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Gagango (ガガンゴ) is a dog-like Kaiju that appeared in the series, Fireman. Gagango appeared in episode 20.

Subtitle: Gust Monster (突風怪獣 Toppū Kaijū)



Gagango was a dog named Chirobe that belonged to a child but then, the Alien Gagango that were looking for dogs to transform in giant monsters to invade Tokyo, Gagango was the perfect dog that they could use to transform so they stole the dog and with a machine they transformed Chirobe into Gagango. After the transformation Gagango started to rampage through a small power plant before going into Tokyo. Misaki soon turned into Fireman to stop the giant dog, but going easy on him knowing he was doing this unwillingly. Gagango used his claws and gusts to hold Fireman and the Self Defense Force at bay. The hero eventually used his Fire Dash to transform Gagango back into Chirobe, stopping the Alien Gagango plan.


  • Gagango is based on the pekingese dog species, the chow.


  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 29,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Electrical Resistance: Gagango has a high resistance to electricity, capable of stepping on an active power line and not feeling any shocks.
  • Jumping: Gagango can jump high into the air.
  • Sneezes: When Gagango sneezes, he can release hurricane gale force winds capable of sending buildings flying.
  • Energized Claws: Gagango is able to enhance his claws with the use of energy, this can help them cut more efficient.



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