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GUTS Hyper Keys (GUTSガッツハイパーキー Gattsu Haipā Kī) are items that Kengo Manaka uses in conjunction with the GUTS Sparklence to transform, and Circle Arms to access different finishers.[1][2] When not in use, they are stored in the GUTS Buckle (GUTSガッツバックル Gattsu Bakkuru).[3]

They also have Kaiju counterparts called Kaiju Keys.

Known Existing Hyper Keys

  • Ultraman Trigger
    • Multi Type Key
    • Power Type Key
    • Sky Type Key
    • Glitter Eternity Key
  • Ultraman Z
    • Original Key
    • Alpha Edge Key
    • Beta Smash Key
    • Gamma Future Key
    • Delta Rise Claw Key


The GUTS Hyper Keys are the first series collectibles in the Ultraman Series to have individual electronics, and are able to interact with various other devices in the series such as the GUTS Sparklence and Circle Arms. In the toy releases, they can switch between the standard Hyper Key Mode (ハイパーキーモード Haipā Kī Mōdo) and Sound Mode (サウンドモード Saundo Mōdo) by holding down the button on the top left.

"(Ultra's name and form name)!"

―Solo activation announcement[4]

"(Ultra's finisher energy name)!"

―When loaded into GUTS Sparklence[4] or when activating Circle Arms finisher[5]

"(Ultra's form name)!"

―When loaded into Circle Arms[5]

"*Transformation sound* (Ultra's name)!"

―Solo activation announcement 1

"*Finishing move sound*"

―Solo activation announcement 2

"*Color Timer sound*"

―Solo activation announcement 3


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