse. His remains are then tidied with the rumble of the destroyed Mars City.


  • Suit Actor: Yoshio Kirishima (桐島好夫 Kirishima Yoshio)


  • Height: 45 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Weakness: Being made of metal, Galban is heavily damaged if he is attacked with anything on electrical properties.
Powers and Weapons
  • Magnetism: Galban can magnetize metal objects to his body, giving him more armor.
  • Electric Eye Lasers: Galban can shoot electrical beams from his eyes.


Captain Ultra

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