Gabora[1]/Gavora[2] (ガボラ) is a uranium-consuming Kaiju that appears in the TV series Ultraman. It terrorized several radioactive power plants and consumed all the radium it could find. It was eventually lured out and defeated by Ultraman.

Subtitle: Uranium Monster (ウラン怪獣 Uran Kaijū)



Gabora vs Ultraman

Gabora was a Kaiju that was awoken after Hurricane 13 ravaged the land. Feeding on mass quantities of uranium, Gabora began to make his way toward the uranium mines! In order to stop it, the Science Special Search-Party was joined by Japan's SDF and massive flamethrower units were deployed against the Kaiju in hopes of stopping it. The beast turned away from the flamethrower attack, changing direction, but now made its way towards a small camp of boy scouts.

In order to save the camp, the Science Patrol tried to lure it away via a small uranium capsule attached to a Science Patrol helicopter, but two small boys had gotten trapped in the path of the creature. As Fuji helped save the children, Shin Hayata released the capsule as Gabora’s armor plates exposed its true face. Annoyed by Hayata's presence, Gabora brought down his aircraft with his Uranium Ray. Crawling toward its meal, the beast wasn’t prepared to fight Ultraman as Hayata summoned the red and silver hero.

The Kaiju fought hard, but the hero ravaged the reptile. Slamming him down, Ultraman began to rip off the metal plates around Gabora’s head. Screaming in agony, the subterranean titan began to flail about until the pain became too much. The Kaiju fell limp, its eyes closing and life fading. Lightning Operation


  • Suit actor: Haruo Nakajima.
  • Gabora is the fourth and final Kaiju to be created from a modified Baragon suit, along with Pagos, Neronga, and Magular. Coincidentally, Gabora is portrayed by suit actor Haruo Nakajima.
  • Gabora's role was originally meant for Pagos, whom he shares many similarities with, like being made from the Baragon suit and having an appetite for uranium
  • Gabora's roar is a reused Toho King Kong roar.
  • Gabora is one of the Kaiju that makes up Belyudra's right horn in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie.
  • Despite the episode being his first appearance, the comments by the SSSP and other made it clear that it was not the first of its species humanity dealt with.
  • Gabora  makes a cameo appearance in Ultraman Mebius episode 5 when CREW GUYS explores the Ultra Zone, and later in episode 21.
  • The Kaiju "Raiju" from Pacific Rim bears a resemblance to Gabora, having three-jawed head armor that encases its smaller, real head.
    • This may be a possible tribute to Gabora.
  • In the Wonderswan Color game, Gabora is referred to as Gavora.
  • After Gabora was killed by Ultraman, the suit would be reverted back to the kaiju, Neronga for public relations. 
  • When Ultraman first throws Gabora, the wire rod controlling the tail can be seen in frame. 
  • Originally, Gabora and Red King were to be revived by Geronimon, but due to their suits being in overused condition, were replaced by Telesdon and Dorako. This fact is left in the English dub when the SSSP mistook the revived Kaiju for Red King and Gabora.

Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

Gabora, as seen in The Ultimate Hero

Powered Gabora (パワードガボラ Pawādo Gabora) was a Kaiju that fed ravenously on uranium that was being transported to a uranium mine. However, fearing that the mass quantities of uranium that he had fed on previously could ignite and create a nuclear explosion, WINR was forced to let the Kaiju feed until a solution could be found.

After feeding on the uranium, Gabora shifted his next target to the Havens Nuclear Power Plant. With the situation growing worse after a digested bomb failed to ignite inside of Gabora, Ultraman Powered appeared to take matters into his own hands. The battle was at a standstill until WINR exposed Gabora's weak spot: his head. Given this opporitunity, Powered fired the Mega Spacium Ray at the kaiju's head, destroying him.


  • In this series, Gabora's appearance was very different, his claws were larger, his head plates were four instead of six, and his neck was longer than normal. He also had skin that looks similar to Gabara (from the Toho film, All Monsters Attack ). This is interesting considering how similar their names are.




  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 25,000 t
  • Origin: Tokyo suburbs
  • Weakness: If Gabora's armor 'petals' are torn off, Gabora suffers extreme pain. If enough of these petals are torn off, he will die from shock.
Powers and Weapons
  • Uranium Beam: Gabora can fire a light blue Uranium Beam from his mouth, medium in strength.
  • Armor Plates: The plates that surround Gabora's head act as head armor. They can enclose and make a pointed shape ideal for burrowing.
  • Burrowing: When the plates that surround his neck are closed, Gabora can burrow underground at moderate speeds.

Powered Gabora


  • Height: 45 m
  • Length: 85 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: Underground
  • Weakness: If Gabora's head is exposed he becomes vulnerable.
Powers and Weapons
  • Petal Armor: Gabora's head is covered in flower-like petals that he can open and close to protect his head from attack.
  • Uranium Absorption: Gabora can absorb uranium pressumably for nutrition. As he does this, Gabora disrupts communication devices and remotes.
  • Burrowing: Gabora can burrow at low speeds.
  • Explode: If Gabora takes an extreme amount of damage, he can explode with the force of a nuclear weapon.


Ultra Monster Series

Powered Gabora toys.jpg

  • Powered Gabora (Powered Monster, 1993)

Powered Gabora is the only Gabora to get an Ultra Monster Series figure treatment. As with all of the UMS toys, Powered Gabora features limited articulation on the arms and legs. His armor "petals" were molded permanently open.

Ultra Mega Monster Series 5000

  • Gabora (2020)
    • Release Date: June 2020
    • Price: 5,500 yen
    • Materials: PVC



Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero



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