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GUTS-Select is a defense team formed by the TPU to fight against monsters. They appear in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga[1][2] and its sequel series Ultraman Decker.[3][4]


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga


Mitsukuni Shizuma, the founder of the Sizuma Foundation, had found evidence of a dark power that would return and threaten the Earth. He worked to unite the governments of the world and formed the TPU in response to that. GUTS-Select is a team of experts within the TPU's Japan branch and headquarters, specializing in anti-monster operations. Their engineer, Akito Hijiri, invented all their equipment.[5][6][7][8]

Ultraman Decker

After Trigger's time, the Earth started to regain its peace. The TPU had been shrinking monster defense measures, but was forced to reorganize GUTS-Select when the Spheres attack the Earth.[3][4]


TPU Japan Headquarters

TPU Japan Headquarters

Nursedessei's hangar

The Terrestrial Peaceable Union Japan Headquarters (地球平和連盟TPU日本本部 Chikyū Heiwa Renmei TPU Nihon Honbu) is the home to the Japanese branch of the TPU, the GUTS-Select and their mecha.[9] Behind the main building is a hangar for the Nursedessei and the GUTS Falcon.


Main article: Nursedessei

Nursedessei with GUTS Falcon

The Nursedessei (「ナースデッセイ号」 Nāsudessei-gō) is the mobile base and warship operated by the GUTS-Select. In addition to its own armament, it has a GUTS Falcon attached to its underside.


Main article: Seiya Tatsumi

The team's 38-year-old captain. With his balance of kindness and strictness, he is able to connect with all sorts of people and lead his team efficiently.

Main article: Kengo Manaka

A former botanist who lived on the colonized planet Mars. He transforms into Ultraman Trigger.

Main article: Yuna Shizuma

The 17-year-old daughter of Mitsukuni Shizuma, the founder of the TPU. While still in high school, she contributes to the expert team in a myriad of ways in their fight against monster attacks.

Akito Hijiri uniform.jpg
Main article: Akito Hijiri

An 18-year-old engineer who invented many of the items and equipment used by GUTS-Select, including the GUTS Sparklence and GUTS Hyper Keys.

Main article: Tesshin Sakuma

A 40-year-old master pilot in charge of flying the Nursedessei. Despite being the oldest member of the group, he doesn't emphasize age-based hierarchy.

Main article: Himari Nanase

The 26-year-old operator of the GUTS Falcon. Her personality changes when she wears her VR goggles to pilot the mecha.

Main article: Marluru

An Alien Metron operator, who has vast knowledge on monsters.

Tokioka Ryuichi.png
Main article: Zabil
GUTS-Select's new captain in Episode Z after Tatsumi's promotion.

Taiji Murahoshi.jpg
Main article: Taiji Murahoshi

The 38-year-old captain of the reorganized GUTS-Select, who is a former flying ace. He has a calm personality, always bright and smiling, but he is strong to the core. He takes off his glasses when angry, but never loses his smile. His wish is to protect the countless “precious things of the people” of Earth.[10][11]

Sawa Kaizaki.jpg
Main article: Sawa Kaizaki

The 29-year old vice-captain of the reorganized GUTS-Select, who is also the Operator of the Nursedessei. She is a dependable, older sister-like figure to the Team’s new members Kanata, Ichika, and Ryumon.[12][11]

Kanata Asumi.png
Main article: Kanata Asumi

A new member in the reorganized GUTS-Select. He transforms into Ultraman Decker.[3][4]

Main article: Ichika Kirino

The 20-year old Ground Assault Operative. Bright and optimistic, she is hot-blooded with a strong sense of duty and responsibility.[13][14]

Soma Ryumon.jpg
Main article: Soma Ryumon

The 20-year pilot of the GUTS Falcon. Always calm and collected, his cool personality doesn’t often let him show his emotions.[15][16]

Yuichiro Asakage.png
Main article: Yuichiro Asakage

A scientist belonging to the Terrestrial Peaceable Union's Technology Division. He develops the technology for GUTS-Select’s combat vehicles. If roped into battle he can control the mechs or give commands to their pilots.[17][18]



  • GUTS-Select Member Cap: A hat that members wear on the field.


  • Ultra-Ancient Stone Tablet (超古代の石板 Chō Kodai no Sekiban): A stone tablet which Zabil constructed from remains of Trigger's Type Change clones, which chronicles the story of Trigger's battles in the Ultra-Ancient era. After being unearthed, Akito uses the tablet to harvest the powers of Trigger's Type Changes into GUTS Hyper Keys for Kengo to use.
  • GUTS Sparklence: A firearm issued to members, which can be loaded with a Kaiju Key to use its properties. It is also Kengo Manaka's Transformation Item.
  • GUTS Buckle (GUTSガッツバックル Gattsu Bakkuru): A belt and holster used to store the GUTS Sparklence and Hyper/Kaiju Keys.
  • GUTS Hyper Keys: Devices based on an Ultraman's powers.
  • Kaiju Keys: Devices that contain a Kaiju's powers.
  • GUTS Hyper Launcher (GUTSガッツハイパーランチャー Gattsu Haipā Ranchā): A large U-shaped artillery that fires laser beams. Equipped with a Power Assist (パワーアシスト Pawā Ashisutp) and a Recoilless System (リコイルレスシステム Rikoiruresu Shisutemu). Used in Episode Z.[19]
  • GUTS Triple Hyper (GUTSガッツトリプルハイパー Gattsu Toripuru Haipā): A rifle-like firearm. It can load up to three Kaiju Keys to enhance its power. Used in Episode Z.[19]


  • Nursedessei: A giant battleship, it also houses Akito's laboratory.
  • GUTS Falcon: A remote-controlled fighter jet that can convert into a fighting robot.



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