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"Boot up!"

―GUTS Hyper Key/Kaiju Key insertion announcement

"Ultraman Trigger: (form name)!"

―Transformation announcement

The GUTS Sparklence (GUTSガッツスパークレンス Gattsu Supākurensu) is a dual-purpose item used by GUTS-Select members. While other members on the team use it in its Hyper Gun Mode (ハイパーガンモード Haipā Gan Mōdo) as a ranged weapon, Kengo Manaka can change it to its Sparklence Mode (スパークレンスモード Supākurensu Mōdo) when he needs to transform into Ultraman Trigger.[2][3] When not in use, it is stored in the GUTS Buckle.[4]


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

After an Ancient Sparklence was discovered in Ultra-Ancient ruins, Mitsukuni Shizuma entrusted Akito Hijiri with reverse-engineering the artifact in preparation for the coming of the one to inherit the light. Akito did so in hopes that the chosen one would be him. They are handed out to GUTS-Select members as a standard-issue firearm.

Eventually, Kengo Manaka was entrusted with one of these devices when on Mars. When he encountered the stone statue of Ultraman Trigger in the upside-down pyramid ruins there, Trigger's light entered a blank Hyper Key and Kengo became one with the ancient giant, using this device to transform. Connection of Light



Kengo Manaka converts the GUTS Sparklence into its Sparklence mode, loads it with the GUTS Hyper Key, and by pulling the trigger held skywards he transforms into Ultraman Trigger.[2][3]

Powers (Hyper Gun Mode)

  • Energy Bullets: The gun can fire standard energy projectiles from its barrel.
  • Charged Bullet: By inserting a Kaiju Key in Hyper Gun Mode, the GUTS Sparklence will channel the monsters' powers into energy bullets derived from their respective abilities.[5]
    • Shockwave Bullet (ショックウェイブ弾 Shokku Weibu Dan): By inserting the Gomora Key, it will fire a projectile based on Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave.
    • Thunder Bullet (サンダー弾 Sandā Dan): By inserting the Eleking Key, it will fire a projectile based on Eleking's electricity.
    • Fireball Bullet: By inserting the Zetton Key, it will fire a projectile based on Zetton's One Trillion Degree Fireball.
    • Splash Bullet: By inserting the Gamakugira Key, it will fire a projectile based on Gamakugira's water spray. Can enhance electrical attacks.
    • Plasma Bullet: By inserting the Gazort Key, it will fire a projectile based on Gazort's Plasma Light Bomb.
    • Fire Fist Bullet (ファイヤーフィスト弾 Faiyā Fisuto Dan): By inserting the Windom Key, it will fire a projectile based on Windom's Windom Yoko Impact.
    • Zestium Bullet: By inserting the Ultraman Z Original Key, it will fire the Zestium Beam, albeit on a much smaller scale.


  • As acknowledged by Bandai's commercial, the GUTS Sparklence's Hyper Gun Mode is also based on the GUTS Hyper Gun utilized by GUTS members in Ultraman Tiga. Whereas the GUTS Hyper Gun has the cartridge compartment at the back of the barrel, GUTS Sparklence has the Hyper Keys loaded into the grip akin to a magazine.


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